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Dreams of Being Physically Male (Pre-T)


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Does anyone else have dreams of being physically male or having a penis? Honestly, I have them about 3-4 times a week and I was wondering if this is common for anyone else. Also any info from what this may convey?

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Once I accepted the fact that I'm trans, I started having erotic dreams where I was male. These dreams, while a little uncomfortable at first, have begun to feel very homey. Its like I can actually be myself in my dreams, and it gives me the courage to pursue changes in real life.  When I dream lately, I'm male more often than not, and it feels so right to me. Now, when I look in the mirror IRL, I see the maleness, and its comfortable. Having dreams where you're male is part of the subconscious telling you who you really are, and getting you comfortable with the truth. At least, that's my opinion.

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I have these kind of dreams but Im not sure they have anything to do with being Transgender. I don´t know though, such a complicated thing.

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  • 6 months later...

I've been male in most of my dreams even before I admitted to myself that I was trans so I don't know what it means.

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 Personally I think it is more common than we think. From the other side of the fence (so to speak) since I accepted who I really am, some 2 yrs ago, I have had loads of dreams where I  female and am having the best time of my life with a man (if you know what I mean ?) This all came as a bit of a shock at first because everything felt like it was going too fast in my mind but now, having accepted myself more for who I am, when I have them, which is perhaps once or twice a month, I absolutely love it. It’s like I am free to be me for the time the dream lasts. Like how life would / should have been all along. 

Cant wait for the next one!

lucy x 

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I've only had a few dreams where I know I was definitely a man.  I don't tend to really think of myself as being male or female in my dreams though.


But dream interpretation is a very tricky thing as it depends so much on the individual having the dream.  It might not mean anything at all.  I've had professors that have touched on dream interpretation in a few of the psychology classes I've had and traditionally dreaming of (or being) a man typically is a reflection of the masculinity within yourself.  A lot of what that means really depends on what you feel because of the dream.  Having these dreams may simply be an acknowledgement of the masculinity you see in yourself (or that others see in you).  Or, if you feel really connected to your dream self as a man and you're going 'this is who I want to be' then it's certainly possible that the dream is a reflection of who you feel you are inside.


Hope this helps!

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Although there is a spectrum and it varies widely, science says that we have a body map in our brains. It was discovered from alien hand syndrome that resulted from physical injuries to specific parts of the brain,

Our brains physically resemble the brains of the gender we identify with. And science has been finding more and more of those areas that ARE different. Over 20 have been found so far. Since we have male brains we have a male body map. It is very likely the cause of the physical dysphoria many of us experience. And children as young as 2 have shown distress about genitalia that they didn't feel was right. Even going so far in extreme cases as attempting to cut off a penis as young as 2.

We most likely learn to suppress those dreams as we are socialized as children. It makes sense that the dreams would come back once we open up to ourselves again.

I dreamed all my life I was male. But not so much about a penis. Didn't think I had any bottom dysphoria . Till I got a realistic silicone STP. It came as a surprise that I suddenly felt complete in a way I had not realized I hadn't before. Or not since kindergarten anyway.

The mind and socialization are powerful forces. But so are innate gender and body maps.


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I had a dream where I was intimate with my significant other and I had male parts.. I woke up feeling sad that I had to come back to reality, mainly because it was one of those dreams that while you're in it, it feels so real. So, yes, this is completely normal, as you can see from me and from everyone else. This wasn't the only time this has happened to me, either. It mainly started around the time I found out who I was.


My messages are ALWAYS open!


Stay safe and stay alive,




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As another from essentially the other side of the fence, I can attest that it does happen. One of the things I wonder at are whether the sensations I feel during dreamt intimate acts or distinctly female functions bear any relation to those actually felt by a cis woman. I suspect though that as people are so different they would feel things different too so maybe it's not worth overthinking on that.



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Kole Rickard

All the time! I have dreams of myself being born male and just having a normal life where I am treated like a male. It is very normal. For us FTM it is very difficult to accept the fact that it is only a dream. For er were once female, we still have strong emotions to believe that that is not who we are, so to get out of that state of mind we dream. We dream about the things we want to have and want to feel. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I never really see myself in my dreams, but I've always imagined myself as male.  When I was a kid and my cousins would MAKE me play Barbies, I always picked Ken and Alan to "be".  In any skits, I also took the male roles.  But in dreams, I only see out of my eyes and don't see my body; I always knew I was male in them.  Not sure if that's what you were asking?

