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a big step

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Yay! I achieved a goal today. I went shopping on my own, and without my wifes help, I picked out and bought a gorgeous dress, mid length, peach with a nice floral pattern, that fits me perfect. my wife hates it, "you know i dont like floral patterns"...lol. i bought a pair of sling back flats, i'm six feet tal so heels don't work, black suede. then went to the boutique alone and got a variety of jewelry, costume jewelry that is, picked out and checked out all by myself. in the past i rellied on stuff girls gave my wife that didnt fit, or had her go with me to check out. I know this sounds silly at 48 but its baby steps for me and this was another big one.

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Jackie C.

I'm with your wife, I don't like floral patterns either, on me anyway. They're fine on her. 😉


Congratulations on finding a dress that fits though. I'm still looking for one that hits me right.


2 hours ago, shyla said:

i'm six feet tall so heels don't work,


Lies. Tall women are beautiful. Get your heels and own them!



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Sally Stone
On 5/25/2021 at 2:46 PM, shyla said:

i'm six feet tal so heels don't work

Shyla, Jackie beat me to it, but heels are for every girl.  I'm over six feet tall and wear them almost exclusively.  I have always been proud of my height, so never shied away from high heels.  High heels are my shiny.  The one thing us tall girls need to recognize is since our natural height puts our head above the crowd already, wearing heels doesn't make any difference.  


Shopping for yourself is so much fun isn't it?

Tall Girls Rule.JPG

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I second that heals are something to totally embrace if you can. In addition to generally look better than average flats, they enhance the walk and movement. Let that hip sway tell the world how you feel 🤩

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I can do without heels.  I liked them once but soon i could feel the damage they were doing to my feet.  So many are styled with narrow toes and with wide feet that caused a good bit of pain.  I do have boots that have nice 1 1/2" heels and a wide toe box and that's good enough for me anymore.  I Guess at 73 a young girl gets a bit more "practical"?





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Congrats on the shopping and just say YES to heels. lol. I'm 5"11 and I love them. The challenge is finding some that are relatively comfy.  I don't do anything over 3" and mostly like wedge sandals because they are comfy but I do have some 1.5" pumps and kittens that I love and can wear for a dinner out or to the office for shorter days. I especially like ankle booties with about a 2" heel. 


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my wife and i went shopping yesterday and she convinced me to go on the great advice you girls gave me. we picked a pair of pumps with a 1 1/2 inch heel. thank you so much.

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Susan R
2 hours ago, shyla said:

my wife and i went shopping yesterday and she convinced me to go on the great advice you girls gave me. we picked a pair of pumps with a 1 1/2 inch heel. thank you so much.

Your wife is such a dear. How wonderful to have her along for the ride. Enjoy it the fullest!🙂

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@Susan R you are going to be as tall or taller than me. You go girl.

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