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Kestrel McLoughlin

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Kestrel McLoughlin

By the way...... I'm sorry if this is TMI.... is it weird for gender euphoria to be arousing?


Every time thus far I mostly strongly feel like myself, like I'm the woman I feel I am, whether as a result of donning a blouse or leggings or curly hair, there's a low-grade arousal that results for a long while. I'm not sure whether that's evidence that this is all some fetish of mine (one of my fears), or whether it's just a result of a flood of joy-related hormones that I've deprived myself of my whole life.


Thoughts? It's okay to tell me it's just me, that this isn't a Thing That Happens. That's data, that's important to know...

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Carolyn Marie

I don't think its unusual to have that kind of reaction, hon.  There is often sexual feelings associated with thoughts or activities of cross dressing or thinking about the woman inside; exactly why I'm not sure.  As long as we don't get more explicit than that in this discussion it will be fine.


Carolyn Marie

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Kestrel McLoughlin

Thanks! I needed that reaffirmation.


I think I'm going to enjoy deciding to curl my hair on some days... what possibilities!

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Dressing Femme does not do anything like that for me.  Its when the wife and I talk about furthering changes that I get that.  Since I finally accepted me about 2 months ago we have had a few ups and downs, but when we are on the upside I feel much better and excited in many ways.  Hoping to get to find a doctor sometime soon to get the ball rolling.

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4 hours ago, Kestrel McLoughlin said:

I'm not sure whether that's evidence that this is all some fetish of mine (one of my fears), or whether it's just a result of a flood of joy-related hormones that I've deprived myself of my whole life

I think your fear is quite common.  It has helped me to remember that a feminine leaning brain combined with a male libido is bound to cause some confusion, made worse by any repression or shame connected to it.


I had to look for clues beyond sexual arousal to satisfy myself that I'm not just a deviant of some kind.  It turns out that there are many such clues.  In fact, I think your post about 'snugglefuzz' is a perfect example.


I'm no psychologist, but I think if it were just a fetish, those other proclivities wouldn't be necessary.  And if it is stimulating, so what.  Who's idea of what's deviant am I adopting as my own?  I know I'm not a sicko.  I may be a little different, but I want the best for people, and that makes me just fine.

My two cents.

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  • Forum Moderator

As Carolyn noted its not unusual.  I think its related to the testosterone in the body.  If and when you go on HRT it will pretty much stop.  I would not call it a fetish at this point.  As Ann kind of talked of, there would be other cues.  Don't worry.



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Kestrel McLoughlin

Thanks everyone.


There's been talk of a "male libido" and HRT. Does estrogen really commonly plummet your sex drive? I'm no cad, I'm no lech, but intimacy is a strong part of my romantic landscape, and those feelings are even part of who I am outside of acting on them. I wonder what it will mean...

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I think estrogen changes your sex drive.  The responses aren't the same as male.  I find intimacy more important now than ever.  

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9 hours ago, Kestrel McLoughlin said:

or whether it's just a result of a flood of joy-related hormones that I've deprived myself of my whole life.

One of my good friends (she's cis and hetero) has told me that it (woman equivalent) happens to her on occasion when she finds that oh so perfect outfit. We've had some very risque conversations over the years. I think it's that OMG I look so cute and femme feeling that causes it and is relatively normal. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Vanessa Michelle

While I am a total newbie here, I agree there is something about even wearing an undergarment for your target gender. I have read from others here that feel the same way I do that it does something to you. It validates and affirms who we are and we, for lack of a better term, feel feminine! That feeling can manifest in an affirming, happy euphoria as it does for me, the likes of which I cannot explain, or it can manifest in an erotically euphoric feeling. I don't think either or any other are abnormal, just individual. I am sure as Jani said, that when one takes HRT those feelings will go away, as we are now more fully becoming who we were meant to be and the euphoria previously held will logically and medically wear off and probably be replaced by new feelings and joy as we see our physical bodies ever coming into agreement with who we knew we were all along. I love that this place exists and that it is safe and welcoming to be able to ask all these things we would otherwise have no way of knowing. ❤️

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Hi Kestrel!

