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Has anyone else had negative consequences of adding Prometrium to injected Estradiol and Spironalactone?  I added ...... of micronized progesterone, then went up to......  I slept a bit better at first, but that was about it.  After a while I got more and more irritable and irrational and unable to handle stress, along with increased pain from old repetetive motion injuries and insomnia.  I also feel like my facial hair grew more quickly and thicker. My breasts did get a bit rounder/fuller, and the areolas are about twice the diameter they were.  Of course I have no way to tell if it was the prometrium, so my endo asked me to stop for a while and see what happens.  E level is 220-320, T at 16.

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I have not used it but then again i'm on a simple spray of E each day which keeps my levels well within female perimeters without the other risks associated with added progesterone.  My doctor, Dr. McGinn does not feel P would be appropriate or helpful and many of the negative side effects of HRT are attributed to it's use..





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Oops, levels yes, dosages no, sorry admins! 

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