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Unknown but not not ok.

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So after reading a ton I find that I’m not not ok with where I am.  Like most I have no clue why I feel like I do and do I understand what I am. Neither physically mentally or sexually.   The community is so vast and has so many descriptors that it’s hard to pick just one you may fit in.  Just trying to understand them all is a chore.  
I have read of those who want to be a women. I do too.  Badly. If given enough money and time I have little doubt I would be there.  I know what I want but not what I am.  Why I am the way I am.  Feel sexuality towards a variety of women.  Sometimes men.  
I’ve read of those who question this being a fetish or a dysphoria    I too have questioned this.  I have had strong desires to be nothing but a women then after “release” I feel dirty ashamed.  I say this on cue from another forum member being brave enough to mention her attraction to certain porn.  I am too.  All sorts.  
I find myself extremely attracted to women and more so to trans women pre surgery.  I don’t feel gay still being in a male body living mostly as a male but sometimes I am more then curious.  
ive been labeled bisexual in the stupid little online tests.  Maybe I am.  I don’t know.  
I flip flop from day to day.  One day I’m ok with being a male.  Living as a husband and a man with all my male straight friends.   The next Day I cry all day not being the women I know I am.  I hate to say the women inside but I don’t know how else to say it.  It’s me either way.  
im lucky that I have not gone through depression or worse. Hurting myself.  I have always just dealt with it.  It is what it is attitude.  The deep desires still inside aching to get out but the fear keeping them in.The fear. It’s the worse.  
I will admit for the first time ever,to anyone, to self medicating HRT over the years.  Stopping and starting over and over.  Admittedly due to lack of money.  Secretly seeking doctors appointments, as a guy, but “checking” on my health and blood work for any signs of danger.  I know.  I know.  It’s not safe or right.  I’ve read so much on the dangers that I’m afraid to cross the street or eat sugar.   But it’s my only release to be myself.  I feel better knowing I am doing something,anything, for “her”.  Maybe subconsciously I hope to be caught or questioned. Having no choice but to admit my inner self is there.  I both dread and look forward to being given no choice.  Though I’m so careful to not screw up. 
I have small breasts, definitely an A but pushing a strong B in certain bras.  However easily hidden with compression tanks to look more like pecks then breast. Also luckily small genitalia so hiding my bit n pieces is very easy.  
My biggest depressor if I was to name just one is I just don’t see the women in the mirror.  
That is the one thing that hits me hard.  I can’t find myself when I stare into the mirror.  Cry?  Definitely.   However, just today I tried a fun little app that can convert a selfie to many things.  Older different hair etc.  Of coarse my goal was to see a gender conversion.  I was blown away.  I even tried it with several pics.  The amazing thing was I looked exactly like older versions of two of my natural daughters.  I’d post a pic of the app conversation but don’t know how yet.  
but these pics gave me a glimpse of the women inside.  She is beautiful and I look forward to her being out one day.  
ok. I’ve run on n on.  Sorry.  
im so gabby.  

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Hello Gabby!  (is that a new name?)  As you have read the recent thread concerning porn, etc. you can see that it is a diversion and "red herring" related to gender issues.   Also don't be drawn in by the "I like women or I like men" thing.  Gender and Sexuality are two different things.  Flip flopping is normal.  Our feelings on any given issue will change regularly given enough time involved in it.   


Ok you know self medicating is bad.  Even getting regular check ups is not enough as I don't imagine you know what to look for, and there can be complications from certain levels in your body that you don't understand.  Start to get clean!  See your doctor and tell them what is happening.  They won't bite.  Ask them to legally prescribe and monitor your lab work.  


As to not seeing the woman in the mirror?  This takes time.  I was two years into this journey before I consistently saw her.  There is certainly a mental element to this.  Once I started thinking like a woman it was easier to see me.  You are still on the outside looking in.  Faceapp and the like are fun but can drive you crazy. 



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You are describing some serious depression in your post there.  My recommendation is that you immediately if not sooner find a licensed therapist in your state who deals with Gender Dysphoria, or at least one who can help you really discover source of the depression first, actually though, Gender Therapists have all started out as the garden variety therapist who learned to treat depression.