19 hours ago, Kestrel McLoughlin said:

m not sure whether that's evidence that this is all some fetish of mine (one of my fears), or whether it's just a result of a flood of joy-related hormones that I've deprived myself of my whole life.

From my experience those are feelings I have had and still do experience, but much less than before.  I think much of it might have been the leftover connection to arousal and sexual awakening I had as a teenager when I first started secretly crossdressing at home. 

When that desire reemerged late in life and I came out to myself (first) then my wife and I was able to crossdress in private at home, it was definitely a lot of pent up erotic fulfillment.

But over time the fetish part of crossdressing did not really explain a continuing emotional desire to to accept and embrace my basic femininity.  I have now been able to look at the erotic part of presenting feminine as part of my sexuality, and accepting myself as transfeminine as part of my gender identity. 

I think they can co-exist.  My therapist seems to think so also.  So, enjoy yourself however you like, without fear or guilt.

Hope that helps❣️

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magical realism

As far as I understand thats perfectly normal for all women. I think I read somewhere that those kind of low grade feelings are from liking how you look,when you feel attractive and confident about yourself and really great about yourself you get strong attractive feelings. Cause feeling sexy is sexy. I think a lot of women get that way sometimes on a good day from what I understand.

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    • Willow Farmer
      I'm proud of you!  That is one more hurdle you can check off.  That leaves you more energy for tomorrow's goals.    I just got back from electrolysis.   My upper lip hurts.   When I try to stop transitioning,  I always hurt more.  
    • Pumela
      Thanks for the replay. Hopes and dreams. I just want him to be happy and feel loved. It’s ripping me apart seeing him like this. He is so angry dosen’t want to talk to his counseler anymore and is sick of all the dr calls. 
    • HollyNoel
      Well I did it. I turned it into the news paper today this morning. Lol. I’m so excited that I know that in about a month I will be Holly legally. Omg it seems like a dream. 
    • Willow Farmer
      I have 3 seriously Christian customers that know what I am doing, -trans-.   They don't preach , they live by example.   They have always liked me and support me now.  
    • Shay
      OMG - same is tryue here and I never remembered much about my dad and my wife notices I am remembering more in those areas - the almost continuous life of hints and clues and smacks in the sub-conscious - my sub-conscious now says .... duh .... what did you think was going on?   @claire1000 - I forgot to mention numbing the pain with pot (gave it up but it didn't help) and drinking heavy (gave it up but that didn't help either) - the only solution has been "quit denying yourself and find the resources you need." the current society acceptance and with more and more folks coming out - it is getting easier - and I can't deny the frustrations of the past and wished I lived in an era of acceptance back then - I choose to be BETTER not BITTER about the past - that was my journey and only I could go on the journey.
    • claire1000
      There doesn't have to be a HAHA moment as I said before it was constant hints through childhood that made me feel different from other boys, and my teenage years were a nightmare as I tried the hyper masculine {playing football}way of trying to hide how I really felt which in the sixties would have been looked on with disdain or even thought to be a mental illness. When I was sixteen or so I found a copy of DR Harrry Bengamin's The Transexual Phenomenon  when I read it I cried thinking there was a solution but cried realizing that the chances of me being able to do this was slim and none. Forty  plus years of frustration, and 20 years of drinking alcoholiclly left me little hope for real happiness. What happened when I started HRT wasn't any physical change{they were relatively slow} but just the general feeling of well being of feeling this must be what being a female is, not sure if it was the estrogen finally in me, or the Knowledge that I was on my way but it was if I was walking on a type of cloud nine that the weight of the male world was finally beginning to lift that for me was my HAHA moment.
    • Shay
      I gave up hiding - after 50 years of depression, anxiety , panic attacks, anorexia, multiple therapists and gray market self-HRT - I finally said I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I TRY SUPERVISED HRT AND A GOOD GENDER THERAPIST. And that is what I did - I knew I was trans but denied it all my life asnd the previous therapist knew depression and anxiety but never went to gender dysphoria even when I was caught by my wife using gray market HRT. 
