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Panic like fear of losing hair/age in the way your "wrong" body would?

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Is it common, as a symptom, for transgender women to have an utter fear of ageing in the way their "wrong" (male) sex would? Like losing hair would be for some male? (I am not talking about general anxiety but of real "phobias" were they would not even want to come close to bald men), Anyone who knows about this?

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I think fear of aging is common in all genders.  Although so people don't worry about it as much as others.   Some women do experience balding or thinning of hair as they age.   I believe most people want to look their best and that was when we were younger.   

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Well just now I was going to put up the basic post that you did JMG.. but you did it so I'll reply to yours.. 

I hate Male pattern Bald.. I feel total blah about mine.. and the worry crease in my forehead.. A lady

likes it and says it makes me look RUGGED.. (I dont wanna be Rugged).. But I'm taking care of not

making the worry face too much lol.. and trying skin creams and trying to lose weight and hair products

and all I can.. JMG youre not alone... 


Ohh I like John Lennon too JANI!!!

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    • Aidan5
      I sure hope hitting his kid isn't part of loving, because I want no part of that. My dad is physically abusive along with my stepmom, they are both physically and emotionally abuse towards me.    Buttt I am focusing on the good here so I don't bring myself down again.
    • Sarahnr1
      im so very sorry to read  about   how  you are  currently treated . to be honest  to me  it sounds like   abuse  actually (over it would  be  )       We all have our  special ways  to  find  our way of geting  our   strength   back   so belive  me  this  is  nothing   compared to what others   use  my friend. although i in NO way support youre dads methods  (military backround  or not  )  i do have to say  he`s  doing  this  out of  love for you Aidan and in his world  and how he  has  probaly grown up  this is the way to make  you in to a man .  So do try to not  judge him to hard as  he´s  doing what he belives  is the right  way.        You can be VERY  shore they youre mom is  whatching  over you Aidan  and  you should  take that in to youre heart  and  remember this  when ever  you feel  sad or  low again     And  above all DONT ever  forget  youre  NOT alone  my friend  were all here  for you      
    • Aidan5
      Not gonna lie my mind was recently in a dark place and recently been thinking of just giving up. My parents are only making it harder to breathe with each waking moment. I am only allowed 2 hours to complete all my homework, which is not enough time and now I am falling behind and I can't seem to catch up no matter how hard I try. They took away my school notebooks. They took away all my venting outlets and I have to be downstairs all day. They don't let me sleep and I am scared to even breathe for the fear of somehow being wrong. My moving date has only been pushed out farther because I am a child of a military parent and have to go to a place that is currently closed so I can't get my POA and can't move. I feel like being tortured would be more humane than the life that I am living and would be more than happy to just give up here and now.    BUT   On my chrome book, I have YouTube open on auto play as I try and relieve some of my stress by writing a story. Just when those dark thoughts start to fill my mind and I really start questioning why I am still trying the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Starts playing, and that was the song they played at my Mom's funeral and I just have such a strong emotional attachment to that song. I have never looked up that song on this chrome book and it was completely random, it felt like my mom was trying to send me a message. This might just be my childlike mind jumping to conclusions, but I really miss my mom and would like to think that she is watching over me in some way or form. 
    • ToniTone
      I have considered this. Particularly the gene manipulation. Without having read too much into it, I imagine performing targetted gene alteration is complex and far from perfected. Most likely as the science is now, it is unachievable without negatively altering an undesirable part of the sequence, as such causing a mutation in it. But in theory it's possible. Someday, we may have the ability to alter our endogenous endocrine profile...
    • ToniTone
      Be safe and have a speedy recovery! I'm hopeful it's nothing too serious. We'll be waiting to hear from y'all! 💕
    • ToniTone
      Rise and shine Time to get to the grind!  You gotta shave face to save face or so they say, eh!  It's sandpaper rough,  but when the going gets tough ol' Remington 'll wash it away!    So get out of bed brush that pretty head Chin up Smile  Now get out there & knock 'em dead!      (Shaving: *gives me dysphoria* Me: *makes vaudeville style humor out of it) Well, if you can't laugh at yourself then why bother...   ~Toni
    • ToniTone
      Oh Tess. Keep doing what you're doing, what makes you happy. Love yourself, take care of yourself. Just know the clothes aren't what make you Tessa. You are!    Last summer, I, as much as possible, wore frilly skirts and flip flops, and tight, showy tanktops, and accessories and makeup all the time. Was very validating. Still is quite frankly. But it was cold this past winter, my work schedule increased (and has a tight dress code), and I moved to a more dangerous neighborhood. I still dress and present casually fem full time. Capris instead of skirts when I leave the house. Makeup about half the time. But I still realize I'm the woman I am when I leave the house, however I dress. It's intrinsic now. It's just who I am, and I have found peace in that.    You're lovely just the way you are 💕   ~Toni
    • Mena
