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I'm in a really tough situation right now:(

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I don't post here very often because I've gotten so caught up with all the stress and nonsense lately. Ive made some not so great choices in my life more specifically with money when I was younger, which seem to have caught up with me ( choices that have affected me directly)  I'm really overwhelmed and don't know what to do. I'm trying so hard to make better decisions but am feeling as though I'm at a cross roads. My living situation and work situation is not great and after a recent visit to see family in another state I've been feeling extremely dysphoric to the point where I procrastinate going places sometimes which is something I hadn't experienced no where close to this degree in quite a while. I don't really have a lot of support in my life and I feel really alone. There are things I would like to experience and accomplish yet I don't have the slightest clue as to which avenues I should take to accomplish these goals. I try to reach out to people to no avail. I don't know. I mean this in a few aspects of my life. I've been really drained and tired lately and have been sleeping whenever possible. I'm sorry I know this is all over the place and probably doesn't make any sense what I'm saying. I'm just venting. 

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Alex C

Hey Tariana. Yeah live sucks, and I don't your age or your various circumstance. However, We all face challenges,esp as a trans person. You can either keep moving on (this is a great place ) bye discovering and find new support Ave. Or find your own strength. I know that sounds like B.S , but we ( bi-straight, trans, normal weird, etc) have it..I can say I being in yr shoes. Actually, I was properly worse off, but I fig a way out and if I can do anyone can. I MEAN ANYONE. Good Luck, Be proud, stay save and kick Ass

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Timber Wolf

Hi Tariane,

You are not alone anymore. When I first accepted that I was trans, I felt completely alone in the world. Then I found these forums. I participated, got involved. It made a huge difference.


You might try engaging a gender therapist or psychologist to help you determine the course you want to take to help you feel fulfilled in your life.


One of the best methods I have found to deal with lifes difficulties is to take things one day at a time. Just do what you can today and don't fret about tomorrow.  Let tomorrow worry about itself.


Lots of love, 

Timber Wolf 🐾

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Thank you Alex C and Timber Wolf. I'm 29 by the way. I'm not giving up just yet, however sometimes all of this madness that's happening makes me wonder. I'm not down playing anyone elses' struggles. However I can only speak for myself. Sometimes I wonder if this whole hrt regimen is even working. It's been 7 months and I haven't seen very many changes. Like literally very little it seems.

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You definitely are NOT alone.  There are so many girls here with the same story.  Some worse.  Some better.  

I hear you about the financial part too.  Although I was always good about paying my bills I cant save to dimes.  More recently I and my wife had great financial plans to get ready for retirement.  I am 52 now and just came out.  With that, I am now looking at a very alone retirement with nothing saved.  She was basically my retirement plan.  Sad to say. 

To make matters worse I had gotten a few huge consolidation loans to clean everything up in a four year payment plan.  Basically letting my wife be the main support for both of us.  When together with her help I financially I could handle it.  On my own, I only have $100 every two weeks beyond my bill load.  Scary.

As far as HRT and the effects.  Well I had made mistakes there too.  I self medicated on and off for a few years.  NOT RECOMMENDED!

I Dangerously did this with little concern for my health. Stupid.  I am now on supervised HRT but I still look fairly male outside of being made up by a professional.  I have a slight air of feminine appearance but its slight.

I hate it and look for changes everyday.  Like I am really going to see a change from one day to the next.  But I look, and check, and "feel", if there is anything.

It does take a long time.  Some things take years.  Others can attest to this.

For now keep coming in here and posting your fears and issues and just vent if need be, and we will too.  We all help each other here out and the support is amazing here.

Good Luck!



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Thank you ShawnaLeigh for sharing that! I appreciate all the support I can get and I will definitely participate and post more. 

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    • MetaLicious
      I've just started my journey, and I don't think I could go back.  I never was cis, nor will I ever be.  Even if I stopped transistioning, I would still be trans, and identify as such. Just being out of the closet has made it easier to breathe...
    • Krisvm
      And just to update, managed to catch up and had a great session. Really enjoying working on it.
    • LacrimalDuality
      Thanks, Kris and Jackie. Your messages help me feel a little better. I'm really happy I decided to come here. I have alot to learn now that I'm not trying to shoulder all of it on my own. Coming here was an important step to helping me come to terms with my truth. 
    • KathyLauren
      Welcome, Priya!  I'm a new member here, too, but already, I like the place.  I am 65 and live in Nova Scotia.
    • KathyLauren
      I totally relate to this.  There is a group of us in the general area that get together from time to time just to socialize.  Typically, we meet at a restaurant for dinner, though we have done other events too.  It is great to meet up with others who understand our journey, even if it is not in a "support" capacity.
    • Kate Carter
      I don’t even want to think how much I’ve blown on wigs over the years,  definitely know what DOESN’T work for me after all that.     Fit is everything,  I’ve gotten some horrible headaches and scalp/forehead blisters from poorly fit wigs worn for days in end. Definitely worse than suffering a few hours for cute shoes!
    • A. Dillon
      Oh my god, exactly! I wanted to join the navy, just like my dad and my grandpa did, as I felt that it was my duty as the only son (in my mind, I often called myself his son because being his daughter just felt wrong, like a word you just can't pronounce right.)   Also, yes it makes me feel way better. It feels less like a just me problem when I can hear your perspectives. It is sometimes hard for me to understand how someone could be born in a body and be comfortable with it, or just ever be happy in their body ever. However, interacting with post- op trans people gives me hope that I could get there someday.  
    • Aidan5
      I actually recently met a trans military man and I just couldn't stop being amazed, you seriously couldn't tell he was trans and I wouldn't have known if he didn't talk to me. I am kinda jealous because I wanted to join the Navy when I was little, just like my dad.    I was so glad I had that experience because he was so cool, I feel like a child now haha    I have had nothing but good times with fellow trans folks
    • Aidan5
      Pfft I loved watching Avatar growing up!! I might just have to re-watch it. Still remember Sokka because he was my favorite charater at the time
    • Aidan5
      Of course I did! I am very grateful for everything she does for me, we just have a bumpy relationship. Also thank you!   Family is important to me and I want them to know I am still the same person, just a few words changed
    • MetaLicious
      I intended to post this very thought.  What really unites everyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella is simply not being cis-het.
    • Krisvm
      Thank you all these are lovely to hear. I don't really know any Trans people in real life (only a former therapist) so I just get this joy from doing it online.   Hopefully can find a way to meet more trans people locally. The nearest support group is 20 miles away and I don't drive and keep looking out for events but haven't found any yet that aren't for people under 21.
    • Astrid
      One of my most favorite experiences was working on a campaign for trans rights over six months, surrounded and supported by so many other trans people. It was so affirming!
    • ToniTone
      Thank you hun, I will 💕 
    • Susan R
      Good point, Vicky.  Compared to entertaining guests or having family over, being among fellow trans folk is very peaceful.  It feels very much like just another family.
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