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9 Reasons To Make Sure You Bind Appropriately And Not Over years and years

Guest Evan_J

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Don't question the likeliness -- it all depends on body type and age. It's likely for someone to have complications, but you never know until you do it because different people's bodies react to compression in different ways. I have been binding for a year and already have bruised ribs and costochondritis. My binding habits were six hours a day, five days a week, maximum, using binders that were either the recommended size or slightly larger for me. I have a chest that's 34B.

Hmm, then maybe I'm just very lucky? Mine are all the right size (one is 2 sizes too small). No bruised ribs, no lung problems. The closest problem I have is that I can't run very long/fast while binding and haven't tried without because my chest is big and jiggley and is psychologically uncomfortable.

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Guest sabastion

i have tried the two sports bras. doesnt work as well as i hoped. i have been using a diy binder. underworks. doesnt give me a flat chest. weill try the other options soon.

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Guest kenneth-tm

i have tried the two sports bras. doesnt work as well as i hoped. i have been using a diy binder. underworks. doesnt give me a flat chest. weill try the other options soon.

that was supposed to say underarmer. and i have tried the diy panty hose binder. and i love. i can breathe! i love this and recomend to any one on a tight budget.

this is my biy binder in use.


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Guest SirParkertheDuck

Hm. That's rather frightening, actually.

I tried the whole sports bra/pantyhose-shirt thing. Didn't work for me so well.

I'm some ungodly nonexistent size. My ribcage is like, 29 inches around and my bust is 36....so I really can't go without binding and still pass. Stupid weight distribution....gah. The afore mentioned method just kinda...made me look weird as fuuh. It was like "I HAVE MASSIVE PECS" which would be cool and all since I have wide enough shoulders and large arms...'cept for the fact that it made my waist super apparent even with a wife-beater and baggy t-shirt on.

My tri-top is~ 1.5 years old now and needs to be replaced, but it -still- looks more natural. (and is way more comfortable, actually.) I don't recall ever having problems breathing with it on. Hurts the muscles in my back if I wear it too long, so I avoid sleeping in it when I can. (I have a tendency to fall asleep randomly though, so...sometimes I forget.) I guess I'll take my chances...not much I can do for a few years, my binder holds my ability to not crumple over into a pile of sad-parker.

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Guest Treygus

I bound with an ace bandage for seven years prior to surgery. My ribs are misshapen and I have scars from where the bandage would rub against my skin. I wasn't a very small guy, so I had to pull that sucker pretty tight, tight enough to break the skin sometimes. I haven't built up enough testicles to have a doc check out my chest cavity for any issues, but I do know that I have chest pains/tightening every now and then. If anyone is even remotely thinking of using an ace bandage, I strongly suggest that you stay away from it.

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Guest Call me DEAN

Wow, well I'm new to this whole thing and I've been binding with ace bandage cause it's all I have at home. It's not comfy and it falls all the ******* time, and it kinda hurts too, sometimes. Well this topic sure convinced me to change my binding! I'll look into small sports bra or an undershirt or something that won't kill my poor already asthmatic lungs. Thanks a lot for the info, guys!

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Guest jadynriley

well I only read the first post because I am having a very ADHD day but I never knew there was any complication associated with binding and honestly I never knew there was a name for what I was doing before either. This may explain my chest/rib pain and shortness of breathe though that no doctor has been able to diagnose :( ...i tend to bind 24/7, if i'm not in the shower or changing outfits i have on a full (chest and torso) athletic compression tank, i guess i might have to change that now though :(

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Guest Carter L

I've been watching this topic for the past three years and I need to say something now that I have appropriate experience:

Underworks binders are dangerous. Particularly our favorite, the tri-top. I have experience with many binders now and Underworks binders are not made for FtMs even though they have an "FtM Section." That section is exclusively a section for our favorites that don't have to do with groin-region compression. They are designed for bio-guys and their bone structure and bone strength. I hate to say it, but our...condition...gives us different structural integrity. Thus, the products aren't exactly made for us.

Now why would I say this?

1. I have been binding for three years and have used both T-Kingdom and Underworks binders. T-Kingdom binders, while primarily marketed towards us "smaller" guys (racial size difference, honestly, as they're made in Taiwan), are designed for FtMs. Underworks are not.

