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Guest Emily Ray

A Chat With An Intern Pastor

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Guest Emily Ray

Hey Everyone,

While at Stand Down I had the Opportunity to speak to a young Pastor who is planting churches in communities so that people can walk to church and be a more cohesive unit in daily living. In many of the communities where he is planting these churches there is a sizable amount of Transgender people. He had never had an opportunity to sit and learn about the issues that we face and the typical guilt and shame we live in that is caused by christianity primarly. It was a long conversation and only the first of several I will probably do with his church. I would like to have the opportunity to speak to the whole congregation or at least those interested in the subject at some point in the near future. I know that the Lord has laid it upon me to begin to change the Church and their treatment of us. I will walk the path he has layed out for me and the Change will come from the conviction His Spirit does in peoples hearts.



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Guest Cris

Hi Emily,

I too have been having communications with the church I attend. I came out to our preacher a year ago or so to ask where I stood with God on all of this. After a year of religious conseling the counselor validated that I have GID. I have met with our elders last week and talked to them about me, and then tonight I met with the key leaders and our mission development team. There were about 20+ people in the room. Some I have known for at least a year and never told them about me. I was very well received and they appreciate that I have brought being Transgender into the light. The preacher said tonight as he opened the meeting that I opened up his mind. He said that it only happens very rarely, but he is grateful that I brought this to the leadership to address.

I too think God has laid it on my heart to bring GID into mainstream religion and remove the degenerate sexual pervert from the stereotype.

Best of luck with your Christian walk.


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Guest Micha
:wub: You're love. ^_^ Best hopes for your ventures!

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    • Krisvm
      And just to update, managed to catch up and had a great session. Really enjoying working on it.
    • KathyLauren
      Welcome, Priya!  I'm a new member here, too, but already, I like the place.  I am 65 and live in Nova Scotia.
    • KathyLauren
      I totally relate to this.  There is a group of us in the general area that get together from time to time just to socialize.  Typically, we meet at a restaurant for dinner, though we have done other events too.  It is great to meet up with others who understand our journey, even if it is not in a "support" capacity.
    • Kate Carter
      I don’t even want to think how much I’ve blown on wigs over the years,  definitely know what DOESN’T work for me after all that.     Fit is everything,  I’ve gotten some horrible headaches and scalp/forehead blisters from poorly fit wigs worn for days in end. Definitely worse than suffering a few hours for cute shoes!
    • A. Dillon
      Oh my god, exactly! I wanted to join the navy, just like my dad and my grandpa did, as I felt that it was my duty as the only son (in my mind, I often called myself his son because being his daughter just felt wrong, like a word you just can't pronounce right.)   Also, yes it makes me feel way better. It feels less like a just me problem when I can hear your perspectives. It is sometimes hard for me to understand how someone could be born in a body and be comfortable with it, or just ever be happy in their body ever. However, interacting with post- op trans people gives me hope that I could get there someday.  
    • Aidan5
      I actually recently met a trans military man and I just couldn't stop being amazed, you seriously couldn't tell he was trans and I wouldn't have known if he didn't talk to me. I am kinda jealous because I wanted to join the Navy when I was little, just like my dad.    I was so glad I had that experience because he was so cool, I feel like a child now haha    I have had nothing but good times with fellow trans folks
    • Aidan5
      Pfft I loved watching Avatar growing up!! I might just have to re-watch it. Still remember Sokka because he was my favorite charater at the time
    • Aidan5
      Of course I did! I am very grateful for everything she does for me, we just have a bumpy relationship. Also thank you!   Family is important to me and I want them to know I am still the same person, just a few words changed
    • MetaLicious
      I intended to post this very thought.  What really unites everyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella is simply not being cis-het.
    • Krisvm
      Thank you all these are lovely to hear. I don't really know any Trans people in real life (only a former therapist) so I just get this joy from doing it online.   Hopefully can find a way to meet more trans people locally. The nearest support group is 20 miles away and I don't drive and keep looking out for events but haven't found any yet that aren't for people under 21.
    • Astrid
      One of my most favorite experiences was working on a campaign for trans rights over six months, surrounded and supported by so many other trans people. It was so affirming!
    • ToniTone
      Thank you hun, I will 💕 
    • Susan R
      Good point, Vicky.  Compared to entertaining guests or having family over, being among fellow trans folk is very peaceful.  It feels very much like just another family.
    • VickySGV
      Getting immersed in a large group of Trans people like yourself for a while, like you can do at a convention, can really give you a shock when you get back into Cis people areas.   I have a "chosen family" group of Trans people that I meet with at least once a week and as hectic and active as the meet ups go while they are going on they are a place I can totally let my guard down, and I end up feeling rested and much more real even being transitioned as long as I have. 
    • Susan R
      Be sure to thank your stepmom...nothing like a little family affirmation to start your day...lookin good, btw.   Susan R🌷
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