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Guest Rashaad

So, I Wrote Poem or Something

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Guest Rashaad

Heyo! Long time, no post~

So, in a few weeks, it'd be a year since I started living as Rashaad. To honor it, I scrounged around my closet for some old drawings of myself- one's I drew in my teens of how I imagined myself looking when I was older. What I found was sketches of a melanchonly woman covered in tattoos. Well, guess I was right about one thing. Haha! I was planning on posting the drawing on twitter or something with a short caption about the anniversary but I somehow vomited a poem thingy. Definitely NOT gonna post the poem on social media but then I remembered: Hey, Laura's! They might care to read this and I really ought to share it, seeing as how I stayed up so late writing it! XD

So without further sleep deprived rambling, here's Dead Like:

If you had told the person who drew that lonely portrait of his future that one day he'll have the courage to stand up for himself, he wouldn't have believed you.

He was absolutely resigned. He was beautifully numbed, walking corpse of a woman behind a funeral veil- waking everyday having long been put to rest with a smear of a smirk across the rock he wore crushing the face beneath. Vice gripped, he wouldn't dare chance the tomb shadowing him for fear of burning up like frail dry leaves under the menacing glare of the sun and its people. It's a safe world for the dead- getting killed all too mortifying and true. Backwards resuscitation, couldn't choke discomfort into relief- adrift in stagnant water no matter how wildly he thrashed. Resigned to rhythmically drowning- secure and fast. Praying it'll be over the quicker he kicked.

God struck his arrogance- he didn't know death, not truly. Just the shades blurred by wallowing in cemeteries. With a hard hand, God forced his face towards a doom more real than the self-righteous mausoleum he built with his Father's gifts. And for the first time in his death, he feared for his life- a gift that could without hesitation be destroyed by it's giver. Destroyed more wholly than one man could possibly do himself.

He would tremble a baby's breath above the hole he dug himself and ask his Father for courage. Not without lingering trepidations, he would one day put one foot in of the other, agonizing over every slight step. Strip by strip, he would slip from the grave and away from the chase. And with the memory of God's mercy, he would start to live- Fear would be swept off like dust and replaced with an armor thicker than pride made of soil and a happiness harder to budge than ugly headstones with ugly names.

If you had to told him that, he wouldn't have believed you.

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First of al good to see you and secondly thanks for sharing. I'm glad your self portrait turned out wrong. I did an oil of myself burning years ago. It might be time to do a new one in a field of flowers.



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Jennifer T

Rashaad, I love what you've written here! Funny what we say and do in our youth not knowing what it may portend. This is one if several self portraits I drew as a child. People would ask me who the drawings were of. I'd simply reply that they are in my imagination.

I hoped then, beyond hope.

Thank you for sharing this poetry from your youth!

