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Trans Pre-OP

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I am a trans woman, pre-OP.  I'm posting on here, to get others opinions.

My lower half cause a lot of dysphoria,  some days worst than others. I've been looking into surgery but it still a few years out, between finding the right surgeon and getting the money. 


So, I started looking online and found fake vaginas, used mainly for crossdressing. I've considered buying to wear to try and cut down on my dysphoria. However, they can get very expensive. I am also concerned with it making me feel like a fraud or even more dysphoric.


So, many other thoughts & feelings around it. 

Was just wondering others opinions were about this or if anyone using them. How does it make you feel etc. 

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From someone who tried one of those rubber VJJS, please save your money for the real experience.  If anything they make your GD worse.  Spend the money if your still must spend it on some support panties, and then a cute dress or skirt that does not emphasize your tween hips area.  Looking down on the flowing skirts and feeling the firm support of the panties will put your problem out of sight.  The VJ prosthetics look great in glossy ads but are highly conducive to jock itch problems, and other cleanliness problems. 

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I can say myself, that I have bought one and used one.  I got the one that allows for restroom use and sexual intercourse use.  However, the fact that they are made out of silicon, it is not ideal for long term wear.  The most you can wear it for is 3 hours.  They do get very hot and sweaty down there.  It does help my dysphoria out a little but not 100%.  If you want to get one you can, just be warned that you wont be able to wear it for the whole day and can only wear for 3 hours.

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8 hours ago, Amy LeBlanc said:

It does help my dysphoria out a little but not 100%. 


In quick time, with the additional personal cleanliness and limits, it made my GD much worse.  YMMV.

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The ones I was looking at, you could use the restroom in them, but no sexual activity.  It wasn't a full lower half just the vagina with straps almost like a strap on.  

Thank you for your feedback, I will continue to consider my dysphoria options. 

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    • SaraAW
      Congratulations Michelle! *hugs*
    • SaraAW
      Possibly going out shopping with a colleague and friend from work. It is a yearly tradition where we go out shopping for our wives and family, usually grabbing some dinner too. This is male mode shopping as I am still not out. Not sure I’m going to socially transition anytime soon in an effort to save my marriage.    I look forward to this as he’s a good friend and he works remotely, so we don’t get together often.    Got a chill today, hoping my tea warms me up.    Have a great day everyone. *hugs*
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I think it is wise to plan for a future with and without your marriage.  Planning does not mean doing.  Just making sure you will be taken care of if anything happens. I agree with Jani, try to find a common ground.  Right now it seems impossible.  But given time everybody will absorb what's going on and think about it better once the hurt and pain and shock of it all fades.  As has been said before, we have had a lot of time to process this issue.  The consider things.  Our wives have not and it will take them time too.  I'm not saying she will make a 100% turn around but surely she cares enough about the family to at least talk about it and try to make things better. I find this is happening in my marriage.  Though it is still on a course of the big D like you say, it is more a transformation of itself into something that will keep us together, in part, just not legally married after a certain point.  I too am trying to prepare for a future with out her.   But the stress of it all is fading each day and we seem to be doing good for now.  Day by day is all we can do.
    • TammyAnne
      Dentist and Therapy today. So it's going to be less fun: no drawing but maybe a little guitar playing later. Time to make coffee and get started. Snowy weather predicted for the day too. I am not so warm and fuzzy about driving in that. Cheers and a big hug for all. TA
    • shelly_koleva83
      Sorry,   I know that I become too obsesive and that I am kind of overemoitonal and a bit too honest even when my opinion is consisted of pure naivity/stupidty.   I will share with you my struggled, poor, Enlgish writngs on Medium, my profile.   You know: If we going to fail, let's do it on a bigger stage! LOL   https://medium.com/@michellekoleva
    • tracy_j
      At this point in the year, near Christmas, I get bouncy to the extreme - so up and down, one time major depression then a bit later happy again. It started me, just after Christmas last year,  going out for walks several days a week as these seemed to cure my depression and do keep me fitter (and busier as I usually do over ten and occasionally toward twenty miles a week out in the countryside). It was bad at the end of last week but I am Ok at the moment, looking forward to my daily pot of coffee. I think the dreary weather has a lot to do with it.   Enjoy your day everyone!   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      A bit like the blackboard chalk the teacher used to throw across the room?   It wasn't my first but I still have a Vic-20. I bought it cheap when a shop was clearing stock to use for interfacing. It's some while since I powered it up though.   More seriously though  Aidan - As Charlize said, hang in there, it does get better with time. Keeping yourself busy, as you have to, at least keeps you occupied. Plan to what you can do when the time comes as it sounds like to may have little help from home.   Tracy
    • shelly_koleva83
      Thank you all!   If it becomes unbearable it's sure that I might not continue reading it. As I said for now the forewords from Ruth Barrett and Germaine Greer (we know who the second one is for sure) are the transphobic part, but I am at the beigining.    So I prepared the antidotes, as well: Julia Serano's classic "Whipping Girl" and my own counter-points review at Medium.     Hugs!      
    • Michelle F
      Cool... we're nearly neighbors!
    • VickySGV
      Just a few miles away from me.  I know several of his patients and they are happy with their results.
    • Alice K
      Woohoo! Congratulations!
    • Michelle F
      What a Christmas present!!!   At 11:30am Dec 26, 2019 I go Dr Sinclair at his Whittier, Ca office for vaginaplasty evaluation!   I am psyched!
    • Kitty
      When i put on guys clothes im sorta like another version of myself thats always been there but i rarley act like. when i wear guys clothes im more confident, i feel tough and there even is a kid who is scared of me cuz i tell him not to mess with me.
    • Damien Mcknight
      If they’re saying that, then they obviously don’t actually support you. Also, if you’re not an adult yet (I have no idea) they don’t want you to jump ahead too early. But that’s no excuse for them to say stuff like that.
    • Christian S
      I have told my family that I am transitioning, but when I told some of them that I also plan to get my name and gender legally changed they told me not to do it because I am female no matter what I identify as.   What do I do about this? This has seriously hurt me even though they said they support my choices but at the same time they don't.
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