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Trans Pre-OP

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I am a trans woman, pre-OP.  I'm posting on here, to get others opinions.

My lower half cause a lot of dysphoria,  some days worst than others. I've been looking into surgery but it still a few years out, between finding the right surgeon and getting the money. 


So, I started looking online and found fake vaginas, used mainly for crossdressing. I've considered buying to wear to try and cut down on my dysphoria. However, they can get very expensive. I am also concerned with it making me feel like a fraud or even more dysphoric.


So, many other thoughts & feelings around it. 

Was just wondering others opinions were about this or if anyone using them. How does it make you feel etc. 

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From someone who tried one of those rubber VJJS, please save your money for the real experience.  If anything they make your GD worse.  Spend the money if your still must spend it on some support panties, and then a cute dress or skirt that does not emphasize your tween hips area.  Looking down on the flowing skirts and feeling the firm support of the panties will put your problem out of sight.  The VJ prosthetics look great in glossy ads but are highly conducive to jock itch problems, and other cleanliness problems. 

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I can say myself, that I have bought one and used one.  I got the one that allows for restroom use and sexual intercourse use.  However, the fact that they are made out of silicon, it is not ideal for long term wear.  The most you can wear it for is 3 hours.  They do get very hot and sweaty down there.  It does help my dysphoria out a little but not 100%.  If you want to get one you can, just be warned that you wont be able to wear it for the whole day and can only wear for 3 hours.

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8 hours ago, Amy LeBlanc said:

It does help my dysphoria out a little but not 100%. 


In quick time, with the additional personal cleanliness and limits, it made my GD much worse.  YMMV.

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The ones I was looking at, you could use the restroom in them, but no sexual activity.  It wasn't a full lower half just the vagina with straps almost like a strap on.  

Thank you for your feedback, I will continue to consider my dysphoria options. 

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    • Aidan5
      I am so excited for you man!! Keep us updated!
    • dianeT68
      Hi Ladies,   so im approximately 15 months into my journey. My doctor started me off on Femiston which really didnt suit me at all. She then put me on Elleste, which again we’re giving me lots of side effects......bloating, period type symptoms and the most awful mood swings and just for good measure sore swollen breasts and hot flashes!!   my sister said that I ought to ask my doctor  for HRT gel which I did and I have now been on since Christmas. It’s fab and I feel so settled on it, I still have the odd bad day but in general it’s much better and the period symptoms are still there but much less. my breasts are no longer swollen, nipples are tender and very sensitive to the touch. I’m now filling out a DD cup, and that seems to be where I’ll finish at. I’m buying lace bras now, instead of padded t shirt bras, though my sister brought me a push up bra and I have to say I love it.
    • MiraM
      I posted doe a new position in the company I work for. I transitioned on the job, but have not legally changed my name yet. In the system it still has my legal name doe payroll,  etc.  I dont know if the management of my location has even said anything about my transition to the corporate office. when I submitted my posting,  all also included a letter from my psychologist stating that I present as a gender and use a name that is not consistent with what is listed on my legal identification. Something like that may work for you.
    • Mahaney
      We're here if you need us. When someone gets you down, tell them, you've got the Trans Pulse Army in your corner.
    • Mahaney
      Damn right. Don't give in. I figure if anyone has a problem with me, they can go to hell. Sometimes you have to let the ones you love but who don't love you back go.
    • emily the wolf
      Can someone help me with the discord server, I was banned for no reason after creating a new account and trying to join as I had to delete my old one 
    • TrIIIy
      I had my first T injection last week, and today I started to notice a change in my voice! I am surprised by how quickly it is happening. My throat is all scratchy, which I read is a symptom of my vocal chords changing. I am super excited! Can’t wait hear what my true voice will be!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Well update it with your new super powers.  Lol
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Two thumbs up and fingers crossed. 
    • TammyAnne
      The movement has informed some of my work as well. Welcome. TA
    • TammyAnne
      Welcome secondlook! You're among friends here! TA
    • TammyAnne
      I'd like that. And could use an adventure for a change.   Jackie, that's funny about the pants, since I tend to spend much of my studio time in a t-shirt and panties.   TA
    • TammyAnne
      It's a thought. But I'd really have to relocate to Maine. Although the West coast is also appealing. I spent 3 years in San Francisco. TA
    • Aidan5
      I am going to drop some hints to make sure he isn't playing with my heart. I might ask him this week or next week to have sushi like he wanted. (And it's cheap >:D)    Also I will keep you all posted!
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      It seems pretty clear he likes you. And you like him. I agree with A Dillon, y'all should just try going out! Just a casual coffee or lunch. Take it slow, you know?   Anyway, this is too cute! Please keep us posted 💕   ~Toni
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