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I am a 30 year old man in Los Angeles, and I've been confused for as long as I can remember. I always acted as a tomboy, wanting to play with boys and girls, as well as enjoy both types of activities. As an adult, I always seemed to be able to find a girlfriend, so I assumed that meant that I was a man with a sensitive side, but I also have been crossdressing since I could crawl. My justification was that women wear clothing from my side of the aisle all the time, and we don't call that crossdressing, so why would what I do be considered any different? However, the world just doesn't seem to work like that, every female airline pilot and doctor can wear heels and makeup to work, and I have to dress like their dad. This envy and bitterness doesn't quite cover the fact that I have always wanted to be female, and after reading a lot of posts on several forums, as well as some lay psychology, I am just as confused about what that means as I was before. I hate the expectations placed on me as a man, I hate that bisexuality in a man is so badly thought of, that I somehow don't have the body I want, and I fear that all of this is keeping me from making any real decisions in my life, I seem to be in a holding pattern. I have tried talking a couple of trans friends here in LA, but they haven't been too much help, and I don't expect much, as they are in the middle of their own journey. Buy family is quite supportive, but I fear that most of this angst is going to come down to a lot of acceptance, as I don't see myself doing anything medical, I fear for my health too much, and even if I'm a hundred, I would like to go to med school someday, and that will take my everything. Perhaps it really is a case of Autogynephilia, where I love the female form so much, I must be it, but I doubt anything human is quite that simple, perhaps it really does come down to a simple case of courage, doing what I want, and going out and playing music as whatever I feel like that day... I'm just really lost, and I know my friends are tired of hearing about it, about my envy of women, my discomfort, my sex life with men, and how much I'd rather have breasts than these pectorals that seem to be good enough for everyone else. I don't expect any quick answers,  plant medicine hasn't really helped much, I just need to vent and find some people who understand, at least a little. Thanks for reading, I'm happy to meet every person here!

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Jackie C.

Salutations @Cooldrinkofwater9! Welcome to TransPulse!


First, let me remind you of rule #14. You mentioned "plant medicine." Don't do that. Discussion of alternative treatments is against forum rules and, on a more personal note, is a really good way to permanently damage your health. The best case scenario with alternative feminizing techniques is that they don't work and you waste your money. More likely, you put additional stress on your body and break something you're going to want later. Never seek out or use any feminizing treatment without the direction and supervision of a qualified medical professional.


Now then, personally I don't have any issue with bisexual men. I mean, so what? Sexuality is a spectrum. I personally fall closer to "Yeah, pretty gay," but I've got bisexual friends and their exploits are their own business unless they choose to share. Sometimes there's envy. My current man-crush is actor Tom Ellis (I mean seriously, have you seen him?). I'm jealous of his wife and I'm not even into men. My spouse feels the same way. What can you do?

I get that there are people who don't understand bisexuals and respond poorly. I don't get their objections, but I understand they exist. Haters gotta hate I guess.


Anyway, as for the other stuff: I'd see if I could find a gender therapist in your area (or not because telemedicine is a thing). Ideally a trans-woman who has a deeper understanding of what you're going through, but hey, allies are good too. They'll help you come to terms with your feelings and determine your next steps. Whatever those steps are, your identity is valid. Some trans-women don't have anything done. Maybe you're more genderfluid or bigendered. Don't get too hung up on labels. You're human and you're hurting. That's the part that matters.


On a totally random note, I will point out that it is possible to both have breasts AND large pectoral muscles for them to rest on. That's mostly because I'm working to get into better shape. Also, my breasts are small but you can fake cleavage with large, well-defined pectoral muscles so there's that.


So yeah, welcome to the forums! We're glad you're here. Please post and join the discussion as the mood strikes! I look forward to getting to know you better!



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I'm afraid plant medicine had nothing to do with feminization, or anything treatment oriented, rather, it included ceremony in the shamanic tradition, more like a sweat lodge, for clarity and such...

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Jackie C.

Ah, well then carry on. My mistake.



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Delcina B

Welcome! The forums have a lot of information & life experiences in the realm of your questions. I know they do for me. I'm at the point as Jackie recommended to you, where my next step is to see a gender therapist.

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Welcome Cooldrink!  

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9 hours ago, Cooldrinkofwater9 said:

I hate that bisexuality in a man is so badly thought of

So much this. My own ex-wife erased my sexuality when I came out to her as bi. I feel your pain.


