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Mildly distressed Heyo!

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Hello from Louisiana, everyone! I have a lot to say so if you don't mind I'll go ahead and start..


I bought a sports bra today. It was $2 from someone on Letgo. 

My desire to go back in time to be born female is probably the greatest wish I've ever had. I know I prayed that it would happen almost every day from the time I was 6 to when I was like, 12. I grew my hair out to my shoulder blades and it was funny, because people would actually always mistake me as female and I would indignantly correct them.


Yet, I would secretly, when no one else was around, tie my hair back in laughably bad ponytails and try to figure how the hell to make mascara look pretty.

I never felt comfortable during those years because I was so dedicated to my long hair, but I was so unsettled by my wishes.


My father figure was a big beefy man's man who was a Marine and a punk rock drummer. He proved to ultimately be a scumbag but he instilled a sense of manhood in me that I want to improve on. He imposed that classic toxic masculinity while emotionally abusing me and my alcoholic mother. Chin up, sit down, don't cry, grow up, and *grow some -censored- balls.* His constant letdowns created so much inner turmoil in me, and even so, it impacted me. I feel like it's something I have to do.. to be a better man than he ever was.

I fantasize about finally growing facial hair (even though now, at 19 it has yet to fully come in yet), and even being a father one day. I want to be strong. I want to be strong *and* retain my sensitivity.


Despite this, I feel a dreadful discontentment towards my own sex. I've always felt uncomfortable with my penis and I've never enjoyed its performance. I feel that phantom vagina, that so many other trans people have felt. I still have that wish I've always had, to be born female. It's been this way all my life, just typical suffering. 


So I bought the sports bra. I've worn it all day and I've felt so happy. I used to be so utterly ashamed. Last week I drunkenly came out to my friends on Twitter that I've always had these feelings about wanting to be female. I received lots of support, but I regretted the admittance, and really considered deleting the tweet altogether when one friend actively held a 1-on-1 conversation with me about my pronouns in our big active Discord. I was secretly incredibly happy to be so open about it but it stressed me out a lot as well. It helped me find solace in that decision, however. 


I don't know what I want to be. I am a writer, and someone who wants to strive towards a life of meaning over happiness. I still love punk rock more than anything even though the one who showed me the world proved to be my greatest demon. I'm pretty sure I know *who* I want to be.


But I'm so utterly lost!


I know a therapist is the one to discuss with on this matter. But this is America, and I live on my own. Rent is the priority.

I think I am asking for advice, or encouragement. Maybe I just want someone to tell me one way or the other, but we all know how foolish that is.


Regardless, I'm planning to join the Navy for 4 years in order to fund my college goals, so I may resort myself to the closet until I'm 24 out of pure necessity.. and that's an utter downer. At least I can have more time to really look within myself and solve my dilemma.


I hope you all have a great evening. Thank you so much for reading. THAT means quite a lot to me. :)

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Timber Wolf

Hi JTCaterpillar,

It can be very confusing when we're young and trying to figure all this stuff out. An important thing to do is take a deep breath and take things slowly. Try not to stress over it too much. You've taken a good step here by seeking support. The answers will come. I know gender therapy costs a chunk of money, but it could help you come to a greater understanding of yourself. If you could find a transgender support group in your area, that could help as well. And we are always here for you. You are not alone.


Lots of love and a big welcome hug,

Timber Wolf🐾

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2 hours ago, JTCaterpillar said:

So I bought the sports bra. I've worn it all day and I've felt so happy. I used to be so utterly ashamed.

JT pleased to meet you! While I have not lived your life, I really do understand this feeling, every time I sneaked womens clothing to wear I would always feels ashamed of it and myself when I looked in the mirror, as I always did. 

That feeling you get when you wear the sports bra is what I get when I get a chance to wear the clothes I have, except now when I look in the mirror I see potential and what if's rather than shame.  I will never regret getting married or having children as I always wanted to find love, have kids and to be a parent - just perhaps now I am wondering if I misinterpreted where those feelings came from!


You will find a way to work for you even if you do have to save up for a while, all of the best things in life require effort to be appreciated - so you are worth the effort!