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  • 1 month later...

I've had similar dreams where I'm almost magically going through life as a cis male, with the right parts intact. Sometimes they're actual dreams and other times, they're daydreams. Most of the time, I'm just going about my daily life, but sometimes, they do deal with intimacy. I do feel right when they occur and somehow validated, as well. 

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  • 6 months later...

I'm new here, just wrote my first post and now I'm looking for other people's stories and thoughts.

I've been searching topics written by closeted FTMs just like myself and I ended up finding this one. Even though not what I was looking for, I had to comment.


I fall asleep every night hoping to have a dream where I'm male. This rarely happens though, and when I say rarely it's rarely indeed, but, when it does, it's absolutely bloody marvelous. You're a lucky one! 3-4 times a week! I wish!


I never share anything about the real me in the real world but, in here, I feel like I can. No one probably wants to read this but I'll write it anyway. I'm gonna share the best dream I ever had. (warning: gay stuff ahead!)


One time (I must have been 17 back then, I'm 24 now), I had a lucid dream (rare occasion!) that started off as a regular one. I was a teenage boy (the same age as the real life me) in that dream and it appeared that I was living many days, a story that kept going. I feel like I was experiencing the life I was meant to be living. Suddenly, don't know the exact situation where it happened, I was able to choose where I walked and what I did. I was alive in dreamland! I remember surprisingly well the last events of the dream. I was with another boy in what I assumed to be my room (or his?). He was my age and we seemed to get along quite well. I don't remember our conversation (actually, I never remember conversations that happen in dreams. Does anyone?) but I felt really happy at that moment (Of course I was, I was a guy!), I felt so bloody comfortable in my skin. I was sitting on the bed and (from what my memory tells me) I could feel the sheets agains't my hand as I was pressing onto the mattress while sitting, the t-shirt that hugged my boobless torso, the smile on my face, all the emotions running through me... Bloody hell, I was really alive in a dream! Everything was so simple, so real, nothing extraordinary or supernatural, it was life! Well, moving on, the boy in front of me ended up being not just a friend. The discussed topic (even though I don't remember conversations) were parents, the fact that they weren't in the house, that we were alone (I have no clue how the hell I know this). What followed was the beginnings of sexual activity: a peck, a snog, a heavy make out session and the removal of clothing. I could sense everything around me, it was the best thing (even though imaginary) I have ever experienced.


Now at 24, I have had sex but, being a closeted pre-everything FTM, it was as a female. I always feel uncomfortable when having sex with a guy. The issue is not not wanting to do it, I do. I can feel really attracted to the guy I'm with but, as soon as he begins touching the "female parts", I internally freak out. I want to touch him but don't want him to touch me. 


That dream was incredible because I was having or, more precisely, was going to have sex (for the first time, I was still a virgin at 17) and it felt amazing to touch and be touched. After finally loosing my virginity (real life) and having sex later  with others, I feel broken hearted. I have yet, to this day, to experience something that resembles what I felt while dreaming that. This saddens me deeply. "Normal" people enjoy sex so why can't I? I want to do it, I feel attraction towards others but my body gets in the way, it keeps me from enjoying life. Almost four years have passed since I last had sex. I want to touch but don't want to be touched. That dream haunts me because it shows me what I'll never have and reminds me of the fact that I'll never be able to enjoy something rather important for achieving happiness, the full wonders of sexuality. I'm grateful for the dream I had, I was able to experience joy and physical comfort as never before but it's still cause of sorrow.


If I can't be a guy in real life, then I, at least, wish to be one every time I close my eyes and sleep. These hoped for dreams are very scarce though. 

So, here it is: reality is a bitch and dreamland teases me with the guy-me every 8 months or so.


