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What is a good way to pass the time while waiting?

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So I came out like.... 3 weeks ago now. Just last week my doctor wrote a letter of referral to the local Gender Clinic in Nottingham. The only thing is, here in the UK... it's a 2 year waiting list. 2 years! That's a long long time. I keep trying to tell myself, it's nothing, I'll get what I want eventually. But, it's still a long wait when I'm thinking about this everyday and how badly I want it. I just want to start receiving hormones and hopefully become more in line with myself at last. 


I mean I have hobbies and things like that, but is there a way to make yourself forget all about transisitioning for now, and to just ignore it until that phone call or letter in the post comes? Waiting is probably going to be the hardest part. 


Thank you. 

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As in any long term project the old adage about the best time to start being years ago or today does apply.  While you have to wait to get to the GIC you can start growing out your hair, keeping your nails trim and neat, maybe even apply a little colour.  You can introduce new clothing into your wardrobe.  Assuming you're not going full time right away, start with some androgynous pieces to get the flavour for what you eventually might want to be your style.  You can always add more feminine pieces as you go along.  


You don't have to give up anything you do as hobbies or diversions.  There are no male or female gendered activities. You can do whatever you like.  I've always been into clothing and looking nice, I like to sew, I love music but I also am into automobiles and do my own work on the ones I have.  I'm more careful of my hair and nails now but being a woman hasn't slowed me down.  


Waiting takes time but it doesn't have to be hard.



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If you are able to, I'd highly recommend starting any necessary hair removal. Whether you do laser or electrolysis or both, it will take quite a while to get to a maintenance level. Voice training might also be something to look into. Our local state university offers vocal therapy for trans folks to help them feminize their voices. If that's something you're interested in, it could be a good way to stay occupied.

And Jani's got a great idea with trying to find your style. Understanding what types of clothes fit your body well, what colors look good with your coloring, and what you feel comfortable in will take some time to learn if you haven't already started down that path. 


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You can do about 90% of what you want to do as far as transitioning in that length of time since most of it you can do without medical approval, and if you do, the approval will be more readily assured.  Get yourself out to support groups, or to various pubs and clubs where Trans Folk are doing things.  Keep up here with your discussions with us is another thing to do.  Any place that is Trans accepting and friendly has things to do. 

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If you are going to the clinic in Nottingham then you are probably not too distant from me. That said, obviously slightly dependant on your actual location, you are in a pretty safe area in the East Midlands. For the most part you could continue as everyone has said. The waiting times are long (the last figure I have seen was 18 months but it does change). The last person I spoke to on here actually phoned the clinic they were referred to and got a more precise figure on their appointment as they had heard nothing. NHS waiting times and other clinic information is published. Check NHS Choices initially (  https://www.nhs.uk/LiveWell/Transhealth/Pages/Transhealthhome.aspx

[If you are not already aware]). I have not visited a clinic, or other professional, but live an androgynous / female lifestyle. It does get confusing at times as I live a somewhat dual identity, but have had few fears moving around anywhere I have been in the East Midlands. With my job I was visiting people in all areas around cities and countryside in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire as well as Lincolnshire, and was always wearing makeup and looking very feminine. I had no problems (and quite a bit of support).


I do remember that I got more attention in my early, learning how to dress and act, days. It is really a case of fitting in with the norm and being confident. Things are very tiring at first as the constant stress takes it's toll. This is when things lapse and the world seems hostile. Try to relax and fall into the female lifestyle. It becomes natural.



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I very much like all the suggestions you have received.  Subtle changes in appearance are rarely seen.  Don't forget few people really look at others and certainly not in such a way that would notice a neater eyebrow, finger nails or longer hair.  I spent almost a year with a suitcase of clothes in the car allowing me to change in just a few moments.  That allowed me to begin shopping a bit, take a walk in a park or to go out to lunch.  When i did come out to my family i was actually relatively comfortable.  Tracy is quite right.....the stress of those first excursions is hard but i doubt medication or surgery makes that easier.  Don't forget that much of transition is in our minds.  Try to relax, breathe deep and enjoy the journey.  We are here to help as we can.  As was said to me when i shared my fears here:  "We've got your back".







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I like all the above suggestions too. When I realized a transition was coming, I stopped cutting my very short hair and got my ears pierced. I also noticed that as time went on, adopting my new gender/identity sort of blended into my regular life. It just became part of me. I'd also suggest reading all you can. You'll be surprised how much this can inspire you. I highly recommend "Trans Bodies, Trans Selves." It's a large book and filled with lots of historical info, terms and many profiles of people living the life.


Best of luck to you, Mallion. And hello from across the pond :)



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Why does it take so long though? seems pretty much unfair. Aren't there any other alternatives? 

