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Guest Elizabeth1974


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Guest Elizabeth1974

Inspired by lily rose


Shipmates a family

together we fight our ship.

Separate and the ship fights us.

Shipmates a family

On the ship we may disagree

On liberty no family is tighter.

Shipmates a family

Brothers and sisters standing together.

Together we will stand tell Davy Jones takes us down.

Shipmates a family

From before Trafalgar and Nelson

Midway and Nimitz

Through today our shipmates bring us through.

Storm or battle it okay your shipmate has your back.

Shipmates a family.

So shipmate know this that intel we meet in Davy's locker

I will stand proud and tall beside you

I will call you my brother or sister and defend you as such.

Shipmates a family.

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Thanks there Matey! I am headed for the crow's nest to hide out, so I don't have to row for a while. Giggle. Great poem. Hug. JodyAnn

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Guest LilyRose

First of all, I am blushing! I am so red that cherries look pale, hehehe. Thanks so much sweetie! :wub: I am very honored and proud that you wrote this after being inspired by me.

Secondly, we come from all over the place and you accurately describe that. I wish I was in San Diego, lol, much nicer than Indiana. It doesn't matter what our origins are, we are bound together by our fate. Here at Laura's, we love and accept everyone. What a wonderful family we have!

:goodjob: Love the poem too!

Hugs a ton!
Lily Rose

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Thanks dear. While i was never in the navy my brother served through Vietnam and my father in law was a captain in the merchant marine. I have to think the poem includes all of us in this ship of fools. I'll stay below and cook up some grub as Jody swings aloft in the rigging looking for icebergs. Good thing Lilly and you have a clue about the ships workings. Hopefully we'll find a ship's poet. Oh yes i forgot ....we have. Thanks



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Guest Rebecca A

We reach through the ages, find commonality, band together and rise up. we are stronger as shipmates then we are apart, just know this continues to be true even after we find our liberation, together we succeed, divided we are conquered. :: hugs :: always good to have people who have your back, knowing they are out there just makes it a little easier knowing there are many people fighting your same battles, you are not alone.

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Guest miss kindheart

Nice poem Elizabeth,

<<< hug >>>


:wub: vanna

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    • Emily michelle
      I usually find my clothes at old navy or maurices. I pretty much only wear old navy jeans. Kohl’s is another good place.
    • KathyLauren
      I am one of those who react strongly to perfumes.  Sometimes, it's like getting hit in the face, ans some products can cause my eyes and sinuses to burn.    I always try to use unscented products if I can, and I don't use perfume.  With more and more places going scent-free, I can't justify using it.
    • Mx.Drago
      I have a very sensetive nose, can't even enter some perfume sections cuz it just hurts. Would have to evac sometimes from bus or train cuz somebody was extra generous. So normally just don't apply perfume, except for this one lotus oil perfume. Absolutely love it, but it's supposedly really strong, but no matter how little I use my partner can't stand it. Tells me he can smell it from across the room. So now I just use it to calm my nerves. Can't wear perfume otherwise.
    • Emily michelle
      Once I do get to that point I will have it in a ponytail tucked under my hard hat just because my chances of it getting caught on something are very high. I won’t even wear my wedding ring because I have seen what it does to fingers if it gets caught.
    • Erikka
      For jeans I buy tall boot cut from Old Navy (I’m 6’ 2”) . They go on sale pretty often and you can get them for under $20. They also have some of their tops in tall sizes. My wardrobe has mostly Old Navy.
    • Erikka
      For many years I wore my hair down as far as the top of my hips. At work (sawmill) it had to be in a pony tail and under my hard hat. Got a lot of grief about being a hippie and then with pierced ears they could only whisper behind my back  because by the time I had both ears pieced the company had quite a few women and one openly gay guy and HR was on their ass about sexual harassment suits. So it was policed pretty well.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I got the job. I start 6/29.   Amazing day for sure.  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Thank you ladies.  It means a lot.  ❤️
    • KymmieL
      Patti Ann, and Shawna love the new pictures. now I know who to look out for when you move. My bike is a 2015 Harley Street Glide.   So, Shawna. How did the interview go?   Kymmie
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      Long busy day,made money today including a new customer.Had a transmission repair shop owner flag me down to come stop at his shop and did.A couple of his employees and himself were impressed with me with my great service and knowledge of the tools I sell.Saw my tool truck was well stocked.They did buy from me and told them I will be stopping by more.An order from QVC came in today,new clothing for Mika and was excited it came in
    • VickySGV
      Very nice.
    • Just Lee
      Yes, without a doubt, you're a great looking blonde and it goes beautifully with your complexion. 
    • Emily michelle
      I love the look. I really like your makeup I wish I was that good.
    • Emily michelle
      Well to update this my boss came up to me this afternoon and I need to cut my hair because I look “fagish” whatever that means. He said he can deal with it as long as I wear a hat or my hard hat.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Oh I do not take offense and I read through all of what you had wrote and found it very interesting.  I was just saying I did not follow it at this time as I am an impatient person and frankly I am also a tad overwhelmed in my own life with recent events unfolding extremely fast. I certainly appreciate you doing this as it can be a very helpful process for many of us.   Tori I do not understand this.  I do not feel what I had said falls into a brain dysphoria.  Perhaps it does and I do not realize it.  I'm always open for opinions and positive criticism. 
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