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I don't know what to do!

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Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to be a girl. But I lived in a Christian home and was never allowed to be. So ever since I can remember I'd try to do it in secret. Having the neighbor girls paint my nails, taking my cousins' clothes, dressing up in my aunts' dresses, cutting some of my sweats into short shorts. But when my parents would find the "feminine products" they would throw them away. No matter what I said they ended up in the garbage. Then when I was a little older I would hang out at my friend's house and dress up there.

Hi, my name is Ellie but my birth name is Will. I sometimes go by the name Poptart because it is bisexual. My problem is: my parents do not approve of me being Ellie. I told my mom that if I get the money, I'm going to have a sex change operation. I told her that she would then have to call me Ellie and she refused. So my whole life I never had an ounce of estrogen. But also being raised in a Christian household, my mind is all mixed up. One half is telling me this is wrong and I should just forget it. But Ellie is dying to get out and spread her wings. So now I'm stuck in this disgusting male body. Stuck looking in the mirror and seeing an ugly boy face instead of who I really am.

The other day I was at Walmart to get some jeans and decided to try on some dresses and short shorts. But when I put them on, I looked in the mirror and i looked disgusting. I don't know what to do. I don't have the money for estrogen and I don't have the money for a sex change. I just want to be who I really am! And I can't do that because I have this stupid male body. I am literally in tears right now just trying to type this up. I just don't know what to do anymore. I would just forget about becoming Ellie but I mentally and emotionally can't. But how can I dress up and actually look like a girl? I need help!

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I belong to, and am a fully accepted and included member of a Christian denomination, although I admit that there are others churches who do not want to be identified on the same phone book page with us. My spiritual life has been important in my complete journey to where I am today. Seek your own spiritual home, because they do exist and where you will be loved and cherished.

You have not given your birth date on your profile yet, but I sense you are still pretty young, and I cannot give you much hope for changing your parent's point of view in the short run. It may even be most advisable for now to just drop the subject with them, their minds are made up, and they will not be receptive to the facts. I know that advice hurts, but it can save much deeper hurt if your parents oppose you or try to send you to people to "cure you of being Trans*" which does not work and can be devastating. If you develop problems dealing with school work, or depression, approach those as your reasons for counseling by legitimate therapists. When you become old enough to be on your own (5 years seems impossible to a teenager I know) then it may be necessary to go against what your parents believe to keep your life together. We can only pray that in time they will come to accept you. Be assured though that there are many other people like you who can and will become a new family to you.

We are here to support you even if you cannot find support in other places, and you will get some relief from being accepted as Ellie here, which you are. If you need to "talk" to someone in Chat, please go there and register as well. They are a great group. Very much welcome to the Playground here.

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Guest April Kristie

Ellie, welcome to the playground, Vicky is right once you are eighteen, you can start living your life for you. Do not let any imagined guilt get the better of you. As you grow you will know what is right for you. Life is constant change and evolution as you grow up and mature. In the mean time there are hundreds of posts to read here, learn about others journeys. All the best to you Ellie!

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Guest Razilee

My parents (mother practicing Catholic, father not) didn't discover my secret life until I was over 18, because I kept it secret. It hasn't gone away but the dysphoria has ebbed and waned through the many years since.