    • Teri Anne
      Sounds awesome Myles97  Post a pic if you want but if you choose not to thats OK too. How the clothes make you feel is the important thing. Went out yesterday looking for a few clothing items and didn't find anything I was looking for but it was nice getting out .
    • Jandi
      While I do look at a certain chain of events, really I find that I am still constantly processing it all.  As time goes by I remember more things in my past.  Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had made different choices.  But there's no point in that, since the past is past. And I wonder how much do I break from my past?  How much is just a continuing story?   Sometimes I feel as if I'm still in a holding pattern.  I suspect the covid pandemic has something to do with that. I'm not young, but I don't know where to go from here - it probably won't be far, LOL. Guess I'm just rambling now.
    • Linda Marie
      No turning back. All the dreams come out, now you can't turn back. Now you are face to face with yourself, you think to yourself, what have I done. Where do I go from here?   My no turning back was when I came out. What was yours?  
    • Linda Marie
      Well, when did I know I was in DEEP.... When my sister moved out, she left a lot of clothes. I hit the gold mine! Dresses, panties, hose, the whole nine yards, That is when I knew, I was in DEEP.  
    • Linda Marie
      Gosh, when did I realize I was in deep. Was it the time I dressed upped in my sisters clothes? We shared a bed room back then. Or was it when all I could of think was, I want to wear what's she's wearing?   What woke you up to that  Deep inner person you are today? I gave my hints up there ♥️
    • Dee Jolly
      Hi all! My name is Dee Jolly and I'm a nonbinary researcher at Boston Children's Hospital's Center for Gender Surgery. We're doing an interview study to understand transfeminine people's experiences with needing to discontinue their gender-affirming hormones (particularly estrogen) before a planned surgery and wanted to pass along our information. We are interested in understanding both what it's physically and emotionally like as well as how information is communicated about this process.   We are asking people to participate in a 45-60 minute 1-on-1 interview over Zoom with a member of the research team. People can be located anywhere in the United States or Canada to participate. The audio will be recorded. Participants will only be identified by a pseudonym of their choice to protect anonymity.   To participate, people must be: - Aged 18 years or older - Have been asked to discontinue their gender-affirming hormones (i.e., estrogen) before a planned surgery at a time when they were taking estrogen for a minimum of 12 continuous months (Surgery does not need to be gender-related). - Able to reliably access the internet - Comfortable with having audio recorded (for research purposes only).   For more info and next steps, please email [email protected] or visit cgsresearch.org/estrogen  
    • Linda Marie
      So to finish my dream and outcomes, I hope my story helps those just starting or thinking about coming out. Electrolysis came next, then the meetings, sometimes my wife would take me and read outside, she even baked cake for our meetings. I went through counseling and approved for srs, one thing was in the way...me. I still had obligations to the family. What do I do now? I called HR and my union reps, sent them pictures of me as Linda Yeah that was a rough one. But I had to protect my job. Being a federal employee also helped. We were protected!!!! This is stuff I never DREAMED I would go through.  So now I'm set so what's next. HRT, yes, and approved, also approved for breast implants.  Then I wake up. Why at my age should I go any farther? I have it all as it is, I'm outed to all and free to me at any given time.   As far as the HRT, my doctor who knows all about my lifestyle recommend I not start HRT at my age but he referred  me a plastic surgeon for breast implants, gosh  that was a bright day at the doctor's office. ( will I have them?)  I'm leaning that way. ♥️    
    • Linda Marie
      By now I'm very well known on the circuit and home life has settled. Still the fear in my wife's eyes when I went out.  I had been noticing this for a while now and finally asked her, and she blind sided me again. She told me she was scared I would not come back home, she said, and believe this...I'm scared the -transgender- circus will take you away from me. The -transgender- Circus...never heard that one before she had said it. I had a good laugh, and we both laughed. waking up from a dream I stated calling her every chance I had while I was out as Linda. I mean at least 3 times a night. I kept her up dated, Then.....electrolysis...the the meetings, counseling, ext. And finally where we are at today.  We have been married 45 years now, rain or shine♥️   
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