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Timber Wolf

Ooo That Smell

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Hi Everyone,

The other night at work, I had a rather strange experience. I was eating M&M's out of a baggie, and as I started closing the baggie, I smelled marijuana. Not faintly, but very strongly, like as though that was what was in the baggie. Neither was it fleeting. The smell stayed until I put the baggie away. While it did not really make me want to get high, it wouldn't have taken long to start wanting to. It smelled good. And I haven't smoked any of that stuff in years.

I was kind of wondering if anyone else has had this kind of thing happen?


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf🐾

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I can't relate directly to what you are saying, but if you burn sage, it does have a bit of the same type of smell. I burn sage every morning as my sun ceremony and I do my gratifications.

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I have found that two different things can happen. One is the thing that seems to be suggested above in that a similar smell (or a low concentration of the same one) can trigger the mind into remembering. Another, maybe even more powerful one is convincing the mind. An experience I remember well was when I was taking a night hike with a friend. He gave me a piece of chocolate. When I popped it into my mouth I asked what sort it was. He said dark chocolate, which instantly brought me to remember my childhood experiences with the chocolate of the time. It really mad me feel sick. I promptly threw up! It transpired the chocolate was really milk chocolate which I like. I really did taste the stuff I hated.

The power of suggestion :unsure:



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Yes. Here's the cure. First burn your fingers, then singe your hair, burn tiny little holes in your clothes. Eat a whole box of Twinlies as fast as you can.. Better yet a case. Slam milkshakes of your least favorite  flavor with a cup of added sugar each. Put in a Lead Zeppellin album at full volume, dance as fast as you can while trying to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. Then puke all over. It will be just like the good old daze!

If you smoke the nasty weed that turns to the flower in the mind after all that, we have a hug and a twenty four hour chip waiting. Don't forget to bring your medallion back. A loving satire by JodyAnn (If you giggle too much, we know you smoked.)

PS- Wave,waba,waba,waba... How many fingers??? LOL

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A nice fresh bale of alfalfa hay has that sniff but the one that gets me is the rotten fruit and it's alcohol smell.  So far i've been blessed and M&Ms haven't taken me there.  





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