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tucking mtf


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i just wondered how to correctly tuck as when i look at the good advice maybe i am just don't know how to , when i read that the lingual canal that release the testicles is where your suppose to push them , but I think i might be doing it wrong as when i try to push them up it feels that they just go under the skin and don't really stay in place. i am average or a little less than average but either way when i tuck it doesn't really stay in place especially when trying to walk or go to bathroom. I have to admit this is only been the first week  since i found this site that is comforting and welcoming . Is it normal when one seems to be in the canal that it hurts and how do i really know if i am doing it correctly.


once i learn the correct way and how to keep it in place then i can think of body hair and maybe nails .


sorry for the long post

thanks for being so supportive

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Just now, mini said:

i try to push them up it feels that they just go under the skin and don't really stay in place.


It is while they are up there and your other skin (penis and scrotum) are pulled toward your rear end, that you pull a real tight latex panties over all of it to do the holding in place.  The panties will be tight, but that's how you do it.  Reach from your behind to your front and pull your penis and scrotum from that direction rather than pushing them from the front.

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In time it becomes easier. They will tend to slip into place easily, more so in cooler weather, but gravity enables them to slide out again. It appears there is natural temperature regulation which does make things trickier in warmer weather. The action is to slip into place with little pressure. There may be some discomfort at first but you shouldn't get any great pain.



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Maid In Bedlam

I remember tucking. It was a bit hit and miss as far as i can relate to it. Takes a lot of practise. But keep at it and you will get there.



One bit of advise i can give you. Once you have got it in place DO NOT use Duct tape.  Tight pants all the way. Even a bit of surgicasl tape. made for attachment to skin. But for the love of god really. Nothing else.


As a last ditch solution just wear a longer top or a dress or something. Anything you do not need to push them in.


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Mine (testicles) tend to tuck and untuck themselves easily according to their own whim. More than once I have awakened to find them "gone" only to have them re-emerge. Mine are large relative to most people, so if mine will go, anyone's can.

If you feel around (gently, gently) you can find the canals with a finger tip. Coaxing your testicles into there just takes a little practice.

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i appreciate the advice as i was having a terrible time tucking and staying in place especially walking they were always slipping out or never in proper place.  I will be taking the tips and trying them out in the morning . I was afraid to try tape as hair would be pulled out.

I will be trying the pull from behind and panty method as well as other great advice. 


I do have one other question and that is going to gym as i am not allowed to use the other gym so how do i get used to being comfortable in those situations.

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5 hours ago, mini said:


I do have one other question and that is going to gym as i am not allowed to use the other gym so how do i get used to being comfortable in those situations.

I dont understand your question.  Personally, I don't use a gym to avoid any of those situations.

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Maid In Bedlam

With Laura.




Why can you not use the other gym? Who would say or has said you are not allowed and why?


Why do you feel uncomfortable?


To give you a definative answer or at least some advise we need to be made aware of the circumstances regarding the gym. and your circumstances regarding the reason you need to tuck to go to said gym.



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i guess maybe just got too many things wanted to do and speed things along .

there was two separate questions .

one was on tucking correctly

gym etiquette since not out yet or wearing ladies dresses or pants yet in public.


i have not really come out to anyone other than here and as i said earlier things are progressing sometimes slow sometimes faster.

i should say most people know i am gay but not trans anyway back to the question .


 I guess I just needed to know what gym etiquette is , however i believe one of members already answered that as maybe for now just to dress at home then gym.


As to the reason i am not allowed to use the opposites biological gym as i stated earlier i am not out and have not submitted anything to the current school . Since i just started the journey and exploring  and really have not  gone shopping  or cross dressing for lack of better term.


lots of questions i guess i  just need to slow down and take  on one thing at a time. I guess i should just focus on tucking correctly and being comfortable sitting and walking with things nice and tidy out of the way and not worry about anything else for now.


i do appreciate all of the members advice on here and i guess trying to speed things up when i am not ready might actually work against me in the long run.


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Shows how I tuck, fairly simple for me, one testicle at a time and invert my penis then wear tight panties I can usually stay tucked unless i move around too much.

