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Considering laser removal

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On 1/17/2019 at 3:25 PM, jo_g said:


Yeah. I think for proper permanent removal, electrolysis is the only way.


Last week I had the first laser on the body. It was quite painful along the chest and a couple of areas on the arms, but mostly was fine and I'd say the most disconcerting times were the occasional smell of burning that would happen. Oh, and having no idea what to say to the technician who was probably grossed out by having to do that on my ugly body. 


I also had an electrolysis consultation last week and any thoughts of pain from the laser were blown out of the water. Hehe. It's going to be slow and painful, but 100% worth it.


Tomorrow I have my first laser on my facial hair. I imagine it to be more similar to the chest area from last week's removal in terms of pain (more uncomfortable that AHHH PLEASE STOP) but if it speeds up the amount of time I need for electrolysis, I'll be happy to do it. 


On a side note, one of my friends at work who I've not yet told keeps asking me why I have shaved (before I started on the path, I'd shave it all off maybe once a year) and now he's seen me with the closest shave twice in the space of a week. I was struggling to give a response (saying "you have to shave 24 hours before laser hair removal" would have raised more questions than answers) but a friend who I have told jumped in like a knight in shining armour to say "It's the way it is - get used to it." ❤️ It's nice to know when people have got your back. :) 



Current shower thought: it's funny how things like lasers, electrified needles and blood tests can get a girl so happy and excited, but here I am. Bring it on! :D 


Haha luv last comment. Totally agree just had first laser on chest, abdomen, back, arms and face. Super excited to see results AFTER I get to shave. The 7-10 day wait sucks (I have very dark hair growth)... but they say the best things are worth waiting for.

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On 1/20/2019 at 6:52 AM, jo_g said:

Of all the super powers to have... :( 

I hope to don’t have this super power...waiting on first laser results for face and ignoring how my face looks with stubble. Also, my therapist said shaving is OK if you use a guard. I’m not going to risk it though and will wait at least 10 days.

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On 6/13/2019 at 8:19 PM, SarinaC said:

I hope to don’t have this super power...


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I've now had 6 lots of laser and my chest/abs/back/upper arms have really thinned out. That hair was always quite dark. I'm very happy with this and will probably get some more later in the year, depending on what HRT does for me. Unfortunately however, my facial hair, while it grows very quickly and visibly, is very light. Sadly laser has done nothing for me on the face and that's with maximum power, so for me, the beard will be many many hours of electrolysis. So painful, as the hairs are strong (according to my electrologist) but it'll be worth it in the long run. I'm really hoping HRT weakens those hair a bit, so it's not so painful moving forward. But anyway, given the results of the darker body hairs, if your facial hair is dark too, you should get some great results. :)



I also hated the 10 day wait, especially on the face. I know I hadn't been presenting female with the 10 day hair growth, but it's horrible to be aware of it growing. 🤮



