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Guest Nawat

Living Two-Spirit?

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DaHudie Biz
On 2/18/2011 at 10:52 PM, Guest Nawat said:

I was wondering if anyone has been actively trying to live what is suggested by the English translation, "Two Spirit"? Is there a way you have found to balance the male and female spirits and be happy? I'm new and still exploring the forums, but there is so much talk about transitioning it seems that no one wants to live in the body they have and use their two genders together... Is that because the only reason I think it might be possible because I haven't spent enough time thinking about who I am and how I want to live my life? Or is it possible to live both?

The simple answer is yes, but you have to have the strength to chose which bathroom you are going to use. Otherwise, the four rights .apply: the right to self a determination, the right to self-awareness, the right to self-advocacy, and the right to self-care. These are your rights as a person.

Still don't forget the three responsibilities. Visibility, accountability, and authenticity are your promises to the world. People will only believe if you don't violate those rules because they have to obey the former rules themselves.

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I find this interesting in many ways as very few, if any, people can say, genetically,  they are racially pure to one particular race and culture and it is becoming very aparent these days that people are similarly somewhere on the gender spectrum, not 100% male or female.

From this my simplified suggestion is that maybe someone who is 'two spirit' is in actuality 'multi spirited' - relaxed and at one with people and life!


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Jennifer T
On March 12, 2017 at 8:35 AM, Squallsong said:


Many tribes were matrilineal (men joined their wife's "tribe") and many European men had Native wives (which began Metis culture).  Some of your verbal histories may help uncover this.


Indeed! The Cherokee were Matrilineal. It is though a grandmother from whom my ancestry came.  But in speaking with a relative this weekend, I think I might have uncovered the disconnect. I will dig deeper. 

I agree with pretty much all you've said here. And I am who I am. 


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Kalie Jael

          The first time I heard this term was when during a Cherokee new years ceremony I told the shaman and his wife I was Trans-gender. It was a great moment fore they immediately smiled and said you feel with two spirits. Now, I will admit I was a little perplexed at first having been raised in a christian environment and all. Where we are taught about the one spirit we have. The concept was truly alien to me.

           They sat me down and explained that the was that I feel the side that was born male as well as the side(the greater side) that called for the woman in me. He said it also explained the balance of me being able to bounce between fantasy and reality, felt great night or day, and God and Goddess. They said I sat at the precipice of two worlds as it were.I kinda liked that and I was more able to reconcile the feelings I was having.

             I love night and day, wolves and dragons  etc.. I am now able to draw on that feeling and manifest it into a more positive me. It has made a tremendous difference in my life.