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    • KathyLauren
      Congratulations, @ShawnaLeigh on the new job!  And good luck to the both of you.  It is exciting!
    • Just Lee
      Hi Shawna, These exercises were an answer to a request to tap into a feminine way of using your senses. It is in no way, a critique of who or what a person is nor does it make a person more or less female. Men are more than welcome to use these gentle ways of tapping fully into your senses in the most acutely personal way. Please take no offense as I cast no aspersions on anyone who did or did not participate. Tori asked, and I volunteered, that is all.    Tori, using both your index and middle fingers are actually something that both men and women do. These exercise are to help you attune to your senses. They won't make a man into a woman, but they encourage a womanly way of attuning and paying attention to the more feminine side of your instincts and senses. I think, on seeing the sudden reaction here now, we should keep these in messages so no one gets upset.    Yes driving styles are very distinctive! My ex used to be a pizza delivery driver and slammed that shift into oblivion! I got her a 76 dodge charger with a solid slant six engine. She CRACKED it in 6 months and she's a lead foot to this day. Her mother drove VERY much like a little old lady all her life. My brother Jr. was also a delivery driver (i was a dispatcher so nepotism I know lol) and he was the best driver I'll ever know. He could get any engine to purr, made a stick shift sing in even in low gear and could fix almost anything with any car. He'd drive fast, but well and-just like my dad. I'm a savage driver and to be brutally honest, my choice vehicle would be a dune buggy with a roll cage... 
    • Tori M
    • Mia Marie
      I wear sport bras to work and I do have a couple of racer backs with no underwire or extra support that feel good. When I get larger girls I will look for better support bras. I think this was the better way to feel fem without the discomfort.
    • Tori M
      Wow, what great news!  A great new job, a "new" household in Oregon and an easy cruise (not, lol) across the country.  It will be a busy busy month for you two, but so wonderful you don't have to wait longer to be together.  Am so happy for you!   We paid movers to bring our family out here from VA, but we drove our vehicles and an RV which housed all our pets at the time (3 dogs, 2 birds, 1 cat and a rabbit).  We took it slow, driving about 7-8 hours a day (plus one breakdown day).  It took us 9 days!  The November headwinds in WY had that RV down to 40 mph climbing the Rockies.  I'll never forget that expedition.  Saw some beautiful landscapes that I want to visit with some time to explore someday.   Now don't you two be blowing up any gasoline tankers along the way! lol   Tori
    • Mmindy
      Congratulations Shawna,   I'm so happy for you and @Patti Anne   Hugs,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • VickySGV
      I missed the minor point there. Sorry.  If your parents are receptive it is no problem, but they are the petitioners for your name change.  If they are not receptive have it done through an attorney or LGBTQ center.  I have been a professional employee in the CA Law system and have seen the problems happen where you will need their help. 
    • Tori M
      That's what I've done and you're right, it helps.  I used to focus solely on my body being wrong, what I thought of as body dysphoria.  HRT gave me congruency in my head and I worried far less about the body issue.  Now, without hormones, I've lost some of that congruency and the body dysphoria has returned somewhat, but I now understand (I think) that my brain has a dysphoric problem that needs attention.  I need some E to rewire it back to the way it was.  From one angle it seems like I've gotten it all twisted around, but somehow it makes sense to me.  I think.  Like they say, this is all a process... a journey not a destination.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Yes the phone interview went well to say the least.  It helps being a veteran when your being hired by a disabled vet owner and everyone in the company is a vet as well.  His bread a butter is government contracts and hiring me evaluates his companies status to include LBGT compliant too.  I just got a $15K per year raise same vacation and a much shorter commute time to work. The timing is a bit overwhelming and I am feeling a ton of nervous anxiety this morning as I am truly not all wrapped up in VT, but I have always seized opportunity when it is presented so I had to jump.  I'm thankful to @Patti Anne and all her support and love and I am very excited that our life together is starting sooner then later. Also a big shout out to our newest friend @Tori M who lives fairly close to us in Oregon and is excited for us to get back there.  Its nice to have a new friend in place when moving across country.   Though honestly I have no intentions of driving my stuff off a cliff so.......  No to Thelma and Louise!   More to come shortly.   I have a phone therapy session in a few minutes so I have to close for now.  
    • Emily michelle
      Congrats that’s awesome. I’m glad you two will be together sooner than later.
    • RobynNYC
      Yesterday we were out and in our area we are still wearing masks.  I was also wearing goggles.  My hair has gotten longer and my upper body has atrophied a bit and looking at myself in the mirror, I was like omg I so come off as female.  I’m not pursuing social transition at this point so I’m (trying to?) present male.   It’s something I’ve had to put a lot of effort into over the course of my life.  Anyway yesterday I totally got the sense I was coming off more female.  The longer hair, the body language I have always had a tougher time controlling and the mask just all combined together.     🙎🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
    • RobynNYC
      This this this this!!!  For me I have always had more of a female brain, and that’s been really confusing.  I didn’t really get that is was gender dysphoria until later in life but viewing this through the prism of having a female brain (as opposed to being trapped in a man’s body) has made it so much easier for me to process.  
    • Jackie C.
      Be wary of cliffs. 😋   Congratulations for the both of you! This is a big step and I wish you nothing but luck and happiness!   Hugs!
    • Carolyn Marie
      Duplicate post.   Carolyn
    • Patti Anne
      OOPs... misposted
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