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Some Lenten Parallels Of Jesus and Trans People

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The season of Lent begins in a few minutes my time.  Lent is a time for change and new growth and hard introspection of our lives.  This is something I wrote a few years ago but for those who are Christian and follow a Lenten Discipline I hope this helps.


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Jesus knew from a young age that he was different from other children his age.  (See the story in Luke 2, 41:51).  The same scripture shows that his parents had a hard time with this, but that He held onto it in private as many of us do as children. God however knew about Jesus and knows about us in those times.

Jesus was “Outed” by his cousin John.  Between the three Synoptic Gospels, Mark, Matthew and Luke, it’s a little hard to figure whether Jesus wanted John to do this just when he did, IE Jesus wanted to come out of the God Closet, or John forced him out the way people often force us out of our closets and give us no choice of the matter.

Jesus went into a wilderness at this point of being outed.  It is said he fasted and prayed, and was tempted for many things.  On being outed, we too go into a wilderness, but our temptations are a little different.  Our “fasts” are often self-harm and self-loathing where we fear that God cannot accept us.  Our prayers are often for death and not for life, love and acceptance   

 What is a wilderness though really?  It is a place where society and other people do not control our lives, or our thoughts, a place where the opinions and control of other people in our lives cannot touch us.  We can choose a wilderness of our own, sometimes in Gender Counseling and sometimes in our own holy places.  We find a way to ignore and shut out what others try to make us is to be, just as Jesus no longer gave heed to the world’s idea of what a Messiah should be. We can carry this out of the wilderness and no longer be controlled by the world.

Jesus was Transfigured in front of three of his disciples and showed His True Self and his destiny to them.  We too have a first time in front of our family and friends dressed as our preferred gender and doing the things that are part of our True Selves as well.  We can hear “You are my beloved child, in you I am well pleased” if we listen for it, but possibly the others will be deaf to that message though we may be filled with it’s peace 

For a time, we too must teach others about the true nature of what being Transgender is all about, the crippling Gender Dysphoria that is in it, and that it is not sexual deviance or anything to harm other people. Being out is a way we and our fellow Trans* will be the best we can be as loving neighbors and relatives.  Like Jesus, we too must show others where their blind obedience to what they think is God’s Law is in fact self-deception and a glance away from God’s true face.

At last our hour too will come when we will face our Transitions into our True Selves once and for all.  We cannot go back and live as the world wants us to, and yet we are afraid to go forward.  We have fear and know we face many types of pain, and all for what, we do not know.  We too are in a garden praying that some other alternative is there than what we know really will be there for us.  We too will then stand up and pronounce that “our hour is at hand”,  and face what we must do to fulfill our purpose in life.

Our false self that our families and friends and even our cities have known and seen will die as we come further into the world as authentic selves.  None of those sources will ever again direct our lives and create us in the image they “believe is right” and that they own.  Our resurrected self that is free of a body we felt trapped in will be the one they will now know and they will realize they are powerless over it.  Our new body is one that shows our spirit as God truly made it.  Ours of course will be in life for a time yet to come, but perhaps it is our purpose from God to show changes that can be made in all lives by accepting HIS will and design for us. 

Blessings and peace for a Holy Lent


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Wow Vicky, thank you for sharing, I always get mildly irritated when I hear about people giving up things for lent like not being on FB for a month is a big deal when lent is not about removal but focus and self improvement.


42 minutes ago, VickySGV said:

We cannot go back and live as the world wants us to, and yet we are afraid to go forward.

This hit me hard because there is SO much truth in it.  It really does feel like being lost in a wilderness most of the time.

As Dee I keep being drawn to images of butterflies and I know it is because they are an example of transfiguration by design into something truly beautiful.


Thank you so much. 💛

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    • Charlize
      The first time i was mam'ed was in the south going into a convince store.  He even held the door for me.  I was floating!   I hope your journey works out for you Sara.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Cyndee
      Good luck with the appointment, may it go well for you....   C -
    • SaraAW
      I have my first endo appointment today. So nervous.   My wife is hoping they will find something wrong with me and that I won’t be eligible for HRT. She is still very much against anything that even hints I’m a woman. Hoping she comes around eventually, but I can’t keep going on the way I am now.    Have a a great day everyone.    *hugs*
    • Cyndee
      You will always remember your first. It's a great feeling.....   Congrats !
    • Raven1981
      I still wear my breast forms whenever I feel like that I need a little help.  My natural size is a 38B and my breast forms are a B cup so it does help me when I am feeling like I need a little help.  But there are some times I sleep in my breast forms and some times I dont.   But to me it is all about comfort and how realistic you look.   What is the difference between a Trans woman and a Cross Dresser?  The Cross Dresser can't wait to get home to put her bra ON, a Trans woman can't wait to get home and take her bra OFF.            I love Vicky's quote here and I guess that I am a Trans individual cause I will admit that I love wearing a bra but OMG it feels so good to take it off when I get home.
    • Kirsten
      A year in and I still don’t mind wearing a bra. At the start I liked the bralettes best. There still my go to for pjs on super hot nights too. Underwire isn't comfortable, but it sure does a great job of pushing everything where it belongs.  I use the little add a cup chicken cutlets still at times. Usually with something that shows a lot of cleavage cause the rest of the time I just don’t care. 
    • Kirsten
      For me it’s one simple thing. No more being fake. I get to meet people and be myself. I get to dress walk talk act and be myself. That’s it. 
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,   Happy Birthday Gwenivere0819!🎂 Happy Birthday scress19!🎂 Happy Birthday Uncouthguru22!🎂 Hope you have lots of fun today!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      I'm not out to the world, but I am to my family, and to my family I am Carla. It is so nice not to have to hide from them.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • tracy_j
      I am in a bit of a twighlight zone as I am not really sure if I am out or not. This is maybe partly due to not (at the moment) intending hormones, surgery or legal changes. That said I am pretty much out and relaxed in it. Yesterday I had a chance meeting with one of my partner's sisters (who knows) and her new boyfriend who she has just moved in with. Interestingly it was a good meeting quickly relaxing, although he was obviously initially surprised (actually he was so attractive I think the body language kicked in lol, a good catch for her). It is seldom, if ever, I get embarrassed when I chance meet someone I know when wearing a skirt or dress these days as it is me. A good point to me about coming out is not really having to think much about it any more.   Tracy
    • VickySGV
      luke_b was available.  Done deal.
    • Ellora
    • Debra Michelle
      I am,family and friends are helping out too including my employees.
    • KymmieL
      I forgot to post this yesterday. I got Ma'am d. Or at least I hope it was.   I help out a lady customer with some parts. As she walked away I swore I hear her say, Thanks, Ma'am. It is my first. With my hair in a high pony tail (girl style, to keep it off my neck in the heat) and my fingernails painted + my ladies Minnie Mouse watch.   It felt good.   Kymmie
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