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Questions about Dr. Ley, Dr. Meltzer's new associate.

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I'm looking to see if anyone here has any experience with Dr. Ley, a new associate of Dr. Meltzer's in Scottsdale, AZ. She is performing GCS surgery. He added her within the last year after training her. For patients of Kaiser, Kaiser has approved Dr. Ley as a choice of surgeon.

I was accepted by Dr. Meltzer but chose to switch to Dr. Ley to knock almost a year off of my wait time. However, even though she is vetted and trained by Dr. Meltzer, I am eager to find any recent patients of hers and what they've thought of their surgeries.

If you've had your surgery with Dr. Ley, I'd like to hear how your experience was and how you feel the results are, good and bad.

Thank you for your time!

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I have heard from a couple of my younger friends that did have Dr. Ley and they are as happy as they can be at their stage of healing, which in one case is pretty recent.  Dr. Meltzer himself was on my "short list" four years ago but I wanted only single surgery which he was not doing then.  It does not matter who the doctor is really, if they do a good job, yours will be the best surgeon for you.  Every one of us who have had "uneventful" surgeries and recoveries will tell you our surgeon was the best in the world. 

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