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The Mountain's Call

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I refered to this "epic" poem that i began over 40 years ago in this post http://www.lauras-playground.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61741&hl= that I made last month. Since then a couple of you have asked me to share it by PM, which I have done, and you have asked me to share it with the whole membership. This is a symbolic story of my life I offer it to yours --

The Mountain’s Call

Begun 1972 by R. Martin <ln> Completed 09/06/2011 by Vicky

I can even now recall the

day the mountain spoke to me.

Without a voice to which my ear

was tuned, still came the one word “come”.

Silently I hoisted my burden to my back

and placed my feet upon the path.

Ahead I looked and saw the

ramparts gray and sinister.

From off a snow-locked couloir

blew a wind as cold as forewarned death,

And the mighty chorus of Silence

and aloneness rang out a thunderous “Amen”.

No sooner though than dust first

rose from beneath my feet,

The stillness was shattered by a voice

soft and gentle-loud upon my dreams.

“Where go you my son? How

choose you this route of life?”

“I do not choose of my own, for to me

the mountain said ‘Come!’” I replied.

“So it always shall be” said the voice

as I turned to face its source.

Before me stood another such as I,

but one who started before I was.

He was bronzed and burned, dirty of

hand and immaculate of heart.

Gaunt and full, hungry,

but well fed by life.

As I looked deep within his eyes

I saw straight-forward to his heart.

A heart mighty and ongoing,

a tabernacle to a faith of child-like mien.

To me there was no doubt of

the burdens he had known and borne.

For each had left its mark

full upon his face.

Yet not at all could I divine a mark

of malice for those who had placed the burdens.

Nor, I then knew would there

ever be such scars upon him.

How old he was in years could not be known

but he was young as the ancient often are.

“Stop my son” said he. “Here, while you are

not yet too far from the cross road.”

“Look carefully, before you commit your

life, before you cannot go back.

The path ahead is not for all men

only for the mountain’s own

And those who would trespass recklessly

and heedlessly shall pay in blood.

Look back upon the path you did not take

and see what all you forsake.

As here you tread, you forsake a road

wide, easy and well-traveled.

You forsake the ready comfort of

fellow men frequent upon your path.

You forsake an easy grade and

mild and forceless storm.

Never shall your heart be tried

or lungs hot-burned and breathless.”

“Why” then said I, “do I hear a moan

and cry from those beside that path?

What shall become of those who lay

beside it in the stinking filth and slime?”

“Oh” said he, “they shall rise and walk

a ways before they fall again.

Always it has been that they shall fall

and moan and then be answered by the same.”

“Why then” asked I “should I not take

this road and forego the stink and moans?”

Slowly and then with force and speed

he turned and spoke to me.

“On this road you shall not moan,

instead you will cry out to un-answering silence.

Never shall your cries be answered,

even until your agony rings within your soul.

You shall not smell the odor

of the slime of the world

But the stench of the corruption within your

own soul shall be ever in the very winds about you.”

“I do not choose of my own, for to me

the mountain said ‘Come!’” I replied again.

“I would know why you then travel

this route, and have for your own ages.

I would know why I have seen

the ones beside the “easy trail” as I have.”

“To both” he replied “is one the same

answer for all time.

The mountain calls her own

and gives sight of what really is for all men.

For the mountain opens the sight

of those she calls to life upon her bosom.

You have seen the wayfaring of those upon

the easy path as it is, just as I too have seen.

But as you shall find here the reality

of those who truly see is in truth more harsh.

For to us who have been called

is the waking of those who live within dream.” To 09/06/2011

So for us good sir, I replied, reality as harsh as the

stones beneath our feet must be our lot and hope?

“Yeah, stones indeed, stones not yet broken free from

our pathways crust and seemingly impassible to

Those who would see us from afar, but needful footing to our

forward travel if we keep true to our lives ahead.”

True lives ahead? Asked I, “then I do not now know the truth

of my own life now and cannot keep un-truth?

“It is so,” he replied to me, “your life now is an untruth that must

be remade and retold to venture forward on your call.

In the silence of the path ahead you will forget the un truths told

by those who cannot and will not take this trail

You will hold yourself open to the elements that can remake you

And nurture you even in the harshest challenge it can give.