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    • KymmieL
      Good to hear, Liz. I bet it felt fantastic even with the couple of snags. I so envy you.   Today for me was an OK. day. Got the word on my wig. then had a therapist appointment. I wound up rescheduling it because my wife was home. She was going to be nice and go upstairs and do some cleaning. Then as my appointment time came she decides to sit in the living room.(Three feet from me) and look through some pictures. Some privacy. So I scoot upstairs. With her just sitting down here. I really didn't want to open up so I rescheduled.    Of course, when I came down early she asked, All done?  me:Yep short and sweet. her: OK  I hope that I didn't invade your privacy.  in a snide kinda way.   I love her to death but I am getting so fed up with her crap.   Kymmie
    • Heathick
      Holly, girl, sometimes you remind me of myself! I love a pink headband, I'm completely in your boat on weight, I also have a winter/christmas-theme in my name (which I cherish), and although I'm nowhere near any point of choosing a vagiplasty procedure, I know without a doubt if I do ever decide to both transition and also opt for bottom surgery, for me personally, the ability to experience vaginal penetration, be it a guy (even though I'm not romantically attracted to them), or a trans-woman with or without SRS, or a...prop (with or without batteries )...or...any other more universal anatomy...[sly grin]...For me personally, that's where my heart is, and huge part of what I've always envied from the female side.   Personally, I don't even care if it makes me look loose, or even downright slutty. For me, sexuality, along with its partner sensuality, rank among to absolute best top reasons for being alive!!! And I say to heck with any restrained haters!
    • Confused1
      I am 65, pre-op, married to my soul mate and have no interest in penetration or dilation. So I guess that makes me lesbian. I also had my prostate removed with salvage radiation 2 years later (this year). That will make the surgery to install a canal more difficult and hazardous. If I was 30, I might go in another direction. The only thing that makes any sense for me is the Non Canal version. I have my GCS consult next month.   I don't have estrogen yet, but also don't have testosterone either, other than from the adrenals due to Lupron shots. My therapist told me she has never seen someone as happy as I am without any hormones. I can't wait to try estrogen. I don't ever want that poison called testosterone in my veins ever again! 
    • ElizabethStar
      My first full day at work as Elizabeth was interesting. I got my Outlook account updated but somebody forgot to remove my the old picture from my signature. Thankfully I only sent 1 email before I caught it. I have been on auto-pilot introducing myself on the phone for the last few years so I was surprised I only messed it once. I was also pretty funny listening everyone correct themselves when they would use my dead name.   I also changed everything on my FB account. I decided to just update my name, profile picture and just see where it lands. So far it's been going over good.
    • Shay
      So sorry to hear that @Abi 
    • Berni
      This thread is so interesting to read ... even though I feel like this kind of decision is a really long way off for me. So great to hear everyone's stories and thoughts. Such a valuable resource.   I think you are all so brave! I'm sitting here feeling sore and sorry from a really minor operation. The amount of .... determination? (Is that the right word?) ... to undertake what you have gone through is very inspiring.   Man, we trans girls are tough!
    • Abi
      I feel very let down today    
    • Abi
    • Lexi C
      oh Thank you ladies so much. I just spoke to his nurse today. They require two letters so i am running around like mad to get then even do my appt is not until April 22. I am not sure if i am planning on have sex. I keep catch my self being attracted to women. So confused. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP.  
    • RunValRun
      One surprising outcome of the name change is that you discover just how MANY places you have to amend after the fact. Some are easier that others and completely uneventful, some will test your resolve 😀 and yet others might end up with a feeling of euphoria. I was updating my BestBuy account (which is still unclear why they need me to call their main line from the store, but that a mystery for another day), and at the end of the conversation the customer service rep asked me whether I would like to be called sir or ma'am due to name change. No hesitation in my voice I informed her that ma'am would do wonderfully. And that made my day 🤩 Still smiling thinking about it.
    • HollyNoel
      @Jeanette West If you feel it's time, then go for it. Only you can decide the point when you want to take the name change step. After bawling my eyes out the other night while filling out my paperwork, I'm not really sure I'm ready to change my name legally. I might need more time to come to terms with shedding my old name. I got to talk to my therapist before I make that move. Anyway, whenever you do it, make sure you are ready.
    • HollyNoel
      When My time comes, I plan on going full canal. Whether I plan on dating a guy or not, I still want the option. And if I don't date a guy, there are things that two women can do that are just as much fun. lol. The thing is I want the option so that if I want, I can decide which I want at the drop of a hat. I know that makes me sound like a lose girl, but I've done my time alone on a Saturday night. I want to have some fun now. lol.
    • Emily michelle
      That looks great!
    • Timber Wolf
      Good day everyone,🦄   Happy birthday Priya Sweet!🎂 Happy birthday Kole Rickard!🎂 Hope you have a great day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      My trouble with the avitar's has been fixed. Yay PJ!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾      
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