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High Progesterone: A Clue to Post-Op Hair Loss?

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I hope some here can provide a more in-depth explanation than my endo did for why my progesterone level tested so high. I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs; I’m in very good health. But this month was the first time that I had asked to have progesterone tested.

The testes produce most of the progesterone in cis men. But I’m 10 years post-op and have been on estradiol valerate injections twice monthly long before and ever since. So I was shocked when the blood levels showed it at 13 ng. My endo said that the adrenals are evidently producing enough progesterone to balance my exogenous estrogen levels. “Balance”? Then why did the Lab Corp statement say ‘high” 13 ng? Too bad I have no record of any pre-op progesterone level test. Would the level likely be this high?

This month T serum <3 ng. Bound T is <.2. E is 909 ng. B12 level is “high” at 1474 pg. HDL and LDL have long been high at 252 and 137. Iron is 339 bind/serum 339/125 ug. Creatinine serum LOW 0.62 mg;  BUN/Creatinine ratio 13

But regardless of progesterone levels, might I still be at risk for “estrogen dominance”?

Even if not, could my progesterone levels put me at risk for other deleterious effects?

My main concerns are scalp hair and libido, in that order. But to take the latter first, as strange it may sound to some here, I wouldn't at all miss libido if it went away. I will never forget the very first two years after I began therapy (estradiol valerate, spiro and a little Premarin), long ago. I grew back so much hair that I looked like a different person!! I was truly stunning. And almost as heavenly was the totally unexpected loss of libido. Poof! It just vaporized; or as if some big weight had fallen off my shoulders.

Without 10% minoxidil + 0.1% progesterone and Dutasteride that my derm and endo had prescribed my hair would surely be worse than it is. But why did the hair loss AND libido slowly come back at all? Especially after orchiectomy??

And if the adrenals were trying to “normalize” my estrogen levels then why are they secreting high levels

of progesterone, rather than just normal levels? Surely, the 0.1% progesterone in the topical that I press into my scalp twice daily is way too small to even penetrate the skin into the bloodstream, much less effect systemic levels.


Besides, by being a competitive inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase, progesterone is a natural antagonist of hair killing DHT. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progesterone_(medication)#Pharmacodynamics


Might it be that I’ve been using too much E for a typical post-op person, and/or because the vials

of estradiol valerate are almost certainly synthetic rather than bioidentical?


I can get natural estradiol valerate made by a local compounding pharmacy. But what signs should a post-op person look for to determine the right estrogen dosing?


Bottom line: How likely is my high progesterone contributing to libido and hair loss years after surgery? If yes, would it likely decrease if my endo lowers the dose of the 40mg/mL estradiol valerate I take every 14 days?



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D&T, this is something for you to have a discussion with your endo about it. They would have a better understanding than any of us of the particulars of your case. The topical cream could enter the blood stream too I think, but I am not a doctor.

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Hi D&T, 

Your E value seems high, if I am reading it correctly but as Marcie suggests I would have a talk with your Endo about this situation.  I am post op and use weekly Bio-identical transdermal patches which I like since the delivery is even with no spikes that can be problematic with other deliver systems.  


My doctor does follow my hormone levels but is most interested in how my body is accepting the meds and how I feel rather than the number since we tend to be somewhat of a science project (my opinion, not my doctor's).  At my recent appointment my doctor was not really concerned with Progesterone.  I'm sure you have researched estrogen dominance, have you experienced any of the symptoms?   We are all different and one size does not fit all.  





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First off -- a "skin pop" is a VERY effective way of delivery to your blood stream even with small amounts of the medication.  The second point I see here, is Information Overload for someone with less than 16 years as the head of a major endocrinology research facility.  Without having that high an interest or experience, this kind of information makes you prone to such unusual conditions as Psychosis of the Liver experienced by a few people who have scared themselves with IO  If you are taking your prescribed medication under the supervision of a Doctor or Medical Team (as I am) and are getting results that are within the ranges of what is described in the World Professional Assoc. for Transgender Health's Standards of Care v.7 get out and run a few laps or play a couple of rounds of golf and enjoy life.  Life is to be experienced not measured to death.  Take it one day at a time and love it.


PS, Psychosis of the Liver is not a real medical problem, although some claim it.