I literally called my doctor, saw her 4 days after the call and I was on HRT by the time I left her office.


As for passing time, I'd suggest maybe growing out your hair and start transforming your wardrobe.

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Kali-Ann Gills

Hi hunni, 

I am with Nottingham and I have to say that they are brilliant.

The issue with waiting list times is this; demands on GIC'S have increased by 80% over the last few years yet,  surprise surprise the NHS have not invested any further resources ergo, the clinics are doing almost twice the work with the same people.

I would recommend using the time to to work with you, practice makeup find your style as said previously hair removal. 

Learning the how and why of being a woman is a wonderful journey use this time wisely. In other words practice and more practice then when you get there knock em dead.

I am a nail technician hunni so if you need any advice on nails please don't hesitate to ask me k.


I am in Birmingham however, not sure about giving contact details here.


Take care and stay safe 💋💋

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    • jo jo
      i find the best thing to do is just practice and see  what suits you if your happy then bingo you gotta think most women themselves arent perfect at makeup !!!
    • Kirsten
      Ugh I hate that. I can’t tell you how many times I hear Michael at work and I turn my head. There’s like 5 michaels in our garage too. So it happens a good bit. And it’s never me. Lol
    • VickySGV
      I can see an application of this theory at work in the murder rates of Trans women in non-white racial and ethnic communities where masculinity is given special status and narrow definition.  The same is true even in geographic regions where general "male privilege" is held higher than female status.  It is that male privilege that is currently on display and excuses allegations of sexual force against women.  
    • Jani
      Great.  Yes soon your old name will be unfamiliar and you won't become alert every time you hear it.     Jani
    • SugarMagnolia
      Yes, it gets easier and easier every day which is what I'd hoped for. I'm still getting used to people calling me Julie at work, though. It seems completely normal in the rest of my life, but I didn't realize how surprising it would sound coming from my co-workers. Its such great blend of being surprised to hear it and being relieved/happy to not have to hide. ❤️

    • Jani
      There are two forms for obtaining passports, the original and renewal.  For some changes you need to use the original form even though you have a current valid passport.  The lady at the office who took mine said I had the wrong form until she realized I needed the gender marker changed.  So read the instructions carefully.  Best of luck.   Jani
    • Jani
      I would always prefer they err on the side of caution.  Years ago a guy I worked with had shoulder surgery and never came out of the anesthesia.  He was young and healthy.  it was so sad.  We never know how our bodies will react to it.   You'll be fine and your day will come.    Jani
    • Jani
      Greetings!!  You're not alone on this journey.  I'm glad you joined us.    Jani
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Thank you very much.  I need to get my passport or update my BC cause I found out that the state of AZ when flying, the TSA will no longer accept our licenses next year and we will we need to use our passports for TSA or get a second special federal ID card to fly out of AZ.
    • Briana
      Hi Mickey,   I can certainly understand your frustration.   That has to be a total let-down.   Hopefully you can get things rescheduled quickly.    While you may have thought the swelling was "not that bad" in your legs, any swelling would be something to note and consider preop/pre-anesthesia.  While the anesthesiologist may have been overly cautious, he's also keeping your safety in mind.  Anesthesia can take a left turn very quickly.  People tend to think that surgery is very exciting as it's portrayed on TV - constant motion and drama.  Generally it's hours of routine boredom punctuated occasionally by a few moments of sheer terror.  That "terror" is generally when people have an unexpected bad reaction to the anesthesia.    Best of luck!  
    • CyndiRae
      The problem is mostly re-enforced with those suffering from conservatosis. Conservatosis is very hard to cure, steady doses of truth can help. Unfortunately we have a society that feeds on a conservative propaganda machine, and that helps keep the hate machine rolling.   It's a terrible condition of the mind, it starts when your always afraid, step out of line, the man comes and takes you away.
    • MaryMary
      that's a great article I think. That's good to have a fresh perspective (for me at least). It will maybe help me better deal with those people
    • CyndiRae
      Yes that sounds like it would work, there are certain words required on the letter from Dr, same requirements as SSA, stating you have completed the transition from M to F for example. I did mine 5 years ago, and since my previous passport was still valid in my old name/gender, I did not need to present a birth certificate to prove citizenship (that's what they really care about these days !).   C -
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Thank You CyndiRae.  Would my original Endocrinologist letter that I needed for the DMV and SS office work?     Lots of Love   Amy
    • CyndiRae
      This info sounds correct Amy for name change, there is a 2nd part of this and that is the gender change on the passport, I am assuming you want the "F" for "Federally Female 😃". That part requires a physician's letter.   Good luck   C -
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