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Hi everybody, I'm Ellie!


I'm thirty years old and AMAB. It wasn't until about a year ago that I finally accepted that I don't identify as a man, but a woman. I had some suspicions for a while, but without a way to find out or ask questions (I lived in a not so accepting place, so even questioning gender wouldn't go over well). So, I took to the internets to find answers to questions I never bothered asking before. I was worried what answers I'd find, because part of me wondered if it would just be easier to keep lying to myself than to go through with all the changes I wanted (and still want) to make. Turns out it wasn't easier, I just ended up feeling completely dead inside after a while. One thing I learned that started me down the right path when I didn't know who I was yet was finding out that even wondering about your own gender isn't something most people even consider let alone question. Since then, I've been trying to live more true to myself. I changed out a lot of my old wardrobe with new clothing. I picked a new name for myself. I learned how to use makeup and that's been a big improvement. I even came out to most of my close friends. And once I'd realized the truth, a lot of my life started to retroactively make a whole lot more sense; stuff started to click. But I still feel lost and don't know what I should do or who I should talk to, which is how I came across these forums. I moved from georgia to washington this month and I don't really know anyone in the area so I was feeling particularly lonely and wanted to find a place I could express myself. I joined a few days ago but haven't had the courage to post an intro until now. Hopefully I maintain this courage and become a more active member. Thanks for having me here!

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Salutations @Neoncat! Welcome to Transpulse!


Your story will resonate with a lot of the girls here. I grew up in the 70's and 80's. Those weren't very tolerant places either. 😋 At least they weren't in the Midwest. Congratulations on figuring things out decades before I did.


Please feel free to join the discussion. Chime in. Ask questions! Obey the forum rules! We're glad you're here.



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4 hours ago, Neoncat said:

Since then, I've been trying to live more true to myself. I changed out a lot of my old wardrobe with new clothing. I picked a new name for myself. I learned how to use makeup and that's been a big improvement. I even came out to most of my close friends. And once I'd realized the truth, a lot of my life started to retroactively make a whole lot more sense; stuff started to click.

Wow, that’s an incredible amount of change in a short period. I applaud you for being able to recognize the problem and be able to move to taking active steps toward living authentically as you! 

4 hours ago, Neoncat said:

I moved from georgia to washington this month and I don't really know anyone in the area so I was feeling particularly lonely and wanted to find a place I could express myself.

Howdy Neighbor! Heck, I practically live up the road from ya! Must be difficult making all these changes during a pandemic. Although, I will say Washington state (mainly western WA) is a great place to find acceptance and/or affirmation. It’s both an opportunity and struggle as you can (eventually) express yourself with a new set of people with no preset expectations of who you are. On the other hand, due to covid, there are restrictions in how you can go about doing this. It may take a bit more time getting to know people in your area but you can still get a lot done on your journey without socialization. But I have to be honest, the social aspect of transition is what I miss the most during this pandemic. Hopefully, that will change soon. In the meantime, enjoy yourself here and learn more about who you are with the help, advice and friendship you’ll find here on our forum.


Warmest Regards,

Susan R🌷



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Hello Elie and welcome.  Being new to an area as Susan notes can be difficult and the virus protections make a little tougher but I can tell you'll persevere and be successful.  Please join in the conversation.




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Hi Ellie!  nice to meet you, and Welcome! 

16 hours ago, Neoncat said:

even wondering about your own gender isn't something most people even consider let alone question.

Yep!  You found the "Secret".  I am certain cis-gender humans have no clue about our feelings, and why would they?  I think this is the first step from going from "Questioning" to self-acceptance and affirmation of your true gender identity.

Gender therapy was the next step for me, something recommended by the experience of many on this Forum, and that I can attest to as essential in my personal growth and confidence I am on the right path.

I am sure you are still getting settled in.  I hope you can find something in your area, and specially a Community you can connect with.  In the meantime, this is a great place to share, and learn from the experiences of others.


Deep breaths ... one step at a time

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Hi Ellie,

Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!


Lots of love and a big welcome hug,

Timber Wolf🐾

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Welcome Ellie.  Hope you enjoy your time here.  Simply knowing i'm not alone helped me.





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Hi Ellie, and welcome from someone who is going in the opposite direction. We are all here (nbs too) to share our perspectives, struggles and support. 


You've landed in a great place. 

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Thanks for the support and the advice! I'm going to start looking into gender therapy and figuring out the next steps I want to take. Its a tough journey but it's 100% worth the hardship if I'm happier and more comfortable with myself as I progress (which has already been the case thus far)



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Hi Ellie, welcome to this great place. I fought the woman within for nearly 65 years and have let her out, little by little over the past 5 years or so. I have accepted that I am transgender. The girl in me is tolerated by my wife but I’m not really out to my daughters or anyone else for that matter.