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JT, welcome to the board. I can tell you that for me dressing when I can really helps me.  I am out fully as tg to only my dr so far. My wife knows I dress as she found some of my clothes. I am still so  scared, ashamed and embarrassed to fully let her in. So I wear underwear under my male cloths a lot to help. When she’s away for a day or two, I pull out all my clothes and makeup and really become me, Sara. All this is to say, you’re not alone. Like TimberWolf has said, take little steps, day by day. 


You mention you love punk. Can you work some of the punk culture into your appearance?  Paint your nails or wear some simple makeup like eyeliner that fits with that scene?  Wear some jewelry, get some piercings, or grow your hair out (this may not work if you’re going to enroll in the navy)? To me the punk scene allows for lots of little ways that you could incorporate some feminine features into your style.  As DeeDe said, “...you are worth the effort.”.


I know now that for me, being able to be me here, with so many amazing and supportive people, helps me through the tougher days. 


Have a wonderful day. 



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Welcome JT and thanks for your intro post. Congrats on buying the sports bra :applause:


Your post reminded me of the first time I went into a store and bought my own bra, I was about 20 then.


Your quote " But this is America, and I live on my own. Rent is the priority" tells me you have your priorities in the correct order.


Survival first, then you create the space and means to be "out". I dealt with being closeted for so long, I built up my resources, while secretly "under dressing" or dressing in secret. These feelings can oscillate over time, I recall periods, where I did not think about such things, and then one day, the desires to be female came back with a vengeance, eventually overtaking me. The truth can not hide for ever, at some point in life we all turn to face it, deal with it, relish it, as a life lived in truth, is truly well lived....


I hope you enjoy your time here with us JT







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Welcome JT.  Thanks for posting your story.  When i arrived here at first and read the posts others had made it helped me to find the strength to accept myself.  I always felt the guilt you describe as well as the fear that someone would discover my feelings.  Simply being honest with others makes such a difference.

You are not alone.





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Susan R

Hi JT, it's a pleasure to meet you and I'm very glad you found us.  We all need friends, support, and affirmation.  You'll find it here.  Thank you for sharing a little your story.  So many of us have had similar experiences and enjoy hearing yours and helping out any way we can.


Warmest Regards,

Susan R🌷

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Welcome JT.  I'm glad you found us.  You're not alone in your feelings so don't be ashamed.  I joined the Navy when I was younger and searching for a place in the world.  It was good for me and I hope it is for you, if you do go that route.  You will have to suppress the need to dress given the climate of denial in the military.  


Please join in the conversation, and be proud to be who you are.


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I really appreciate the kind words and reassurance. 


Thank you, everyone.