On a darker note, yes, there are people who become addicted to pornography as well, but the therapist I recommended above can also help people get that addiction onto the road to recovery.  Attraction to porn does not exclude the possibility that you are Trans also.  It will take a while in therapy to work all of that out, but  in my experience you have a good chance of getting your life under control, even if it requires going in to full Gender Transition. 

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Jackie C.

What Jani and Vicky said. It sounds like you really need to talk to a therapist. I've been where you are. It was a dark, unpleasant, no-good place. You don't have to be there. The first step is finding help. Your medical insurance might even cover it. Find a therapist and talk. They're paid to listen and help. It's very refreshing. I went with BetterHelp.com because they're cheap and I don't have to leave the house. I know that as a guy of a certain age you were trained with "guys don't need help" and the stigma of finding help for mental issues. Those are terrible, terrible lies. Find someone. It can get better.



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Hey there! 


I just read your post and can relate to some of it. I too wish I could see the girl inside but that would take much more time and steps in the right direction to get there. The porn thing I totally get too, and after doing a lot of reading and people's kind words on here it's really not as uncommon as I thought it would be. The reasons behind all of it though can vary which is why seeing a licensed therapist is so important and will likely be my next step as well. Maybe start there? 


Jackie, does better help have licensed gender therapists? It was my understanding that they had licensed counseling and some have experience with gender issues but they are not specifically a gender therapist? 

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Jackie C.
1 hour ago, Steph1982 said:

Jackie, does better help have licensed gender therapists? It was my understanding that they had licensed counseling and some have experience with gender issues but they are not specifically a gender therapist? 


Tragically no, but my therapist is working on it. That means she's experienced and active in the LGBT+ community, but none of her three degrees are specifically for gender therapy. I'm not actually sure where the distinction is. Both Deena (my regular therapist) and my gender therapist, Sara are LMSWs. That's Licensed Master Social Workers. 


For gender therapists I had to go outside BetterHelp.com to the UofM Health System. I love Sara but I wasn't up to driving that far every week to talk to her (I love my car, but she's an old girl. I try not to stress her too much.) Also, she's always super put together and it's a little intimidating. Deena and I have had (online) sessions where we were both in sweatpants.


So yeah, I went with Deena and BetterHelp for my regular therapy needs and went... well, go... to Sara at UofM for things that need that specific gender therapist seal of approval. She was the Letter of Recommendation I needed to get started on hormone therapy. For WPATH standards of care (If you're going for GRS anyway), you need two gender therapists from different programs, so I also saw... I'm blanking on her name now, but she's local to me so it doesn't matter at all for you. At least I don't THINK you want to come to Michigan for a therapist. Anyway, she was a full psychologist and wicked expensive. I liked talking to her and am forever grateful for her Letter of Recommendation but I'd go broke seeing her.



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Per the wise advice I have received here I have reached out to my company mental health benefits department  I work for a Medical University, UVM.  They are very pro transgender and serious about all sorts of tolerance.   They just forwarded me a couple numbers for counseling with a gender specialist.  I’m hoping from there I can be referred to a psychologist or equivalent. Maybe even get past all this fear.  

im just hoping my insurance covers this.  
(fingers crossed)

This is a major step for me.  Kinda scary admitting “things” to someone face to face.  
I suppose you have to start somewhere.

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Jackie C.

Honestly, therapists are really easy to talk to. Part of the job and all. You'll be amazed how much better you feel talking to someone.


SO jealous about the Medical University thing. I imagine that makes things ever so much easier. Most of what you need is just right there. Awesome news!



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It is a great job. The best I’ve ever had but availability is the same as anyone.  Sadly I do not work on the campus or medical center there.  I am a BioMed and work in four hospitals In Vermont and New Hampshire.  Being the only BioMed in each so I’m busy.  Though I do have access to a ton of info.  

it give me lots of commute time.  Time I hope to practice.  