2. Underworks binders have given me bruised and maybe even fractured ribs. I used them for two years.

3. I have been using T-Kingdom binders for the past year. HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART: I put on my Underworks Tri-Top for THREE HOURS the day before yesterday because I was feeling uncharacteristically dysphoric. My breast tissue has decreased in size significantly since I last used it. It is a size small. After just three hours, I had heart palpitations, stabbing rib pain, and pelvic pain across the band of muscles that moves when my hips rotate, likely due to a change in muscle position or even organ position. I was nearly admitted to the ER. From only three hours of use. These things are dangerous! This is serious! I would not recommend Underworks Tri-Top even though it works well! It is dangerous! I am even uncomfortable in the Double-Front, but it has not caused me any real problems like the Tri-Top (the compression is uniform, meaning my lower organs are not affected as dramatically).

Bottom line: If you can't get T-Kingdom, or if you don't like T-Kingdom, for god's sake please don't use the Tri-Top! Use the Double-Front if you need something significant. I'm sorry it sucks but we need to put our health first.

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I feel kind of alone with my view and experiences. I've used T kingdom and sports bras work much better. I've been binding for 7 years. No problems so far using my underworks binders.

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Guest Markus ThatGuy

Man, that sounds terrible...

And I just started looking into binding. I've been wearing a baggy T-shirt + button up shirt for years.

But I was thinking about buying one of these.


I'm kind of right in the middle of the small and the medium do you think that if I get the medium and don't wear it everyday that I'll be fine?

If it won't be I guess I can just wear it on special occasions. I've made it this long without one.

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  • Forum Moderator

I am very,very chest dysphoric yet have to be extra carefull about binding due to asthma and a history of frequent pneumonia going back to early childhood. I bind but only when going somewhere special.

I find that band aides over the nips (I trick I learned in the braless 70s :)) because they are unusually prominent and a source of great dysphoria and an athletic compression shirt in a size smaller than I usually wear does the job without causing problems. Be sure it is the athletic and not the gynecomastia compression shirt which is in reality a stiff binder. most athletes wear the athletic compression shirts for almost every professional sport so they are safe. They also help control body temp and wick moisture which is a real blessing. Particularly in the summer for me when temps in the 100s and humidity in the 90percent range is the norm here. A binder can be lethal just from overheating but with a compression shirt under it can be almost comfortable. And alone the compression shirt is comfortable as anything can be. I swim with one under a mesh shirt.

I prefer Under Armor and get them on ebay for much less than athletic stores. I recently bought a women's small for swimming because I now wear a men's small and couldn't find a men's extra small. The women's has an extra band inside around the top which helps even more keep things flat and in place.

If you use the bandaides be careful and gentle changing them to prevent irritation. Bandaides are designed to wear for days-even when bathing and I have had no problem as long as I am gentle though I have over sensitive skin.

Hope some of this helps


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Guest Jesse0319

Alright, so I've skimmed this topic before, and got great information from it. I DID order an underworks binder this past week though, to give it a try. When I measured myself for the fitting, I came up with like 26.5 inches under the bust, and 29.5 inches over the "full" part. This is why I didn't consider compression shirts first - I can't fit into hardly ANYTHING, because I'm such a small guy all around. But, I'm super-super chest dysphoric, so I ordered a binder to try and see if it worked.

Well, I just baaaaarrrrrely fit into an Extra-Small, according to the Underworks size chart. It's the one with the binding panels only in the chest area. I figured, since I was almost off the chart, an Extra-Small was the perfect size, because it says "if you're between sizes, take the bigger one". Well, I did, and it came in today.

I had a TERIBLE time putting it on. I tried pulling it over my head, and if my shoulders weren't double-jointed, it would have hurt. So, I tried stepping into it instead. I almost couldn't get it over my hips. I finally got it on, was super-super happy with how I looked, and then immediately took it off. Yes, I had a grad party to go to today, and it would have been great to have that on. But, it was super hot out, and I was uncomfortable with the pressure on my ribs.