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    • Ellora
      If you have insurance, they might have options, and or your doctor, to get a referral for some type of Nutritionist that could help you. Possibly a councilor  could recommend group meetings, perhaps even a trans group that you could join. I know it helps to have a support system in line. Substitute fast food with veggies and fruit. Drink water with all of your meals, good or fast food, drink water. That helps me filling up and it's just plain healthy. Try and eat salad with your meals too, they can be rather tasty. Dont go cold turkey, ease into it, find a comfortable balance. Walk when you can, and ease into that too. Start bringing small weights with your walls after a while. Maybe find people that are willing to walk with you.  During my research of HRT and what would help me see changes, boobie growth, losing weight was one of them. That inspired me, cause I noticed the changes after i lost weight and maintained keeping weight off. The weight distribution has really been shoing this past week.  Other than eating healthy foods, going to a therapist might help you with what is driving you to eat when you are not hungry.  I wish you the best!
    • Ellora
      I do not miss anything (yet), and I dont believe i will. I am doing what I have always wanted to do, so everything that comes with it will be gravy. I get looks, and I enjoy them. I havent been flirted with yet, at least not as far as I know. That might come later when I present more. 
    • Kirsten
      Thank you. 💛💛  
    • Kirsten
      I have yet to find anything I really miss other than the looks from cute girls. Girls are definitely not checking me out anymore. Well maybe except a lesbian but I haven’t noticed that either.  And what’s worse is that that’s been replaced with guys checking me out and flirting. It’s really really weird still for me. Like really weird. lol. 
    • Susan R
      Great topic, Dawn.  I miss both of the things listed above.  I really miss being able to carry heavy things like I once could.  My upper body strength has dwindled.  When moving things like couches, sheets of plywood, etc...I never realized how much of the lifting required me to use my chest to help balance these bulky items.  I can't have ANYTHING touch me anywhere near my chest.  It nearly sends me into orbit when I inadvertently hit my nipples.
    • Kirsten
      It’s hard, but you need to start cutting out the bad foods. Foods high in fat and sugars make you crave more food. It’s why you can sit down and eat an avocado and feel more full and more sustained than when you eat 3x as much of something like Doritos or McDs fries. Your body is being fooled.  Eat as much healthy foods as you can. Nearly 50% of your food every day should be veggies. For someone your size I’d say you should be in the 6-8cups of veggies a day.  My advice, cut out bad and replace with good. Go as fast or slow as you can handle, but create goals no matter how small they may be and stick to them. Eventually you’ll get where you want to. But it’s gonna mean work. And I also recommend a support group. It really helps. A lot. If you stay active with it at least.    Good luck. 
    • Josie Beth
      I really don’t think this is the whole story. There’s just too much that doesn’t add up. He’s not talking or giving a motive for the shooting. Usually killers give a motive once they are caught. She worked retail and didn’t live the lifestyle even though she had a place on a seedy street. She leaned in the passenger side window which implies a passenger. The pace of the interaction was implied as being quick, so that tells me she was killed for being a witness. People don’t usually drive up to a random woman and have a short conversation with her and inexplicably shoot her with a shotgun. Unless it’s a hit.    There’s also a sub culture in the region they don’t mention. It’s common place for people who don’t have cars to flag others down and seek rides, called hacking, basically Uber before there was Uber and definitely cheaper. That’s something the suspect would be interested in if they just had a car accident, a rental van, and needed money. It’s entirely plausible. So was the passenger actually the killer? Was it one of those bait and switch situations where the passenger just killed her and the driver was surprised it happened? He definitely wouldn’t argue with an armed man. Did they threaten the driver and/or promise them protection if they didn’t talk? Was part of the deal to take the shotgun and take the fall if the police came after the driver? I think this was a hit, to take out a witness. Which means that the first killing was probably by the same person and the rabbit hole goes way deeper into the criminal underworld. 
    • Kris-Boston
      MGL Part  I Title 1 Chapter 4  Section 59    Fifty-ninth, "Gender identity'' shall mean a person's gender-related identity, appearance or behavior, whether or not that gender-related identity, appearance or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the person's physiology or assigned sex at birth. Gender-related identity may be shown by providing evidence including, but not limited to, medical history, care or treatment of the gender-related identity, consistent and uniform assertion of the gender-related identity or any other evidence that the gender-related identity is sincerely held as part of a person's core identity; provided, however, that gender-related identity shall not be asserted for any improper purpose .https://malegislature.gov/Laws/GeneralLaws/PartI/TitleI/Chapter4/Section7 https://www.mass.gov/info-details/massachusetts-law-about-gender-identity-or-expression
    • DawnD
      Hmmm.... Yea I guess you can't beat buzzing up your own hair with a pair of $30 Wal-Mart clippers
    • Kris-Boston
      Less expensive hair cuts vs the salon . 
    • Jani
    • Carolyn Marie
      The right wingers will go crazy over this (I think they already have), but I think its appropriate and a nice touch.   Carolyn Marie
    • Willow
      @Carolyn Marie thank you for sharing this true story.  So much of it describes the way I felt during puberty and at other times during my life.  it was just over a year ago that I finally figured it out and started therapy and sought help.  That's a long time to be depressed and not know why.   Willow  
    • DawnD
      So last weekend I went camping(tents, drinking, bonfire, no restrooms) I was in boy mode as I am not out yet. When natured called as is the case with mass quantities of cheap beer is involved, I found a tree, pulled it out, shook it off after, put it away and went back to fun. It got me thinking if or when I transition to a girl, it will require a little more privacy and toilet paper.(I have camped with girls) I have what I have between my legs, but male parts are so much more convenient in that regard.    It got my thinking what little thing will you miss or do you miss after transitioning? (Let's keep this on the light side, we are all aware of how society can treat us, just little things)   Dawn
    • Jani
      In an effort to make Berkeley more inclusive for its non-binary residents, the city council voted Tuesday night to make the language more gender neutral, following a city clerk review that found that the municipal code primarily contained masculine pronouns.   https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2019/07/18/berkeley-plans-remove-gendered-pronouns-its-municipal-code/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.8248f991c2e8
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