      Hello, my name is Mena and I've been questioning my gender for a few years now. I keep thinking that maybe I'm "faking" what I feel but, today, I think I saw that I haven't been faking it. Seemingly out of nowhere I had a horrible panic attack (or would you call it dysphoria attack?) where I felt disgusted about my chest, like close to vomiting. I made some drawing while and after it was happening because that's how I cope and make sense of things, again TW dysphoria! (I think)   I was really scared about what was happening, but I think I was more scared of it actually being dysphoria. I think I was hoping this was a phase that would end soon and I could be some "normal" person. I told my mom and she said it's normal to feel this way about your chest, I don't think it is? (TW intrusive thoughts) I've often thought about just y'know chopping it all off with something right then and there (obviously please don't do that!) or clawing at them until they're shreds (also a bad idea). I don't know. I put on my binder and my favorite shirt and I used some breathing exercises my therapist gave me and felt better after a while. Can anyone confirm if this feeling is dysphoria or if it is something "normal" that happens? I guess the reason I was scared of what happened to me being dysphoria is because it would solidify that I wasn't cis, something that my parents have had trouble understanding. Coming from a Hispanic household it's been hard explaining things to them (especially since there is no they/them in Spanish) and they often misgender me. No actually, every Hispanic adult has misgendered me. I don't think this is a specifically Hispanic issue, but it seems a lot more prevalent to me at least, in my Hispanic community.    I don't know how I feel about all this. I know I don't like the body I am in, I know a few times I've been referred to as he/him and it made me kinda happy, sometimes I'm indifferent to she/her, but I know when people actually use they/them I go crazy with glee. There is a lot of my life ahead of me, so I think I have some time to figure things out, but for now it's scary and lonely.  Thank you for reading, I really needed to get this out.   I hope you are safe and healthy, Mena 🐸
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://laist.com/2020/05/26/more_than_two-thirds_of_the_military_supports_transgender_servicemembers_study_finds.php     Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Kelly, most of us have times when we've put our dreams aside for one reason or another.  Sometimes we put them aside for years thinking we'll never see them come true.  But then something happens and they do come true.  You have to keep hoping and taking whatever steps you can, when you can.  Journeys can take years, but every journey starts with a dream.  Please keep your dream alive.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Unfortunately, that has not seemed to be the case, Suzanne, with rare exceptions.  Then again, I suspect you're being sarcastic anyway.  Sarcasm is hard to detect either when masked or visible only through script on a screen.   Carolyn Marie
    • Ellora
      Over a year ago, when I told my Doctor I was interested in starting HRT, she was a bit surprised, cause I had never mentioned anything to her before. I mentioned to her that I had started using an initial starting several months prior, cause I had been slowly moving away from "my old self.' We had a good laugh about it, cause she had noticed it, but never thought to ask. 
    • Kellysinclair101
      I gave up on my dream once . Over the years its been a constant  depression  . Im tired of giving up . I dont know how but if theres a way i find it . Some things  you just cant get rid of it like a itch  you cant scratch  it just gets  bigged to the point you cant denie what  you are . That were i am now . So if it ment to be ill well become  what i truly  am for once  .  Prayer  welcome  hugs 
    • Susan R
      I was born in Washington State and now reside in Washington state so my ID and legal document changes were relatively simple. Everything was done in the state of my residency (WA) the name change more specifically in my county of my residency (Snohomish County). My birth certificate was done here in Washington too but that would’ve been the only document that I would’ve had to file out of state if I was born out of state.  In your case that will likely end up being Indiana.   Here is a good resource to search this info in case you haven’t seen it. https://transequality.org/documents/state/north-carolina https://transequality.org/documents/state/indiana   These ID and document changes are pretty straight forward but a lawyer is always an option but overkill if you do a little research. You can always call you county courthouse to get the details for the name change.   Most (if not all by now) State DMV’s are linked to your Social Security so if you change your drivers license you‘ll need to change your SS ID card/info within 30 days. When I did my driver’s license and SS last year, I needed a letter from my PCP which stated, “Susan Rxxxxx has received the appropriate clinical treatment for the new gender of female“ which is no longer required in our state for a DL but is still required for a gender change on your Social Security account.  I did name change, drivers lic., and SS all before noon on the same day. It was very fast.   I changed all my Passport and Birth Certificates if you need that info..it should be located within those URL’s though. if not, feel free to PM me if you have any trouble.   Best of Luck, Susan R🌷
    • Patti Anne
      I could be mistaken, but I think she meant "luck".   I asked  Shawna if it would be okay with her if I relayed a play by play to the rest of the TP community. Her response was to quote our mantra: 1 + 1 = 1. So in other words 'I trust your judgement'. Angela has also graciously volunteered to call me with any updates. And I have her cell if I'm just plain overcome by worry or curiosity. Shawna and I talked for our usual 3 hours on the phone tonight, just encouraging her for tomorrow with a focus on what the coming months and years will be like. We also discussed what questions were most pertinent to ask the surgeon regarding routine pathology specimens vs frozen sections, etc   This is a lot of nervous energy and worry on my part. But I've never had a loved one go under anesthesia without me being there for support. So, it's gonna be hard for me not to be there, but I think she's in good hands with Angela.    I'm going to try and get some sleep, but I'll post as often as I can tomorrow   Hugs!   Patti Annt      
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