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    • Carolyn Marie
      Congrats, Astrid!  Dealing effectively with your dysphoria is always a big plus, and your goals seem well thought-out.  It sounds like you have a good doctor.   I started out on low dose E using a patch, with Finesteride, but my goals were different and the combination wasn't doing much for me, so my dosages were increased after 4 months or so.  So our experiences are not that close, but I'm sure some folks will come by with good accounts that align more with what you want.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Aidan5
      The moment has arrived, and here is the final product:    (I tried to comb it to flatten it lol my hair is a mess regardless) 
    • Astrid
      I was fortunate to discover that there's a clinic that is licensed to teach electrolysis to student nearby.  As a result, my sessions are $20 per hour (performed by students under professional supervision) rather than $60 to $80, the local rate from qualified clinicians in my town.  I've been doing 2 hours a week for almost two months now, and it's gone very well.  Obviously, the savings is significant.   Might be worth searching to see if there's anything similar near you.   With best wishes,   Astrid
    • Astrid
      Today was my initial visit to Fenway Health here in Boston regarding HRT.  As a non-binary (and older: age 71) person with dysphoria, I was interested in low-dose estrogen as a way to address that, and I was pleased that my doctor there agreed that it would indeed be appropriate to begin this, following my next visit in three weeks.  She recommended not taking a T-blocker, at least initially, as it of course carries more side effects. I'm not looking for pronounced body changes (such as significant breast growth or weight redistribution to my hips).   I'm interested to know if others have gone this route of low-dose estrogen, and if so, how you found it?   I know that "mileage may vary" from patient to patient, of course 😊   Thanks!   Astrid
    • NB Adult
      Hi Mahaney, welcome once again!
    • Jani
      With all the discussion about trying to find a doctor who will see LGBTQ persons I found this story interesting.  Take a listen, its short.  https://www.marketplace.org/2019/11/12/the-doctor-who-left-primary-care-to-help-lgbtq-patients/   "Dr. Crystal Beal left primary care to open an online doctor’s office, QueerDoc. Beal sees patients in Washington and Alaska over video and soon will be expanding to Idaho. QueerDoc provides gender-diverse care, everything from hormones for transgender patients to contraception and letters to change gender markers on identification cards."     https://queerdoc.com "QueerDoc is a totally online doctor’s office focused on queer and gender affirming medicine."  Its just her and another provider at this time.  They don't take insurance.  They provide care on a sliding scale so fees are not the primary focus of her practice.     Jani  
    • Mahaney
      I've been on this site for awhile now and want to introduce myself. I've joined this site with the name Mahaney, which is combination of my given birth first name and middle name. My given name is Moi. I knew I was transgender at a young age. I repressed it until I moved out of my parents house some 5 or so years ago. I decided to wait till I was on my own to fully embrace my full womenhood until I could do so without fearing anyone. My title says I'm M as I'm not sold on my new feminine name. I can't decide if I want to go by the first name Mahaney, or Moira, or my favorite Melissa. Any way Hi everyone.
    • Josie Beth
      I do feel a little better. I’ve done everything that I can today so I’m not going to stress about it anymore today. Tomorrow I have a lot to do. I have to go return my work shirt to the agency because I’m not allowed to take it directly to the university for some stupid reason. I’m sure if I did that they would call the agency just to make it hard for me to get any further assignments. I don’t want my paycheck to be held back for any reason so I’m not taking any chances. And I have to get more time slips because I gave them all to this passive aggressive supervisor under the false pretense of going full time. I expressed my feelings about that to the agency because that was just dirty of her. She’s supposed to contact the agency for them instead of using all mine. What a piece of dishonest trash.     I’m starting to feel the joints more lately and it’s one of the biggest reasons for requiring a bathtub in my next apartment. I really miss just soaking with a decent book or maybe some music and candles. As long as I don’t fall asleep in the water!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I hear you sister.  Crying is a stress relief but does not make the things that stress us ho away.  I’m looking at a very grim and uncertain future financially so I understand your fears and anxiety’s over it.  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Both knees and shoulders but got now that’s it. It is a challenge some days. 
    • NB Adult
      Welcome to my world, arthritis sucks! Have it in my hands, feet, knees and shoulders, sometimes getting out of bed in the morning is a real process, but sleeping in makes it worse. Getting up at 0500 taking the dawg out for pee-pee time, making cawfee and then feeding the dog is a necessary routine to get loosened up and functioning normally.   
    • Willow
      Hi, didn’t have time for coffee today.  I had a medical appointment at 8:15. I have pain from arthritis in my big toe.  To my surprise he’s going to operate on it next week.  So the rest of the morning was spent getting pre-op testing.  Tomorrow I meet with my endocrinologist.  I’ll find out about prescription adjustments.   Willow
    • Josie Beth
      Believe me, I’ve had several good cries over the last week and it’s definitely cleansing but still doesn’t address the immediate reality.     Yes that’s true, I’m just scared that doing what I have to do is going to land me in the hospital which would only compound my current problems. I can’t even be honest about it with potential employers because they will definitely see me as a liability. So it’s a catch 22 yet again. 
    • NB Adult
      In the best Tony Soprano voice I can possibly muster; "You do what you gotta to do!" Life can be a real beach, sometimes we wonder if we took a wrong turn and wound up at Sonoma Beach. (A little stupid humor from your pal NB) 
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      No u @Aidan5
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