Neither soul or body will remain un-changed with your answer to

The call of the Mountain, but you will reach its summit

Showing forth a reality unknown before to those who would hold

you back from the journey and keep you ever as they would

Bind you in their reality of the common easy trail that would

in its time have lead you to your spirit’s death”

At that, he left me, leaving me to love and fear the road ahead

A road that would reshape body and spirit and would

In the days ahead lead me to a summit reachable only by those who

hear a call within themselves to a path they alone must take

To a destiny that is the reality of their lives and not to a destiny that is

pre-ordained by others for others purposes and dreams.

So today once more I hoist my load and look forward to a summit of

My own reality and beauty that no other can ascend.

UNFINISHED 09/06/2011

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Thank you Vicky. One reading is certainly not enough. Once more in the morning when i'm fresh.



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Guest Brenda Hailey

Wow Vicky what an awesome Poem.

I tightly cinch the straps of my pack

"Never shall your cries be answered,

even until your agony rings within your soul."

Thats why I was ignored for so long!!!!

"As here you tread, you forsake a road

wide, easy and well-traveled.

You forsake the ready comfort of

fellow men frequent upon your path.

You forsake an easy grade and

mild and forceless storm."

The lure of such an easy path kin to the call of alcohol . Sublime in its promise,but lacking the fruit of truth,honesty,and vital experience of healed wounds.

"To a destiny that is the reality of their lives and not to a destiny that is

pre-ordained by others for others purposes and dreams.

So today once more I hoist my load and look forward to a summit of

My own reality and beauty that no other can ascend."

This summits reward... freedom!

Thanks for sharing Vicky it was certainly worth the wait to see finished such a fine understanding and portrayal of struggle, pain,and fortitude.

Brenda Hailey

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Guest miss kindheart

UNFINISHED 09/06/2011 :dunno:

Ended it me thinks you did :doh1:


:wub: vanna

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Vicky it took me a while to read it again. I am so glad i did and even more glad to share a path with people like you.



