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But am I a "real" boy tho?

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Hi, I just joined the other day! This is going to be a little incoherent I think, so thank you in advance, and also my apologies, in advance.


In my introduction I mentioned that I'm somewhere between genderqueer and ftm, and that I'm still working on it. I think I keep saying that because I'm scared to "really" really come out. Which is silly, of course, because I already know I'm me, etc. I even had a moment a few weeks ago where I was so sure, I told my friends. I asked them to use he/him pronouns for me instead of they/them, which I have been using for a few years now. And then I immediately felt like a faker and a fraud. I didn't feel "trans enough". I don't pass at all except if you squint real hard. I felt like I was somehow "tricking" everyone and being a "special snowflake" and all that bs.


But also like. I know. I think I've known for a while. I think the agender/nonbinary/genderqueer phases I went through were all placeholders. I can pinpoint details and tells all the way back to when I was maybe four years old. I used to fantasize about a mad scientist kidnapping me to this dark green laboratory room and cutting away all the "wrong" parts of my body and making me into a boy. The boy was an imaginary "friend"... maybe more of an alter ego? He was a boy who suffered a lot, and he was 6 days older than me. He went through a lot of changes along with me as we grew up, but for basically my entire life he's kind of been a "mirror" me. When I dream, I am either him or he is me, or beside me. We are always together. He hasn't been as strong of a presence in my mind in recent years but he's still there. And I think because he's still a product of my mind and is my mental mannequin, so to speak, he is now ftm. And it's good and okay. I think this is because I've started coming to terms with my actual self a lot more actively over the past several years.


I've been in therapy for about two years now and have made a lot of progress in overcoming the literally unspeakable self-loathing I was carrying for my whole life. It was so bad I can't describe it in words... my brain refuses to process or go back to it. I can't make the words happen. 


Anyway, I stopped beating myself up, I stopped beating "him" up, and we grew closer together and now we're sort of "twinning" in our transition. He is ahead of me but only because I want to see what it's like I guess. He's doing okay. He's growing into a healthy and balanced person; he has good and bad days but he survives. He used to be able to change his physical form and he would change sex frequently. For a while he was female; it was around the same time I went through a phase of wearing a lot of dresses and feminine clothes and presenting as a woman. I guess I never really considered myself a "girl" or a "woman"... I performed those roles, because I understood that they were the ones assigned to me... but I was never committed to them, and they always felt awkward and forced. In the end that almost killed me. 


As I have grown up and become more of an adult and gotten more room to grow and explore my gender and my expression of it, I have gravitated towards masculine presentation. I wear almost exclusively masculine clothing. I cut my hair short. I wear a binder to make my awful giant chest smaller. I use masculine forms when I speak Russian at home. I have done that since I was a little kid. 


Anyway I'm like dragging my feet on this even though it's already as good as happened. I came out as "gay" officially a few months ago... even though my brother outed me years before anyway... and my mum's been cool about it and my dad hasn't really said anything about it at all. And I can't tell if this will be just another like "oh well thanks for mentioning it we already knew" deal, or if this is going to be the thing that finally breaks my family. And I'm so scared of what my family's reaction might be that it's literally consuming my every waking moment. My chest hurts endlessly from anxiety. I get dizzy thinking about it. I want to rip off the bandaid but I keep stalling and it's getting worse and worse and worse and it's because I'm afraid that they'll say those things to me about how I'm not really trans and I'm not really a boy and this is a phase and etc. etc. etc. I'm so scared of that?? 


tl;dr I feel like I'm faking even though I know I'm not, and I'm scared of hurting my family.

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2 hours ago, Mar said:

I'm somewhere between genderqueer and ftm, and that I'm still working on it. I think I keep saying that because I'm scared to "really" really come out. Which is silly, of course, because I already know I'm me, etc.

Well of course you're frightened, not of your understanding of who you are, but of others reactions to this news.   People seem to have weird reactions sometimes to things that really don't affect their lives.  


When you are early in the journey it is easy to feel fake or not real because you are in that "in-between" stage of living in two genders.  It will pass.  You're not a snowflake. 


Don't beat yourself up or feel badly about yourself.  Each and every one of us has value and worth.  You certainly do!  Presenting as masculine while you explore is great.  There is nothing wrong with dressing as you wish and wearing your hair short.  Don't be concerned about dragging your feet.  Never go faster than your mind and spirit can handle.   


