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Tender Loving Care

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Though the clouds do come,

the sun still shines.

And though the rain does fall,

it is only for a short time.


When the rain does cease,

the ground is well nourished.

And when the clouds move on,

the sun does does flourish.


Likewise, when times are troubled,

remember I am still there.

Through all the trials and tests,

even the valley of despair.


Be like the ground after a rain,

receive what I show you and hear what I say.

Learn what I am teaching you when,

when things look gloomy and grey.


When those hardships have passed,

you will see I was there!

You will see how I nourished you,

with tender loving care. (God)



I wasn't sure where to post this. Here or in the religious section. So if it needs to be moved please do so.


I was going through a very hard time in my life when I wrote this.  It was what I felt God was saying to me at the time. I wanted to share this because since my return to the site I have read so many posts of people facing very difficult and dark times. These words gave me hope and strength in a time when I needed I need it. It is my hope that these words will speak again, but this time I hope they speak to you in the midst of your storm.




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