I have been having slight pains just below the chest area on my left side, lately, and I knew I wasn't gonna wear my binder soon. But I'm really concerned abut how tight it actually is. Considering my size, does anyone know a good alternative? Like, where I could get some compression shirts that don't hang off of me loosely? Or, if not, would the next size up for the binder still work? How big is the difference, really?

I really, REALLY don't want to hurt myself. I'm seeing a GT soon, and plan to bring it up to see if she has any recommendations, but what do you other small guys do?

- Doesn't Fit into Anything Jesse

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  • Forum Moderator

Buy boys size compression shirts.

I've seen them on ebay for as small as a child 7 (little boys on up wear them for baseball and football so they are out there) and I know that is too small for you:) I have to order boy's now because I wear a men's small and need a smaller compression shirt than that. Sometimes a women's snall will work but not as well as a boys.

Sorry the binder is so tight. I have very broad shoulders-most men's small tees are too tight in the shoulders though otherwise loose-and had to go to the zipper or velcro binders. Love the zipper ones best but velcro does let you adjust


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Guest Jesse0319

Thanks, Johnny. My family is going to Walmart and to the mall tomorrow, so I'll look for something while we're out, as long as no one throws a fit. If all else fails, I can wear the binder around my hips for a while and stretch it out a bit :)


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Guest oliverking

Gosh, this scares me :l I never knew that binding could cause THIS much damage! But, it's good I know now so I can prevent whatever-said damage. I was thinking that since I'm going to try to come out an MTF for my senior year, that I should bind for school which is about 7-8 hours. But now I think I just only do it every other day, or maybe take it off during/after school (for I have a backpack) or, I don't even know. I'm just really freaked out now after knowing all of these effects and such :C

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even underworks binder do that!?!?! *gulp* i'm 13 if i get surgery at 25, i'll have been binding for 12 YEARS! am i doomed to a heart attack or something?!?!?

if youre 13 and dointg all that, why dont you see what you can do to get some hormone blockers, or something.

If you can prevent the things from growing it would be a big help to you now and later..

BTW i had a huge chest so i didnt even bother with binders, which turns out was just as well for my health. what i did was i wore layers of clothes, like, a teeshirt that was kinda snug but an overshirt with buttons, (flannels, whatever) that was loose. that kinda thing.

in the winter, nobody can see whats inside under your coat, so you dont have to do so much then as you might think too.

be kind to your body and especially your spine, you cant buy another one at walmart.

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definitely good advice there. reminds me of women who wear corsets you know?

it messes up their internal organs and stuff.

you gotta take care of your body, even the parts you dont like or you'll end up damaging yourself in alot of ways you can never fix.

and when youre younger, its easy to take things for granted, like knee joints that work, or a spine without disc damage from lifting heavy things, or whatever.

you need to be as healthy as you can be for best results from hormones and surgeries.


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Guest Oxygenic

Good post, I was aware of the dangers which preceded with binding, but never knew it was that extreme. "Fortunately" I haven't started binding yet due to lack of money, and the fact that I'm not completely out of the closet yet. I'm somewhat genetically lucky to not be all too big in the chest, enough that a baggy shirt can cover it well. I seriously need to get my hands on a binder.. soon... and now I know not to wear it everyday or sleep with it on. Don't want to crush these ribs.

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Guest Hunt

Oh man what?? i mean i know that its very dangerous but i have to use an ace bandage because my parents wont even let me use my own money to buy a binder, and if i dont bind at least when im dressed for the day i emotionally break down (and still will even if i binded all day). I dont want to hurt myself either though :/

This was good to read.