9 hours ago, Cooldrinkofwater9 said:

Perhaps it really is a case of Autogynephilia

Isn't that a debunked notion? Whenever I hear or read that term I feel like it's a form of transphobia. I can't remember where I got that idea from. I'm not really qualified to say what is debunked or not though.


I'm sorry to hear that trans folk local to you couldn't be more help. I hope that you find a good psychologist to council you, I know that mine helped me sort things out. Welcome to the forums, I'm sure that you'll find plenty of support here.

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9 hours ago, Cooldrinkofwater9 said:

My justification was that women wear clothing from my side of the aisle all the time, and we don't call that crossdressing, so why would what I do be considered any different?

Julia Serano touches on this in her book Whipping Girl (and probably other places) as a form of misogyny.

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Timber Wolf

Hi Cooldrinkofwater9,

Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf🐾

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Talked to my normal therapist today. I'm not sure there is a solution, I certainly can't see myself actually transitioning, I was a built a tall thin man with thinning hair. I wouldn't end up the cute feminine woman I've always wanted to be. And there is something of the two spirit thing I identify more closely to. I continue to hate how I am not allowed the same freedom that women are allowed, and in some ways, it smacks of evolutionary biology. Sometimes I like being this man, but often, I hate this rough hairy angular guy, I want to be soft and be able to wear what I want without my sexuality being called into question, without it being a problem with every woman and man who would have been attracted to me otherwise. Tired of the beard, tired of the ruddiness. I'm just venting at this point, I really don't know what to do with myself.   

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  • Admin

I have a bunch of really sweet friends who are all over the gender spectrum.  It it sometimes an absolute that I check on pronouns every time I see them, but because we are friends it is not really a problem that a listening ear, seeing eyes, and a sense of humor between us can't take care of.  Be open with your Therapist that you are having gender questions, even the best gender therapist I know came from the garden variety Marriage and Family Therapist clan before working on his own gender issues (I can say "him" since he was F2M).  Your therapist may take it as a chance to broaden their field of expertise.  The idea will be to find out where you are on the gender spectrum and it may be a range places you fit and not all at the same time.  It is really quite an adventure.  Get rid of any shame you feel for not being a single defined gender.  That is your prime goal in therapy, and when you are open to being all over the map, you will be YOU.

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      Great outfits and pics! And yes, Liz, you look wonderful in that picture! Great smile!
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      My regular therapist has been great for me as I wait well looking for a LBGTQ therapist. Problem is She just went on maternity leave and I miss her already. I see a LBGTQ "doctor" tomorrow and am very anxious.____     Hugs Stefi
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      I believe this is the offending portion of the legislation:   An institution may not discriminate against a student organization with respect toa benefit available to any other student organization based on a requirement of the organization that leaders or voting members of the organization:(1)Adhere to the organization's viewpoints or sincerely held beliefs; or(2) Be committed to furthering the organization's beliefs or religious missions.   Off to the Courts we go...   Carolyn Marie
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      Hi, I know this is sorta random and I'm not sure If I've acquainted myself here but, I'm Taylor and I'm a teen who's looking for other teens to hang out with. I don't really have any supporting friends or friends who also identify under the Transgender umbrella. And with this topic I was hoping to succeed in finding some people who may be interested in becoming friends. Y'know someone I could just message regularly and talk to about anything. 😄 If anyone's shy that's fine because I am too, I'm also a bit awkward so if someone's not SUPER awkward like I am I'd like to get to hang out 🙂 just message me and we'll see how it goes from there. Thanks! 
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      Looking great Liz! The high neckline works for you and it's always great to see you smile in your pics  
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      @AmberM I agree that I do go through cycles but with HRT and my GI therapist - the cycles aren't as extreme nor last as long and I am thankful for that AND because I am getting at the root cause of my depression and anxiety, those pains are less severe.   Getting the right therapist is a godsend.
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      Today, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum signed House Bill 1503 into law — legislation that allows student groups at colleges, universities, and high schools to discriminate against LGBTQ students.   https://www.hrc.org/press-releases/north-dakota-gov-doug-burgum-signs-anti-lgbtq-house-bill-1503-into-laww
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      I have found therapy to be useful over the years, however, there was always this one thing that kept coming back that I didn't know how to deal with. After finally getting after my gender identity, I have noticed a lift in my mood, and improvement in several symptoms. What is hard though, is this time of year, normally my mood naturally increases. So we have to wait until October time frame to see if it dips down super low again. It isn't that I don't get dips week to week, because I still get some dips, just they haven't been as low as they were in the past. I think therapy has been pivotal to my success and will remain to be key to my continued success.
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