Anyway, I hope you laser goes well! ❤️

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    • Jani
      This is such a bittersweet moment as you know your children are moving on.   We can only hope we've done the best we could in raising them.  If certainly seems like you and your wife have.    I noticed the PACWest weather as it made the news here.  It seems like some areas will receive some heavy downfall of rain.  Its gloomy here as rain is predicted later in the day through the night.     @Krisvm that's good news about your trip.  Yes its always nice to be home!   I've been in a bad way recently but got some medication yesterday that seems to be helping out.  I was able to sleep most of the night. Jani 
    • Jani
      Hello Kathy.  Thats interesting as you are my age and I recall there were a number of books on Buddhism available in my later teens.  I read one (don't recall the title) but it spoke to me in a way the religion my family couldn't.  While I never formally took up the practice I believe in its tenets.  As with Cyndee I came to see the idea of mindfulness as an important way to help work through issues.  It helped me see life differently and view others from a perspective I hadn't.  Early on I came to see that nothing is permanent and we all change constantly.      That is so interesting that you've met and had an audience with H.H.  I missed out seeing him a number of years ago when he visited the Boston area.   Jani
    • Krisvm
      Hi Laurel welcome aboard.   Everyone here is very respectful and welcoming, so I hope you find that too.   Love and Hugs,   Kris
    • Krisvm
      Hi Lily. Glad to have you here.    It can be hard to share so just share what you want to, when you want. I find everyone here is very supportive and willing to listen.   Love and hugs,   Kris
    • Krisvm
      Similar to you actually I ended up choosing Kris because the name I was given at birth was Chris, which I don't mind but wanted something more ambiguous.
    • Krisvm
      Good morning all. I got back from a week at a work conference. Whilst I loved being there (was my first since being out as trans at work and everyone was so nice)  am very glad now to be home under a blanket with a kitten on me.   Love and hugs,   Kris
    • ShawnaLeigh
      So I reread this and had to laugh at myself.  I was so adamant about not having Shawna.   As you can see it’s exactly the name I have chosen.  
    • Charlize
      We are also having a wet relatively mild day.30 MPH wind.  Actually a relatively big storm.  If it had been possible i would have finished the tapping today but instead i'm going to enjoy a day of rest after doing the chores on the farm.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Cyndee
      I love my Spanx "workout to waves" sports bras, they have the most comfortable band (no clasps). They last !!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I like the AhhBra Racerback style bras.  No cup size needed as it’s a stretchy material that supports very well. It will not mash your breasts like a sports bra can.  The racerback helps prevent straps from slipping sideways off a male profile shoulder and the racerback also could be viewed under your shirt as a tank top under shirt.  If they even see it.   I have a 38” band size as measured with a flexible tape measure around my chest right under the breasts.   My size in this bra is Large.  They provide sizing charts too. 
    • Cyndee
      Good morning, it's a dark and wet morning here in the Pacific NW, raining and a mild 45 at the moment, going up to the 50's later. Enjoying my 2nd cup as I type this, reading and posting. No work for me today, we have a visitor coming from Canada to our home, our daughter's boyfriend is driving down to take several of her things back with them in a car this time. She is in the process of moving to Canada, it will be nice to see him again.    Have a lovely day.    C
    • Charlize
      Welcome Lily.  Coming here was difficult for me the first time.  I was both excited and afraid to open up about feelings so long hidden.  Instead of disapproval i found the support i needed to find myself.  Hopefully you will feel the same.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jackie C.
      I got a 48B from Amazon (US sizes, yes my chest is broad). I really need an A, but I've got all of two bras specifically designed in 48 (moose) that are also A-cups. One is padded and I don't think that's what you're going for.   Sports Bra   This fits well and is comfy. I bought one on a recommendation from my therapist and her large-breasted daughter.   T-Shirt Bra   I also got a pack of these on a recommendation from here.   Ahh Bra   They might be better for everyday wear. They're also tumble-dry which is a nice feature my sports bra doesn't share. The XL fits me just fine.   I completely feel your pain though. Usually when you see 48, they start at C-cup and go up from there. I'm really hoping the next eighteen months give me a bit of a growth spurt. 😋   So yeah, I use Amazon because I can't find a darn thing that fits in a brick and mortar store. I blame the patriarchy for discrimination against the flat-chested.   Hugs!
    • Cyndee
      Good Morning Kathy, I enjoyed reading your post. I was introduced to Buddhism by a friend here on this board I met several years ago, and she gave me a book by Thich Nhat Hanh called "The heart of the Buddha's teachings", transforming suffering into Peace, Joy, and Liberation. While I know very little overall about the practice, this particular book helped me earlier in my transition so much, after all gender is suffering. This book introduced me to the concept of mindfulness and how to deal with inner feelings. Feelings that were running wild at times as my body went through the adjustment period with HRT and my social transition. Mindfulness raised my awareness into areas I had not previously explored, and gave me tools on how to calm my mind, they really worked ! I just wanted to share how much this helped me directly with my transition. My 2nd therapist I saw prior to my surgery was also a big proponent of mindfulness, and i was able to use our sessions to further these practices.    I also have traveled to India and find the culture there fascinating.    Hope your day is a good one   Cynthia 
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I have been on SM hrt on and off for a few years.  More off then on.  Until last November when I chose to stop risking my health and now on doctor supervised hrt.  So I have a long history of lowering T and my hair never responded or came back.  It’s very thinned out on top and above the temps is not as bad but it is not the lushes thick I once had.  
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