:wub: Love, Raz

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    • Cyndee
      Gratitude, a lovely expression
    • Cyndee
      me 2     I love frisbee Dee, and also keep several discs here. Nothing as fun as frisbee disc tossing with friends at the beach, a lovely pastime. I'll gladly toss it with you sometime   Hugs   Cyndee    
    • Ms Maddie
      How many times have I been in my knees, begging God to fix me and everything??  Begging.   Five hundred?   How many times have I cursed God, thrown vile swear words at Jesus, God, whoever for not fixing me and the world?,( in my timing and in ways that I could see it) Fifty?   How many times have I asked the name of Jesus, God, and angels to save me and keep my eternal soul? Five?   I love angels and they love me! Sometimes they show this love by interfering.   Do I believe? I say yes, but I must try to do so at times.   Praise the Lord for making me a girl that is becoming a woman!!
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      I blinked...
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      Why do I see through these eyes What dare I stand witness being Will these lessons return Was it worth this pain The endless cycle of suffering Paying the Riverman to cross Might as well just be swimming For I'm already drowning So much can be done And all will pass A student and child Stuck till the light sets at last.          
    •  Kylie
      @Susan R pain levels are very stable. I have been getting these ‘jolts’ Of my nerves waking back up, those have been interesting.  Earlier this afternoon I was experiencing a pretty satisfying tingle and that actually turned out to be the packing trying to come out. It has been the weirdest pain yet .   I can’t wait to experience the new exciting sensations to learn how my body is recovering. I do know that I’ve been luck with almost minimal swelling and only bruising noted to my ‘taint’ area. Currently, just laying in the hotel bed catching up on 90 Day Fiancé with my best friend. Debating a nice Benadryl and Tylenol cocktail later for sleep!  Any questions you can think of, I don’t mind trying to answer based off of my personal experiences! Kylie
    • Susan R
      Good to hear Kylie. Have the pain levels stabilized? Are there any instances where you think, Oh what was that?   I appreciate these updates very much.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • DeeDee
      I love this thread, but found it harder to answer than I thought Shay. Possibly because over the years my ex made me choose between my passions and her, and I always chose her. 😨   My biggest passion first and foremost is for my kids and family. 💖 My children are amazing and I love them to bits. I also have 4 sisters fairly close in age and regularly think we are unknowingly starring in some unscripted black comedy due to the almost constant drama in our lives.   Outside of that my position as a Christian minister and the privilege that my faith enables me to help others through some of the best and worst times of their lives.(This is very personal to me, but happy to chat privately if folks are curious about it)   D&D - getting together in person or online and being part of a creative story where almost anything can and will happen. So much fun!   Ultimate frisbee - though I haven't played in over a decade I still deeply love the sport and throwing a disc around with my friends. I never go anywhere without a disc in the car, just in case...   Swimming - Whether it's in the sea, a river, or a loch I cannot wait to get wet once I discover somewhere with open water. It may be cold when you dive in, but once you're acclimatised nothing beats it for me and I always feel amazing afterwards.   At the bottom I would actually place my most common hobbies: gaming, reading and binge watching films, TV and YT Series - I do them for escape and some introverted social connection but am not really passionate about them specifically but I certainly wouldn't want my life without them.    
    •  Kylie
      Thanks all! Been a pretty decent day. Packing decided it wants to start coming out. So a little extra reinforcement and all is well. I think my surgical team gets a kick out of my concerns, all have been benign.    Going to enjoy a good meal tonight and sleep up for tomorrow. Pretty exhausted today!    ❤️
    • Shay
      @Tori M did you see the guy and his wife on CBS Sunday Morning who photographs and paints birds. You are probably familiar with him. I appreciate your passion. And love the photo you posted.
    • Tori M
      I think some of you already know my fascination with nature, but my main passion now is birds.  Not just feeding or watching them, but "chasing" them and, most interesting, learning as much as I can about their lives.  This started in 2014 and at one point I was spending almost every waking moment watching, reading or chasing them.  Chasing means traveling miles and hours to catch sight of a rarity or exploring environs different than our own neighborhood to find different species.  Lately, I am less obsessed and haven't traveled as much but it's not unusual for me to load up the car with binoculars, scopes and cameras and spend the whole day driving around looking for great sightings. In the east, birding is largely a summer sport but to my total surprise, here on the west coast it's a year-round venture.  Yes, the birds fly south, but there's a whole different batch that summer in Canada and the Arctic that also fly south.... to here!  So, in the summertime, birding is about migrating songbirds, but in the winter there are millions of waterfowl and sparrows here.  It's a funtastic hobby and I'm always [too] eager to answer questions and educate, lol.  I'm not an expert but I've crammed a lot of learning into a few short years.   Sandhill crane w/cygnet (not my photo) Sandhill cranes have been around for at least 2.5 million years
    • Shay
      If my Chautauqua Series is able to?start up again after Clovis there is a girl who plans to do a program on the American home appliances from the 1950s 1960s and 1970s. For those not familiar?with Chautauquas they are first person living history where the presenter is usually a well known person and you learn so much more about that person. This girl would be a generic housewife. We have had usually 2 a month every month for 14 years until covid came. We do it as a donation basis and have musicians open with period music. We have a wide range of people from George Washington to robin Williams Tecumseh to sacagawea. Jesse James to rosemary Clooney carry nation to general Dwight eisenhower Beethoven to solar schlindler Laura singles wilder to Walt Whitman. Sorry I miss these shows they are fun and enjoyable.
    • Ryan
    • Shay
      @Dev this site is amazing and so user friendly. Thank you so much... Shay
    • Tori M
      I find that an unusual but very intriguing hobby!  The first time I heard of it was a boy guesting on a TV talk show (was it Ellen?  Leno??).  They're interesting machines that transformed the American home and housework.  I once sold Rainbows and got to see one of the very early models.... all steel and weighed a TON.  No more nerdy than my fascination with bridges, lol❣️
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