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    • Susan R
      @Ithani Keep your head up, hon. If there one thing I know for sure...change is always right around the corner. Take a deep breath and know that things will improve.   Before I let you go....Can I ask what you have done or are doing for yourself to combat this? Are you trying to handle his on your own? Do you have any real life local support or allies?   Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Hello and welcome @Cristie Bauman. Nice to meet you. You’ve come to the right place for sure. I for one would love to read your story. I’m sure you have some very unique stories to share within your journey thus far and likely more coming soon. Like you, I knew I was a girl at a very young age (4y.o.). I was told that boys don’t act or dress like girls at that early age. It didn’t change who I was inside. I was 56 before I finally said enough is enough and started living my life for me. I’m happy to see you are doing the same. Good for you!   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • ElizabethStar
      I decided to print up a cat ear headband for spooky season.  
    • Emily michelle
      It’s very boring lol. The weather has been cold and raining so I can’t go outside either. I have been doing a bunch of cleaning around the house. Also I managed to pick out my thanksgiving outfit. I have also been working on my hair and makeup. I was quite happy, I use a bb cream instead of foundation. So I was putting way too much on apparently. And it bothered me on how it looked. So i tried to do it with hardly any and it turned out great. 
    • Dana Michelle
      I wrote an update on another thread about genital electrolysis: https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/topic/81722-where-to-draw-the-line-for-genital-electrolysis/ . I did end up getting an erection at the beginning of my first session but the electrologist didn't react to it. For most of the session, I think it was in a partially erect stage (probably more flaccid than erect) for the rest of the visit. The second visit it only happened as I was taking my clothes off but it was going away by the time I laid on the table, and didn't really happen at the third (I've had three sessions so far), so it seems as I'm getting used to having electrolysis sessions while half undressed, erections are becoming less common. Although erections are caused by sexual excitement, for me they seem to be also caused anxiety related to sexuality or modesty.
    • A. Dillon
      If you would ever like tips, I worked on voice training for months and now people who thought I was a girl will usually apologize or just look very shocked when I talk. It is all about where the sound is coming from, anyone can do it, you just have to be careful or you could hurt your vocal cords.   I have made posts including my voice trans-formation over the year, and it is pretty crazy, especially seeing as how at that time I was still trying to lower my voice. It was even higher before then, I just didn't notice it (or at least denied it).
    • ElizabethStar
      @Emily michelleHow is quarantine going? Are you able to keep mentally occupied?
    • Cristie Bauman
      I am a 59 year-old, whose birth certificate has Male typed on it, but I've had my doubts about that since the age of 4 or 5.  I've spent a lifetime being a people pleaser and trying to live up to other people's expectations of what I should be.   While I am still alive and have my sanity, I feel it's time to be what I believe myself to be.   I want to learn from others who have been where I am, and hopefully find someone who would like to hear my story.  Gender counselors and Trans friendly doctors aren't common in my state, but we have an abundance of self-righteous religious fanatics who are quick to condemn the Trans crowd.
    • Darci
      Here is the latest, and greatest directive amended as of 26JUNE2020. 1341(2)_D_2018-05-23.pdf
    • Darci
      I did PRK when I was on active duty...one of the best decisions I ever made beside reclassing from 13B to 46Q. I wish you luck on the glasses. I did get to speak to Jilian Shipherd, the director of LGBT care at the VA. She actually seems to give a -crap- about people's care; I was impressed. I also have the latest version of the VA care directive if you want me to upload it.
    • Emily michelle
      I’m not very exiting haha. Nothing happens when you quarantined.
    • ElizabethStar
      Wow, quiet today.
    • Emily michelle
      I understand exactly what you are going through. The dysphoria is horrible and really hard to deal with. Stay positive, it will get better. 
    • Emily michelle
      Comfort is the main reason after eating all of that food. I’m kind of excited about it but really nervous at the same time. I will have two of my biggest supporters there, so that should help. That has created a rift with my sister though because I’d rather spend time with them. Then spend time with my sister.
    • QuestioningAmber
      That's probably a good idea Emily, going with something more low key like everybody else should help you mesh in better with everybody else. Plus, who doesn't want to be comfy and casual for a holiday get together anyways
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