As to coming out as gay, that's fine.  It may be a stop along the way for you.  Your family's reaction will be what it will be.  Don't fret over things your cannot control.  If they love you (I'm sure they do) they will accept you, and hopefully come to a point of understanding you.  These are two different concepts and not all people get it.  


So repeat after me:  "I am not faking it."  "I am being true to myself and who I am; even if I don't fully know who that is yet."   When you feel down, repeat as often as needed! 


Hugs, Jani

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16 hours ago, Mar said:

In my introduction I mentioned that I'm somewhere between genderqueer and ftm, and that I'm still working on it. I think I keep saying that because I'm scared to "really" really come out.


I think the agender/nonbinary/genderqueer phases I went through were all placeholders.


What you're going through really resonates with me and my situation.  I find that I constantly need to tell myself that this journey I'm on is about me and no one else.  When you look at it in terms of getting to know yourself and expressing the person you are inside, then words like 'real' and 'fake' almost become meaningless because who you are can't be defined by anyone else.  I recently heard a good movie quote that I love regarding identity "who you are now is simply a matter of balancing who you were with who you want to be."


Go at whatever pace you're comfortable with.  I know it's never easy, but try not to stress yourself out about how others will react when you come out.  Their reactions show more about who they are than who you are.

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Timber Wolf

Hi Mar,

It is scary worrying about how others will react to us. But as we progress down this path, we gain confidence in who we are. As we start down this path, it's common to wonder if this is really real, are are we just fooling ourselves? These questions get answered in time as we grow more in understanding of ourselves. 


A lifetime of social pressure teaching us to conform often leads to fears that we may be faking it or confused. But to understand who we really are, we have to look inside, not outside. When this is something that we've been experiencing for years, we aren't faking it. We're not pretending. It's real!


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf 🐺🐾

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@Jani @EliAtkins @Timber Wolf


Thank you so much for responding! I'm sorry I like, went off the deep-end with my post a little, hah 😓 I think I was working through things in a train of thought.


I appreciate what you've all pointed out about these feelings of "faking" being kind of a part of the process and the journey... I've been trying to do more reading and research and stuff to get a better grip on where I'm at, and a lot of what I've read has said the same, and it's nice to hear it corroborated. I feel like intellectually I know what's what about myself but my anxiety is still in the foreground banging pots and pans together like, shrieking bloody murder so 🤷‍♂️


This is something that takes time but it still feels like I'm somehow not doing enough, or not doing it right. Ugh. I don't know. 


Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate you taking out the time to read my ramble!




