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Why are there so many cute styles, YET!!!!

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Why when you go shopping for cloths there  are so many cute styles. yet nothing in your size. I was at Wally world earlier. I saw some cute styles yet none in my size.  I did however pick up some sleep shorts in raspberry to go with the top I already have. Also picked up a much needed pair of jeans.


I don't know who is the corporate idiot who buys swim wear for wallys but the styles and color are just plain hideous, IMHO. I wouldn't be caught wearing any of it even if I was CIS woman.

It seems that these stores are leading you on what styles of cloths to buy. Not only Wallys but others as well.


Sorry for the rant, now off my soap box.



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My two favorite stores with stuff that fits me  (>18) are Dress Barn and Lane Bryant with Torrid being OK for some things.  I have a two piece bathing suit via Lane Bryant's Cacique lingerie line that fits and actually looks good on me.  Hint though, the top piece is below-tummy length, I am not going to poison the view by wearing one that has bare skin showing in that area.   Target has some stuff in bigger sizes, but it is online order stuff to be picked up in the store.


I have been shopping at all of those stores even before I went full time,, and they are Trans friendly in most places.

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My mom has the same problem. (She's plus sized). JCPenny, Kohls and Belk are her favorite places for clothes. For swimwear, sometimes discount department stores (TjMaxx, Bells, Ross etc) have good stuff. Also, if you know your size, online shopping might be an option. (I don't know how trans friendly these places are, but I've never had any issues with my local stores).


To add to the rant: As someone who still wears a female bathing suit sometimes, what the hell happened to just a standard pull on and go one piece?!  No fancy bows, crissscrosses, tie in the back etc. 

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    • ThatDarnDodo
      Productivity? Never heard of her. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Sasha.  I won't be much fun to talk video games with, but I can manage some General Nonsense.  😆  Please look around and post where you like, and if you have questions, we're good for that, too.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
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      Thank you, Shay.  We have a wonderful team here, and actually, I feel it's more akin to a family.  But its all the members, past and present, who make this place truly special.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
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      @Robin  You've mentioned that previously.  Thanks for the photo, so cool.  I understand Geddy Lee is a big collector of Negro League Baseball memorabilia.  Neil Young is into train sets. I remember when he joined a group to buy Lionel when they were in trouble years ago.  
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      WHat an awesome day! Congratulations.  
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      Thanks for the welcome, Jackie. This seems like a pretty great community so far. 
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      Dangit, I think you just killed my chances of doing anything productive this week.   Hugs!
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      Salutations @Groucho! Welcome to TransPulse!   I've often wondered what it's like to have the weight of billions of other... in your case, let's go with men for now... behind me. I get jealous of how effortless it is for a cis-woman to be feminine. I'll see a woman and think, "Well, she's dressed like a slob and doesn't take care of herself, but everybody still sees her as a woman." Meanwhile I work my butt off with vocal lessons, watching how I walk, dressing to emphasize and de-emphasize certain unfortunate features and I still feel like I'm walking a razor's edge. Just one step to the side and it's back to, "Look at THAT dude." Don't get me wrong. I'm finally comfortable in my own skin. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Still, sometimes in a moment of weakness I'll get all bunched up about how much easier things would have been had I not been born trans.   In any case, read, look around and ask questions. I hope you find what you're looking for here!   Hugs!
    • ThatDarnDodo
      I love farming simulation games like Stardew Valley and Rune Factory. I dunno what it is but there's just something about farming pixelated carrots that draws me in. Verdant Valley is another farming life sim I recently bought and I'm kind of in love with the character creation in it. Instead of asking for gender, characters refer to you using neutral terms and you're given the freedom to deign your character's in any way you want. Masc, femme or a mixture of the two and if you ever get bored of your look you can change it any time. There's also romance options in the game: Five men, six woman and one nonbinary.    https://howlingmoonsoftware.itch.io/verdant-skies
    • Groucho
      44 years old and happily monogamously married and always identified as cishet male. Recently had discussion with trans friend where she asked "How do you experience your gender identity" and I said a bunch of stuff and she said "Well your experience of gender doesn't look much like mine, nor does it look like other trans girls I've talked to about it. But I don't know much about the non-binary experience, and maybe you're in there somewhere." I thought "Wow, if that's your take on it then the revolution in gender is truly coming". Found this site. Just curious to learn and explore, even if only to be a good cis ally.
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      another younger band I really like is Dawes and especially the lyrics of this one.    
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      THAT is totally cool. I know Tom Hanks collects typewriters and Jim Fox (drummer in the James Gange with Joe Walsh) collects car license plates - but this beats them and is so cooool. 
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      One of my hobbies is collecting vintage vacuum cleaners. I have more than 100 in total, dating from the 1920s to the 1980s. Here is a picture of part of my collection.       Robin.
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      Happy to hear you're progressing so well, Kylie.  Thank you for keeping us updated❣️
    • QuestioningAmber
      @Jackie C. I used to write campaigns for D&D. I lost my way I feel, it is something I have interest in picking up again, I even picked up a set of core rules for v5 I think it was. Now I just need to come up with a story arc and then get a group together.
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