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jae bear

Covering my tracks

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jae bear

lived all of my life as a big angry bear
not caring for other as much as I dare
hurting their feelings with angry bellows
dragging my claws in the tracks that followed


swiped at the bunnies and made them all scared
roared and stood up as they hid under chairs
I knew I was wrong but I was just hiding
the scared little bunny inside bear pajamas


all at once something happened, spinning the bear
a flood of hormones that changed the fur there
from brown to a soft fuzzy light purple exterior
the tracks in the snow didn't look quite familiar


I saw the big feet and the claws on the pathway
turn slowly sweet and small with long strides
the tracks led to little rabbit feet of my own
as the bear fell away and left the small bunny shown


other bunnies still scared, on sees me one doesn't
white bunny, my wife, sees quite much more clearly
still blinking she's not sure what to make of it yet
the bear fell away, revealed something different


my place on this path only leads to this point
I hope our new path leaves three bunny tracks
it's up up her now, the white bunny controls me
I'd beg on my knees if she'd only console me



squishy hugs,


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    • Emily michelle
      That is a nice bike I always wanted an ultra. I had a 2006 road king but sold it for a new welder on my service truck at the time and a 50 Plymouth business coupe that I need to restore. In all honesty after working 6-7 days a week for so long I’m pretty much burnt out and by the time I get home th last thing I want to touch is a wrench. Maybe eventually I will get back to it.
    • KayC
      Wow!  Mondays will never be the same.   That's also an amazingly fast timeline for a government agency to act/hire.  Must mean they really want you. Congratulations, Shawna❣️
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,🐈   Happy birthday RamesesRadio!🎂 Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • KayC
      This is REALLY GOOD, MetaLicious!  I had a rap beat-box going in my head the whole time I was reading it and it just clicked.  and I don't even like rap. Hah!   Keep writing❣️
    • Charlize
      All i can add is: Why?  Are the folks in Idaho sure that the entire population will transition?  Are the women scared of how good we look?   Just nasty.  It's probably just a bit of Republican dogma.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • KayC
      Thank you for your reply, Sally.  Between your response and @Susan R's this is comforting. Maybe I already knew the answer?  this in not a trans/LGBTQ+, or cis-man/woman issue, its a human issue.  How we treat each other as human beings.  That's my experience in life also, that people who are secure in themselves will treat other with understanding and respect ... and those that aren't ... ?  Well I guess it doesn't matter what "category" they identify with. Thanks again❣️
    • Charlize
      Sounds like an amazing day!  Best of luck with your move and new job.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Patti Anne
      That's such a sweet bike Kymmie. I had a 2007 RK that I had to sell after my divorce. I sold it for $6k. I still shed a tear over that one.   Yesterday changed Shawna's and my lives forever. What once seemed hypothetical is now very very real! We both posted about it!   Have a good day!   Patti
    • KayC
      Thank you @Susan R for sharing that post.  That was an uplifting experience and nice to hear how much it helped you.  I hope I can experience the same someday.
    • Emily michelle
      Good morning! Supposed to get up to 90 today so nice and warm. I only have a 4 day week I took Friday and Saturday off because my wife is having a procedure. I had a talk with my wife last night and I told her that if things work out this weekend I want to come out to brother in law and the people that live close to me. The physical changes haven’t started yet, but mentally I’m tired of presenting male in my personal life. She just told me you do you!
    • Patti Anne
      Does she need any more help Hon? If so, sign me up.   Yes. Things are getting very very real, very very fast! TTYL   XXOO   PA
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Lmao Omg I needed that.  Nothing like an actual laugh or giggle to get the sprites up. TY
    • Mmindy
      🇺🇸 Good morning Coffee is on. The Sun is rising, birds are chirping, worms, vampires & zombies are afraid.🇺🇸 🌤
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Up early.  230am and just couldn’t get back to sleep as my Mind is still buzzing from yesterday’s events. I posted about it in another thread as to not junk up this one with my drivel.    Just now getting my first mug of coffee in me then a quick shower.  Gotta keep the wound clean.  More planning, calling, and receiving of guests who hopefully will be buying more of Shawns hobby toys.   I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Well GF when I get there we all will have to hit some stores. I do like shopping and I can literally abuse a clearance rack section in minutes.  I show up to a dressing room with a look on my face like “ Yeah right!  5 items only my arse!”  And then proceed to cram my card in there with me.  Lol Id love to go a shop with you! I can speak for Patti and say she is a bit of a shop-acholic too and she is tall as well.  Perhaps she can point you to some places out there.  
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