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    • Susan R
      Hope you feel a little better after some rest tonight.  That had to be painful.  I’m so sorry you had to endure that.  Stay positive hon! Sounds like you’re in good hands though. Get Well, Susan R🌷    
    • Susan R
      This is so interesting...I had never heard about this.  I also thought that the research finding “that hormones in the womb matter more than rearing when it comes to your sexual orientation.” was intriguing too. This weakens even further the idea that you can change sexual orientation with conversion therapy.   Thanks for sharing this article, Belle, Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Toni, I truly feel for you.  There are going to be days like this.  I’m glad it’s not going to side step your goal of becoming who you are inside.  Don’t lose hope.  No one knows what tomorrow holds. I had one of those days today too.  I had lofty goals but ended up on the phone all day putting out fires and seemingly got very little done by end of the day.  I just took a 2 hour nap which I haven’t done in ages.  I feel a little better now.  My point is that transitioning is hard work and sometimes it seems like not much is changing or getting done.  You’re in a rough patch whether it be hormonal or situational, I know it feels real.  You’re NEVER going to end up a “pathetic excuse” for anything.  You have worth and value not only here but to those lives you touch.  There are better days ahead for you.  With a little luck and plenty of patience, by this time next year you’ll no doubt be a lot further along and in a much better place.  Keep your head up girl!   My Best Susan R🌷
    • VickySGV
      I have known about it for some time, and it is genetic and hormonal issue.  There are other equally as fascinating problems involving hormonal and related issues.  The list is pretty long although it is too late tonight for me to find my resources in my mess on my computer desk tonight.  It fits into Intersex territory which is wider than most of us imagine and more varied than most peoples imaginations will tolerate.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Wow, this is about as fast a collar as I've seen in a long while.  Congrats to the NYPD and the members of the public who provided tips.  This guy is a stone cold...you-know-what.  Needs to be off the street.   https://nypost.com/2020/01/27/police-nab-suspect-in-attack-on-transgender-woman-in-nyc-subway/   Carolyn Marie
    • Belle
      Has anyone heard of the Guevedoces? I just learned about them the other day. The earliest article I have seen is from 2015: https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34290981   1% of the boys in this village in the Dominican Republic live as a girl with a vagina until puberty, at which point they grow penises and become fully fertile men. Apparently these boys normally feel like boys growing up including preferred playmates, toys, etc. This speaks volumes in favor of gender and sex being separate.   Belle ❤
    • Miss Night
      Dreary I feel your pain. Not to make things worse. But tell me if you ever get this. I am in a skirt, 3 inch heels, lipstick deep red, hair down middle of my back, carrying my black purse, and I have boobs ( been on hormones for 10 years) some guy comes up to me and asks can I help you Sir. I just hate that.. but at the same time I love it when every one around him just comes down on him saying -what the heck- is wrong with you. This person is a lady. I just love that. 
    • Dana Michelle
      I've had quite a bit of dreams where I either cannot walk or can only walk very slowly. Usually this is when I am dreaming about crossing the street or someone chasing me. I don't remember the last time I had a dream like this. It might have been a few years ago or a few months ago. I've been on hormones for 2 years and wanted to transition for at least a decade before I finally did. I have no idea if my dreams of being unable to walk have anything to do with my gender dysphoria and have never thought about it.
    • Belle
      Toni, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this 😥. This broken life is much harder for people like us. No matter how long we spend in a salon we're not quite as manicured as the rest of society.   I'm glad you were able to cry. I still often find that difficult to do. It's healthy.   I'm proud of you for resisting the bottle. It was crossing my mind just a few minutes before I read your post. But I know it will only drive me to suicide more quickly and make the road between here and there more difficult. You are a strong woman to still be sober. I'm glad you know it's not the answer.   I hope you have a warm day soon.   Belle ❤
    • ToniTone
      I feel so alone and scared in the world too... 
    • ToniTone
      I'm sorry in advance, this is sadposting (I copied this from my post on fb and editted slightly, just so anyone here who might be concerned for me can be updated, and for my own journaling)...    I just had a really hard cry. I suppose mourning my youth that I took for granted and for simpler times that are now past. I miss my old family and my friends, and seeing my ma everyday. I miss saturday morning cartoons and the video games I grew up with. I miss my old hometowns. I miss the only responsibility I had was school (well kinda), and not having to make bills at risk of being homeless (again). I miss not having back and joint pain (or less of it anyway). I'm tired of getting older. My co-workers are mostly 20somethings and are a constant reminder of this. I just wish I could go back and slow the clock down for a little while. Time is cruel...   I also kinda regret the burdens I'm taking on of transitioning. Which is not to say I'm gonna stop, I was pretty miserable as a guy. I just feel like I'm gonna end up as a pathetic excuse for a transfem-androgynous woman. I feel like I'll never pass as a woman, maybe I need to settle on androgyny, at least to find some effect of contentment.    I've been feeling really moody lately. I think in part bc of my hormones. Lately I just always feel on the verge of crying. I was more apathetic or angry living as a man. I feel calmer now. But I kinda miss that angry energy, though it was never really applied productively...    Also, I'm really depressed bc it's winter. I definitely get SAD. I hate the cold and the ice. All I want to do is stay in and wait for it to be over. If only I didn't have to commute in the cold to work. I kinda just shutin and shut down in the winter.    All these feelings triggered a craving, first I've had in quite a while. I just wanted a drink so I didn't have to feel these feelings for a while. I know, that's not a solution and brings many of it's own problems. Anyway, I didn't and I won't. As dark as things may seem now, they could be a lot worse if I undid all the good things I've done in my sobriety.    I just want winter to be over. Maybe this year will be better than the last... Maybe...    ~Toni
    • VickySGV
      We used to have a couple a few years ago, but they have not been active for a while, but they did leave behind some very informative posts.  It may be that one person re-activating this forum could get some to come and be active.
    • A. Dillon
      Be careful with the butch lesbian look - you might be playing with fire. Although honestly, it suits you very well. You look pretty handsome, and I hope Eaven will love it! I wish I could pass that well... maybe I should just wear ski gear everywhere I go. 
    • Miss Night
      I use to be very into Second Life. I have always loved the name Cindy. But wanted to be little different. So in talking with friends the name of Sindee came up. So in second life I became Sindee. When I changed my name from my male name to my female name it became Sindee. I love it. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/nypd-investigates-alleged-subway-assault-trans-woman-possible-hate-crime-n1123291   Just horrible.  I'm glad the NYPD/Transit Police are investigating it as a hate crime.   Carolyn Marie
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