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      Good to hear, Liz. I bet it felt fantastic even with the couple of snags. I so envy you.   Today for me was an OK. day. Got the word on my wig. then had a therapist appointment. I wound up rescheduling it because my wife was home. She was going to be nice and go upstairs and do some cleaning. Then as my appointment time came she decides to sit in the living room.(Three feet from me) and look through some pictures. Some privacy. So I scoot upstairs. With her just sitting down here. I really didn't want to open up so I rescheduled.    Of course, when I came down early she asked, All done?  me:Yep short and sweet. her: OK  I hope that I didn't invade your privacy.  in a snide kinda way.   I love her to death but I am getting so fed up with her crap.   Kymmie
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      Holly, girl, sometimes you remind me of myself! I love a pink headband, I'm completely in your boat on weight, I also have a winter/christmas-theme in my name (which I cherish), and although I'm nowhere near any point of choosing a vagiplasty procedure, I know without a doubt if I do ever decide to both transition and also opt for bottom surgery, for me personally, the ability to experience vaginal penetration, be it a guy (even though I'm not romantically attracted to them), or a trans-woman with or without SRS, or a...prop (with or without batteries )...or...any other more universal anatomy...[sly grin]...For me personally, that's where my heart is, and huge part of what I've always envied from the female side.   Personally, I don't even care if it makes me look loose, or even downright slutty. For me, sexuality, along with its partner sensuality, rank among to absolute best top reasons for being alive!!! And I say to heck with any restrained haters!
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      I am 65, pre-op, married to my soul mate and have no interest in penetration or dilation. So I guess that makes me lesbian. I also had my prostate removed with salvage radiation 2 years later (this year). That will make the surgery to install a canal more difficult and hazardous. If I was 30, I might go in another direction. The only thing that makes any sense for me is the Non Canal version. I have my GCS consult next month.   I don't have estrogen yet, but also don't have testosterone either, other than from the adrenals due to Lupron shots. My therapist told me she has never seen someone as happy as I am without any hormones. I can't wait to try estrogen. I don't ever want that poison called testosterone in my veins ever again! 
    • ElizabethStar
      My first full day at work as Elizabeth was interesting. I got my Outlook account updated but somebody forgot to remove my the old picture from my signature. Thankfully I only sent 1 email before I caught it. I have been on auto-pilot introducing myself on the phone for the last few years so I was surprised I only messed it once. I was also pretty funny listening everyone correct themselves when they would use my dead name.   I also changed everything on my FB account. I decided to just update my name, profile picture and just see where it lands. So far it's been going over good.
    • Shay
      So sorry to hear that @Abi 
    • Berni
      This thread is so interesting to read ... even though I feel like this kind of decision is a really long way off for me. So great to hear everyone's stories and thoughts. Such a valuable resource.   I think you are all so brave! I'm sitting here feeling sore and sorry from a really minor operation. The amount of .... determination? (Is that the right word?) ... to undertake what you have gone through is very inspiring.   Man, we trans girls are tough!
    • Abi
      I feel very let down today    
    • Abi
    • Lexi C
      oh Thank you ladies so much. I just spoke to his nurse today. They require two letters so i am running around like mad to get then even do my appt is not until April 22. I am not sure if i am planning on have sex. I keep catch my self being attracted to women. So confused. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP.  
    • RunValRun
      One surprising outcome of the name change is that you discover just how MANY places you have to amend after the fact. Some are easier that others and completely uneventful, some will test your resolve 😀 and yet others might end up with a feeling of euphoria. I was updating my BestBuy account (which is still unclear why they need me to call their main line from the store, but that a mystery for another day), and at the end of the conversation the customer service rep asked me whether I would like to be called sir or ma'am due to name change. No hesitation in my voice I informed her that ma'am would do wonderfully. And that made my day 🤩 Still smiling thinking about it.
    • HollyNoel
      @Jeanette West If you feel it's time, then go for it. Only you can decide the point when you want to take the name change step. After bawling my eyes out the other night while filling out my paperwork, I'm not really sure I'm ready to change my name legally. I might need more time to come to terms with shedding my old name. I got to talk to my therapist before I make that move. Anyway, whenever you do it, make sure you are ready.
    • HollyNoel
      When My time comes, I plan on going full canal. Whether I plan on dating a guy or not, I still want the option. And if I don't date a guy, there are things that two women can do that are just as much fun. lol. The thing is I want the option so that if I want, I can decide which I want at the drop of a hat. I know that makes me sound like a lose girl, but I've done my time alone on a Saturday night. I want to have some fun now. lol.
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      That looks great!
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      Good day everyone,🦄   Happy birthday Priya Sweet!🎂 Happy birthday Kole Rickard!🎂 Hope you have a great day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
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