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bovine ovary and spearmint tea...

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I am taking swansons******  *****,****,*-******** and it seems to be working for me so far...the dosage cant be listed...my question is will drinking spearmint tea to bring testosterone down be ok taking the other stuff...just started and it seems to make the feeling in my breast more intense...dont wanna mess nothing up...but so far it is good...thanks alot...

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Neither of those products will do anything for you other than take cash that you probably need for other parts of your journey.  They are OTC medications that are not prescribed under doctors care.  For some people there may be a placebo effect that is more illusion than fact, but what you think is working is just some of your normal biology at work, but then it gets worse because you think "if a little did something, a lot will do really great things" but a lot will be dangerous and can affect your liver and blood stream.  Please discontinue any use of these drugs and write their cost off to education about what NOT to do. 


Rules 13 and 14 are pretty specific and are meant for your safety



Rule 13  You may not share the dose of any medication you are taking, including hormones. What works for you may well be fatal for someone else.


Rule 14  You may not recommend dangerous or harmful treatments. This includes both herbal and non-prescription hormones, "reparative" or "conversion" therapy, and any other medication or treatment that has been proven to be fraught with danger.


The bovine ovary pills are literally spoiled waste organs of beef slaughter if that sounds attractive to you.  The tea, of the two, is at least refreshing in single cups, and a tea break may help clear your head so that you think better of it as an HRT step.

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