Sounds like you have taken very positive steps to accept who you are. I hope you are able to connect with a positive group in Washington. COVID will not be with us for ever. Be carful and enjoy life. Every day is a gift.





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    • Teri Anne
      Y'all look fabulous and raise the bar awfully  high. I need to go shopping and find some new outfits so I can post a pic LOLOL
    • CD Rachel
      Hi Billie, and welcome.   I am also just starting out and have started seeing a therapist. I am 6' 4" and it has been an overwhelming concern for me. But reading through the replies to your introduction has helped me a lot. These forums are a great way to learn and grow, even the questions that I have been afraid to ask or did not consider are answers here with love and patience.   Rachel
    • BrandiBri
      You mentioned that you're getting hrt from a nurse practitioner, I am getting my hrt from one as well. I am completely comfortable with her and wouldn't think of changing my provider. She is well versed in Transgender issues. 
    • Jackie C.
      That's pretty much par for the course for us older gals. Do everything you can to improve your general health if you want to safely enjoy your HRT. Also, the advice my surgeon gave me before I went under for bottom surgery: Be in the best shape of your life. A lot of positive habits flowed from coming out as trans. Of course they became easier to maintain once I didn't hate myself so much, so win-win, right?   Hugs!
    • CD Rachel
      Good evening everyone,   I am not an all day coffee drinker so no coffee for me now. I posted this morning about how happy i was to be working from home and being able to stay in girl mode all day, well that lasted for 30 minutes. I got an email for an appointment at the health clinic with less then an hours notice. I did the superman quick-o change-o (minus the telephone booth) into boy cloths and out the door I went. Made it in time and now have received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine. So I guess it was worth it.     Well the puck drops in 40 minutes so have a great night everyone, see you in the AM at the coffee mess.   Rachel
    • BillieB
      This is all very informative, I guess I need to climb back on the wagon. 😀
    • Jandi
      Welcome Billie.   I started like this, but it didn't last long.
    • BillieB
      Thank you @Jackie C. that does bring a spark of joy, and a lot of positive hope for the future.  I am in the middle of setting up my first therapist session and things are looking brighter!  
    • Jandi
    • Jackie C.
      That brings up something that happened to me today that might give you a little sparkle of joy. I'm 5'11". I also suffer from alopecia universalis. If you're not aware of what that means, I have not a single active hair follicle anywhere on my head, body or anything else you care to imagine. I started transitioning with HRT in the summer of 2018 at 48 years old.   So today, I needed to get my wife's wedding ring back from the jeweler. It had been shedding stones again which as you know is something jewelry should never, ever do. It's been a few days and my spouse is missing it terribly. I get the call that it's finally ready while I'm finishing up my workout at the gym. The weather is beastly this morning. I'm harried because I have roughly a billion things to do today and now I need to shovel the drive and walk as well. When I get to my car, I can't find the ticket. I rush home and search the places I could have left it. Plus the places I'm pretty sure I left it. Then the spots where I couldn't have possibly left it but who knows? No ticket. Time to throw myself on the mercy of whoever is working the desk today. So I'm at the jewelry store. I'm wearing a headscarf. It's lovely, but anyone with eyes can see that I'm bald. No makeup. I'm rubbish at it anyway. All I have going for me in the winter weather is my face and my voice (which is all vocal training). So what happens? I'm accepted and treated as the woman I am, that's what. Correct pronouns. No funny looks and an offer of confidence from the woman behind the counter because she can see her sister is in a spot of distress.   That's the reality of my life now. It's lovely and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I did it. You can absolutely do it too.   Hugs!
    • BillieB
      Thank you @jae bear I found your YouTube posts and subscribed and followed your recommendation to here and so glad I did, I have been reading through a lot of the threads and learning so much. I am just setting up my initial session with a therapist  and looking forward to the journey, with some fear, and a lot of excitement!  
    • jae bear
      Hey BillieB! I am so glad that you found your way here! This is the right place to ask questions, these are the girls that I confide in, the ones that helped me, and I trust their advice will be good. So much of what has been said I simply agree with, I won’t bore you with recounting all of what’s been said already, but there are plenty of tall women in the world! The process of transition takes time, but it’s also not forever, so the end at some point, the goal line if you will, is out there somewhere, I have asked that question so many times and I finally realize all the answers the girls here gave me were correct, you just have to take it one day at a time. Jackie 🐇   
    • Jackie C.
      Hopefully the bill won't pass. "Outgrow my feelings," indeed. I'm almost 51, so when does THAT start? This is just a case of going after trans kids because they can't defend themselves. Shameful.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      I do enjoy her point of view actually. I just finished watching it myself. I now have bathtub envy though. That thing looks positively decadent.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Well obviously. Women's deodorant has scents. The stuff for guys comes labeled with things like, "Dominance!" and "Success!" They smelled chemical to me before I started HRT. Now they're just nasty. I'll stick with my lavender and vanilla, thanks.   Hugs!
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