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    • Mia Marie
      congrats on getting your labs. don't be surprised if it takes longer than a week to get your scripts done so you can start taking your hrt. I got my labs done last week and it has been over a week and I still havent heard from my doctor on her assessment of my results. still hoping I can get my hrt before my next doc appointment.
    • Susan R
      Don’t worry @Sandra6sandy9sand. I can’t wait to get my ballot in the ballot box.  We need some real change and fast. The saying...If you don’t vote, you can’t complain...is so true. Let’s get out there and do it!   Susan R🌷
    • Kylara Anne Bagwell
      Sorry for the latent response here I knew I had read it before but I could not for the life of me remember where I had read it. How do I start a blog? Where do I go to do this...
    • Lexi C
      Hey Mex We all do that. Jackie is right it dose  take a lot of confidence and courage to wake up and be happy with you.  I know that sounds like some stupid Hallmark bull, but 2 yr ago i was ready to end it. I get the bills the booze  and wrote out a will. I took the bills drank the booze. Had the craziest nightmare. The next day i did not die,, i piss off. But it gave me some hope. Today i still get depress but not as bad and i stop judge myself against other CIS. Just head down , work save,  continue to fight  medical for my surgeries and work out.   Be safe, be proud and be happy being you            
    • KayC
      Congratulations, Emily! on your commitment to self improvement and the opportunity for compassionate service to your fellow human beings. You've made a great choice.  Now, go and get it❣️
    • KayC
      That's a great post @Sandra6sandy9sand!  thank you for sharing your thoughts and connecting with what I am sure many of us are feeling. Regardless of our personal situations or differences, if somebody cannot see how interconnected we are by Covid and societies problems then they are truly lost.  This is actually a great opportunity for a fundamental change in America's "constitution" and direction (i.e., America's social conscious and morality ... not the actual Constitution... I agree it hasn't changed)   VOTE 2020❣️  
    • KayC
      That's a great attitude Leah, and that you have been able to settle into a comfortable place.   I see the value of therapy for myself (and others here I assume) as helping us to find our inner voice and start to live truly as we feel we should.  Its difficult to sometimes deal with the negative feelings as we may try to convince ourselves that the path to our journey should follow societies expectations. I hate labels, I hate the idea that we are somehow required to declare/come out, but I also know that's the reality that society places on us. YES!  I agree❣️❣️❣️  
    • Andrea Jean
      My name was simple the female form of Andrew and used my moms middle name to honor her...
    • MomTGDaughter
      My daughter is a little shy about her transition. First of all, after nearly 5 months, she looks like a girl and hard to distinguish otherwise, especially at her young age. How did it workout for you or your daughter? School is not going to start right away in person, however it will be online and he name is very feminine. The school faculty has been updated about her new status, but the students don't know as of yet. I appreciate you sharing your experiences so I can better prepare her. 
    • HollyNoel
      OK so here might be a fun question for everyone.   After you started presenting as either a woman or man, have you ever either dated someone you knew, like a guy friend or a girl friend, or have you been hit on buy someone you knew? I would love to know if transitioning changed the friend dynamic or made old friends think differently about you. You don't have to respond and you don't have to get specific with any details. I'm just curious if old friends see you as a completely different person after your transition.
    • TransMex
      I compare the way I look with how other women look a lot. That's practically all I do all day at this point. I want to look like them.
    • HollyNoel
      Bri2020, I wish you luck, just know that what ever happens, you have us to get support from.. Did you like the duct tape hair removal thing.. lol
    • HollyNoel
      I had my first gender therapy session last Tuesday. I told her thatb I've always known that I was a girl fron the youngest age and that I wished I could have switched places with my sister. I told her that when I finally told my mom I felt like a giant crushing weight had been lifted off my chest. At this point in my life I feel I'm ready to have the surgery but I know they want to make sure I'm sure thats what I really want. I feel that that is the best course of action. I may feel I'm ready but I haven't even lived as a woman yet. Though I still feel I'm ready. I wont regret having it. Been a dream of mine since I was 12.
    • Bri2020
      I'm in the hair removal process anyways so.....     Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Lots to think about.
    • Jani
      Good for you!  👏  Thanks for getting involved. 
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