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Hormone doctor ?

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Hello everyone

I'm def new to this do have no idea of what I'm doing is right so please forgive me. I live in San Antonio Texas and have been searching for a doctor who will help me with hormone therapy. It has been so hard a few endocrinologist I have contacted make it seem almost as if they've never heard the term transsexual. It has been so hard and I do have united health care but no help eater all just gives me lists of doctors and I need to call and find out please if anyone can point me in the right direction I would so greatly appreciate it :)

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This link might help you get in contact with the LGBT community down there in San Antonio...information like who are the doctors willing to help with HRT are usually known to at least someone involved in "Pride". That's how I found a doctor who was willing to work with me on HRT.

Good luck hon, I hope you are able to find what you are looking for :)


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Hello, Seleste, and welcome to the Playground.

Our TG friendly endo list only has one in Texas, and that's in Houston, not exactly next door. I did a Google search and came up with this list for Houston:

My suggestion is to call one of these docs, and see if their office knows of someone in your area. If not, try the SA LGBT Center, or a gender therapy clinic, or, assuming you have a gender therapist, ask them. Now, if you don't, it may be very difficult to find an endo or other doctor who will do HRT without a referral letter.

It sounds like you really are lacking in some basic information about the process of transition and what all is involved. If that is the case, this site might help a lot:

It's got tons of good information laid out in clear order and their information is very reliable. Of course, our own forums are outstanding, but they do require more searching than the Road Map site.

When you get around to it, please post an introduction in the, what else, Introductions Forum. Thanks, and good luck.


Carolyn Marie

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The usual process requires you to get an HRT referral letter from a trained gender therapist first. The gender therapist will act as your guide and advocate, as well as help you with figuring out the details of your gender issues. Being trans is NOT a one-size-fits-all diagnosis, there are a lot of possible variations between individuals and the proper course of treatment varies widely from case to case...

Look at the TSRoadmap link Carolyn posted, the details are many, and each is VERY important. Take your time, you are already on your way now, seek the BEST answers for YOU, that is the way to go...

Love and courage, Svenna

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Many general practioners and OB/Gyns also can provide HRT. An endocrinologist is ideal, but it's not required either.

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