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    • VickySGV
      I did check out the site and it is an idea worth trying once at least.  I am spoiled living where I do I admit.     You are a bit out of town.  Actually Dress Barn & Lane Bryant have online catalogs as well with good delivery.  I have done some travel in Montana looking for family history.  My mother was born in a small town in SE Montana just north of the Crow Indian Reservation.      I am serious about this point of ordering two of the same in different sizes.  Good luck on your finds. 
    • Adaline
      Dear Kymmiel,   From my experience, most people are not that observant.  I was outed at my last job, not because of what I was wearing or doing, but because of my internet search’s on the company computer.  I had been wearing a bra, at times a corset, carrying a purse (kind of a gender neutral one but still a purse) growing my nails longer, and even polishing my nails with a clear coat and still everyone was surprised when I was outed.      I’m thinking that if your wife doesn’t know I’m not sure if a coworker would know.  In any event, it would be best to tell your wife before someone else does.  Believe me, it’s not the easiest conversation as it is, but when you are helping her understand, while at the same time conducting damage control with friends and employers, it really adds to the stress on the relationship.   i have not come out in my new job, but again I’m super surprised that others hove not noticed. Like before, I’m doing many of the same things (except I’m careful with the internet) and even more.  I’m 6 months on HRT and some of the changes are getting really noticeable.   I think my manager may suspect but I thought that in the past.  Part of me really hopes that others will notice, I hate having to hide my true self and wear the boy mask, but it’s important that I do it right and that means talking to HR first.  My company doesn’t have a specific policy on trans personal but they pride themselves on their open and diverse work environment.  This would be a chance for them to showcase their acceptance.  The big hang up is that I work around children and parents are not as open minded.      You are on the right track by talking to a therapist. They will help you sort some of this out and prepare you for the next step.   Hugs  Adaline
    • Kirsten
      I used the stitch fix for a while. I really liked that service. But it was 20 dollars a month. You get 5 pieces and send back what you don’t want. It’s a lot of really nice high quality clothes and accessories. mostly from fancy boutiques so they tend to come with a price tag. But most of my favorite pieces are from that service. The amazon wardrobe seems similar. Probably more affordable. But they have a lot of crap too. It could be worth a try though. 
    • Rowan
      Vicki, the Amazon wardrobe is a new program where you pick out a bunch of clothes to fill a box. Then, they send you the clothes to try on. You get 7 days to decide what you like, and what you want to send back. They send a return box with a pre paid return label with the clothes, and you only pay for what you keep. This seems especially convenient for me since all of those stores that you mentioned are about 250 miles away from where I live. 
    • Rachael
      As others have said wear what makes you happy. Others do not matter. Be happy.💃
    • rufnear
    • rufnear
      Ok, found TransPulse server..lol (don't laugh :P)  but am trying to complete #verification I see where it has a green check mark or Red X to agree or disagree but the text I put box does not work.
    • rufnear
      I can't find anyone on Discord let alone a TransPulse live chat community.  I set up an account on my iPad using browser and downloaded the app too but both look empty.  I thought I had searched for TransPulse Channel but 0 channels by that name were found. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • VickySGV
      Caveat Emptor -- LET THE BUYER BEWARE   I am long out, and kind of old, but to me nothing beats in-store try-ons.  I found out there were several of the mid-size chains that are gender friendly and have more private, gender neutral changing rooms.  Lane Bryant, and Dress Barn are two that deal with larger women and are very pleasant to us, and tend to have sales personnel who are very helpful, and who do know how to suggest clothing.  The Dillard's and Hot Topic stores are also great at helping us, and keep an eye on the teenage crowd that can be mouthy, but I never have had problems with them.   If you do use the Amazon thing, get two of the same garment one size apart (ie 22 and 24 slacks -- [ok, I am big]) which is what I take into the try-on rooms.  For dresses use the size of your slacks and skirts, also two sizes at a time. 
    • JMG
      Thank you for the responses! What  I should say is that I have developed a sexual desire to my male body, but when my female sides came out, I get in a frustration mood that the dislike of my make body prevents what I usually do sometimes  sexually. Until I finally can come to a care therapist, there is a waiting time of 1-2 years in my  country, I need a temporary solution to feel the lust for this body and still dress female in other aspects of life. There is no way I would run at datings, I don't feel comfortable with another person at this stage.
    • Rowan
      Right?!? I can't tell you how many things I have bought on Amazon that didn't fit right, or just wasn't what I imagined. 
    • Dakota16
      I haven't heard of this until now, but it looks like an awesome service! I'm still trying to develop my style as well
    • Kirsten
      Lol. The “auntie” thing is still so weird to me. My nieces and nephews have been great about it but it’s weird. Almost as weird as when my son accidentally calls me mom. 🤦🏻‍♀️  Haha my wife cringes just a tad when she hears it. Cause I can be whomever I want but I am not mom. She is. And I 100% agree. But that aunty is funny. I think it’s more that I had never really thought about it before.    Jani i I do hope so too. It’s never anything bad persay but it is something. It’s little things that cause her some angst more than upset her. But I really hope it all smooths out. I hate when it does cause her any issue. Her happiness is just as important as mine. And it’s so much better if it can be with me than not. At least for me. Lol. Time time time.  Thanks.  Kirsten 
    • Kirsten
      Julie you could be right. And people have always told me I am very approachable as well. But I’d say almost 3/4 of the time I’m not the one that starts the convos.  Actually the best part of the ladies rooms so far is I’m usually alone in there. But I’m mostly in the restroom the last couple weeks at work. And we are a predominently male company in my area at least. But I’m quickly getting over the fears. There isn’t much to really be scared of. Just be yourself wherever you are. It’ll all go fine. 
    • Alice
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