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    • Susan R
      Amelia Brightman is by far my favorite female vocalist.
    • Tori M
      Hi @Denisenj.  You're reminding me of my first few months of being out to the world.  Wow, yea, that was a LOT of work.  My partner could get ready for a gala dinner party in 40 minutes while it took me an hour just to get out the door to the store.  Irritated the heck out of her.  MANY hours learning makeup, removing hair, bad hair days, and exhausting shopping for very specific clothes that flattered me.  On top of that, more checks, touchups and adjustments throughout the day, plus operating as a woman in this world just takes more time than it does for men.  Unfortunately, decades of dressing occasionally in private did not prepare me for the reality of full-time womanhood plus the additional requirements of being a trans woman.  This is part of why I say that transition might be the hardest thing that anyone can ever do.  But, it does get easier and the hormones do reduce some of the excess work eventually.   Periods of doubt never go away.  Numerous times I wondered if I could really do all that stuff forever, but one day I thought to myself, "If I am really a woman then I should be able to persevere through anything."  That became my mantra to this day and it has carried me through all the difficulties.  Also, in my case my male dysphoria was bad enough to never want to go back.   Some things do reverse to some extent without hormones (done that), but once you have breasts they don't go away.  Don't give up on love though, it's not as unlikely as you think.  My late partner (that I met online) of 16 years was kind of Bi/Lesbian/Asexual and we were a match made in heaven.  Hang in there, girl!
    • Tori M
      16 years ago I was making a long drive every week.  I had several Madonna CD's in the car, her voice was in my range and thanks to incessant play on the radio I knew all the words, so I would sing Madonna tunes the whole 4-1/2 hr. trip there and then back a couple of days later.  Or until my voice gave out, lol.  It really helped, but I doubt I could do that today.
    • Abi
      It is ok to be scared and have doubts but, I wouldn't go shooting down your chances of finding happiness, too quickly. It is not easy to go through divorce and all the feelings that go with that. Add to that the complexity of trying to be seen by others in a way that makes you happy. It is so much to work through and so frustrating. I find, if I doubt myself ever and want to reassure my heart, I look back to how I felt long before the experiences of the ex. I also rely heavily on advice from many sources. Give yourself time to find the things that bring you joy. 💜
    • Cheyenne skye
      My list has a few more recent singers: In no particular order.    1 Amy Lee (Evanescence) 2 Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) 3 Pink 4 Tarja Turunen/ Floor Jansen     (Both have been the lead singer for the band Nightwish) 5 Ann Wilson  6 Pat Benatar 7 Joan Jett 8 Stevie Nicks 9 Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless) 10 Alyssa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy)
    • Abi
      This is a great thread idea @Shay !!!   1. Roberta Flack 2. Gloria Gaynor 3. Lisa "Left eye" Lopes 4. Janis Joplin 5. Tash Sultana 6. Aretha Franklin
    • Abi
      I am really sad any of us feel this way. I never liked the day much. I was just happy to have people that cared around. When I turned forty my ex went to a party instead of being with me. I was hurt and stunned but somehow felt like I really wasn't losing much at the same time. I had a great time taking my kids to dinner and movie. I say if people can't show us the appreciation we deserve, then they certainly don't deserve us. I never liked holidays that involved presents because the people always gave me stuff that I really couldn't relate to. I was cool with Transformers toys but, I liked Jem and The Holograms better. Who doesn't like a rockin' group of girls that are strong and willing to help save the day when troubles arise. Happy Day to all of us.  
    • Shay
      great...i forgot,Chrissie and she's from Cuyahoga Falls that is not far from me.   i akso forgot a kady whose niece worked where i worked and she said her aunt got all the vocal talent. .her name is   Pat Benetar
    • Dinaki
      Bengay will be my favorite fragrance 
    • Denisenj
    • Jani
      Chrissie Hynde Bonnie Raitt Cyndi Lauper
    • Shay
      i remember when i went through a divorce over 35 years ago and my wife at the time said she stopped loving me. I couldnt understand how that could be. I did talk,her into counselling with me and tried my hardest to stay together BUT i learned there is only one person you h!ve control over and how i controlled me was to go anorexic. i found a woman who loved me 10 years later and we have been married  almost 28 years. She has been with me through depession, panic attacks and gray market self medicatung hrt. i told her 2 weeks ago that all the different therapy,helped for a while but my dusphoria keeps roaring back. I also told her how much i love her and like most transgenderxpeople, i didnt ask for this and wouldnt be proxeeding if i could help it. She has not seen me enfemme but she is aware i start ifficial doxtor approved hrt possibly as soon as tomorrow. she says she is with me now but,ahe is not sure she could handle a full transition. all i can hope us her seeing how happy this decission is naking me but in the back of my mindxi also remember i have control of only one person. After anorexia it occurred to me that the second commandment says to love your neighbor as yourself. and i thoyght if you,cant love yourself then you cant give what you dont have  it was then that i started from the bottom and restored who u was and started treating myself better and now i xan love my neighbor as nyself. will our marriagexsurvive...one day at a time...for now it is going as well as can be expected but i am also aware as i move,forward we may not grow together and if we grow apartci still must see this through.  i kbow that was a short story made wide too long butxu hope it was some help and foe you,to know this forum has been a life saver for me abd thatxyou have uncinditional love here from your sisters. Mental Hug, Heather Shay
    • Cyndee
      sunny summer evening, cool breeze blows....
    • KymmieL
      Mindy, When I first came out to my she seemed to almost laugh it off. It was I know since I use female avatars in my games. Then last Halloween was the first time I have gone out as female. Everything was great until I got home. both my wife of 34 years and my 22 yr old son went at me. She says she will let me transition but she will divorce me. Says she married a man. I take it as she married a man not me. Lately every thing has been back to normal, like before I came out. I am transitioning ever so slowly. One day I will not be able to hide it anymore. I still hope that her love for me trumps her hatred for me. So, I totally know what you are going through. Hoping everything still works out for you both.   I feel that I am needing to be the one who leaves. I have been looking for positions out of state. Nothing yet. There is no way in Hell I could live here and not be with her. My love is that strong towards her. Yet she could not see loving me as Kymmie.   Kymmie
    • Shay
      i think i have been a little over zealous trying to feminize my face. It could very well epilating too much or new face cream but there are a couple areas that bubbled up a little and a few other bumps. i am treating it with lidocane and will back off for a few days then try each cream first ti,se if i am alegic and taje it sloer. i might be overstressing this male body with things it is not used to, like washing and moisrurizing daily.
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