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Guest Nolan

subtle clothing and makeup changes for ftms?

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Guest Nolan

I am a closeted ftm, but i really want to start wearning mens clothes. I dont want to come off too strong yet though, what are some things i could try to give me a bit of masculine flare without going too far? Oh and some makeup suggestions would be nice since my mom gets upset whenever i dont wear it, any suggestions on how i could get around that as well?

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As far as makeup, have you talked to your mom about why she insists you wear it? I can remember getting into arguments with my dad over shaving my legs as a kid; he considered it necessary for hygeine as a female, which is bollocks but eventually I found that if I just shaved my lower legs and armpits he'd leave me alone.

Going for unisex clothes like jeans and T-shirts won't stand out much.

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Guest CariadsCarrot

I think finding out why your mother has a problem with you not wearing make up is a good idea.

I don't know what kind of make up you wear now but could you go for the 'nude look' kinda thing? (although I never worked out why people spend ages putting on make up to achieve looking like they aren't wearing make up lol. In your case it might be an idea though) Maybe a unisex kinda hairstyle too?

These days a lot of clothes are quite unisex too. Jeans, t-shirts or button down shirts, hoodies (I don't know your age so I don't know what is age apropriate).

Maybe looking up some famous people with an more androgynous style could help and see if you could incoporate any of that into your look gradually to get people used to you looking less female.

Good luck.


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Guest Mittens_kittens

Gabe and Ravin have some good ideas.

My son is an FTM, and I also would get upset when he started not wearing makeup. I thought he just wasn't caring about how he looked because he also started wearing baggier clothes at the same time. Since you said you're a closeted FTM, I assume your mom doesn't know you're TG? If that's the case, she's probably confused about why you're trying to look different.

Even after I knew Kael was trying to present as male, it made me sad to see him without makeup because it reminded me of the daughter I was losing. I would suggest making changes to your appearance slowly and gradually. If you use eyeliner, make the line thinner, or go to just mascara. Put everything on lighter and more natural. If you do it gradual enough, she may not even notice the changes. It's the obvious, sudden changes that get people excited.

As for clothes, my son wore jeans, black t-shirts with some sort of picture or words on the front and Converse or DC sneakers almost every day for a over a year. When he wore a colored t-shirt it was a real treat. :)


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Guest CLAIRE100

May i suggest men's polo shirts, oxford cloth shirts aswell as mens khaki pants, I have started using them but in the women's styles, and no one seems to notice because the differences are so subtle .With shoes I would recommend running shoes, boat shoes, and penny loafers all are masculine yet women ware them. all the other suggestions passed on in the other posts are excellent aswell.

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Male or female, there is a skin care routine for each. Assuring your mom that you are taking care of your skin, and letting her see that part, and she may lay off the obvious color additions or subtractions. As MK says, the big worry is that you are not taking care of yourself physically, you don't have to do that to become a guy!!

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Guest Damond

if she really insists on make up, "guyliner". It's just eyeliner on the bottom, behind the eyelashes. Generally it wears off very easily in that area. Put it on in the morning, she sees it, go out, and wipe it off in three seconds. If you have to foundation, as that should blend into your skin to begin with.

Buying guys clothing doesn't mean that everyone will think you're trying to be a guy, though it can give some different impressions. Generally masculine girls can get away with it, or if we want to go by stereotypes, lesbians or butch girls.

If not that still, loose clothing. Girls tend to wear a lot more form fitting stuff. Maybe buy jeans a little too big so they aren't so tight in the legs and wear a belt. A guy's t-shirt isn't too obvious to wear as a t-shirt is really gender neutral to begin with, until you get down to colors/tightness.

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