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DIY Packer Harness

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I’ve been researching packer harnesses online, and most of the good ones are pretty overpriced. So I decided to make one myself based on the Multicolor Packer Harness on TransguySupply.com. It’s basically a Full Monty-style harness that is supported by an elastic band that sits just below the waist. The part that holds the packer is made of the same kind of elastic, and it keeps the packer in place while still allowing some natural movement.


Here are instructions for how to make the harness:


I have a sewing machine, so the actual sewing was pretty simple. It could also be done by hand. For measurements, just wrap the elastic around yourself below your waist, at about the start of your pubic area. Make sure that the elastic is fairly tight, but not tight enough to restrict blood flow. Cut and sew the ends together. Lay the band flat on a table.


For the packer area, get your actual packer out and wrap elastic around the testes. Don’t make this part too tight, or they won’t fit. Cut that length of elastic and sew both ends to the band that you just made.


Next, sew a short strip of elastic to the middle of the packer area, just below the band. This will support the penis.


And you’re done! 

This harness style works best with non-stp soft packers, although I use mine with a soft silicone packer.


Happy crafting!





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    • Mmindy
      That’s good Aidan5, Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door for a good job. You are among friends here and can always bounce ideas off of any of us.    Best wishes,    Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Just Lee
      It's based on an article a read a couple years ago. "Male epidermis for example is 20% thicker than female epidermis, being able to bind a larger amount of moisture, and containing more collagen in all ages, thus, making male skin more dense and vigorous." as well as "Androgens stimulate sebum production. Therefore, due to higher androgen levels male seborrheic glands produce more sebum leading to fatty glow and coarser pores of the skin." It's scientific phrasing for men have thicker skin, larger pores, and produce more sebum. Sebum is the oily stuff we produce to protect our skin and coat our hair. Men produce this in copious amounts so it retains scents. Think of how a guy will have the urge to take a shower right after he cheats--that's to get the smell off of who he cheated with. It's not just psychological. If women are wearing perfume and hug a man, each bit of skin contact will leave a scent trail that lasts longer than what's left on women by a man.  Women smell those scents more but men carry more of the smells for longer.  Reference link: https://www.longdom.org/open-access/impact-of-testosterone-on-hair-and-skin-2161-1017-1000187.pdf
    • Tori M
      Good stuff, Grace.  Thanks for posting that here!  I love yeasty baked bread smell; hate locker room smell.  But, from the study results you mention I guess that doesn't mean much in my case.  I've always believed I am a lesbian as did my late female partner of 17 years.  Most of all I love sweet feminine scent, the sweeter the better.  Furthermore, I swoon over a cis-woman's intimate scents "down there".  I once dated a woman with a sour smell that was almost masculine; that relationship didn't last long.  Due to things like this scent orientation, I've always wondered if we trans-woman were AFAB would we still have the same sexual orientations.
    • sleepinflame
      So much to unpack here.   Yes, visuals go right into a man's sex drive.  It's about identifying healthy women who can survive childbirth.  Wide hips, etc.   Scent.  -- got to go into pheromones.  My info is from studies 15 years ago, so maybe there's an update.   Men give off pheromones in their sweat.  Women do not.  Women give off pheromones in their urine.  The purpose of the pheromones is to identify mates who will give you a healthy immune system match.  Your family shares some metahistocompatibility-complex keys with you, so they do not register as good mates, the children will not have healthy immune systems.  Women can tell from men's sweat if they will make a good mate in this sense.  The study I'm thinking of had boxes with sweaty shirts (day old)  and women sniffed them.  The shirts with a good immune system match smelled like yeasty baked bread to the women.  The ones with a bad match smelled like dirty locker room shirts.   On to a Finish study about pheromones.  They studied the brain response with MRI scans.  The cases where straight women smelled the sweat and were attracted lit up a part of the brain having to do with sexual attraction.  The cases where it was a bad match lit up the smell sensory part of the brain.  Same with gay men with male pheromones.  Same with straight men with women's pheromones.  Gay women were a mixed bag.  I presume some of them just don't like men.   My "sweaty underarm smell" faded about two years ago, same time as my mental changes.  "Go figure," as we say in New York.   Grace  
    • Tori M
      Do you have any elaboration on this statement?  I'm not sure I completely follow.  I've heard men say, "I met my dream girl, etc, etc, and hours after we departed I could still smell her!"  Actually, that might have went, "...I could still smell her perfume."  Is it specifically other peoples natural scent that men's skin doesn't retain?  It sure seems to retain their own!  Is a man's skin moister or dryer than a woman's?  Your exercise seems to demonstrate that moisture attracts and holds aromas (e.g. the licking of the lips).  Relating that to weather, I think that's true in nature (e.g. rain, ocean, and damp forest smells).
    • KathyLauren
      Regarding the bowel movements, prunes are your friend.  Prune juice if you need some “Drano”, or just prunes themselves for ongoing maintenance.
    • sleepinflame
      Tori,   I am non-binary.  I had very strong male qualities and strong female qualities.  I'm glad the male has faded and the female can be more to the front, I like myself better.  Your thread is entitiled "Brain Dysphoria".  I found a definition of dysphoria which includes that:   From Brynnn Tannehill: Q: What does it mean to be transgender? A: The term transgender describes individuals whose inherent sense of their own gender doesn't match the sex they were assigned at birth. Many transgender individuals have experienced some degree of gender dysphoria, which is an intense and persistent sense of distress or discomfort with their birth sex.   I have tremendous discomfort with those male qualities that I listed.  This definition includes me.  The transgender piece too.   Thanks for writing! --Grace  
    • Tori M
      I know exactly what you mean.  If a girlfriend is telling me her private thoughts, I want to respond to her in a female mindset.  Maybe I do, cuz women have always seemed unusually comfortable sharing their thoughts/experiences with me despite looking like a man.  But I've never felt my responses were exactly right.     I wonder if this is part of what's happening to me now.  I've been thinking it might be my thyroid condition... maybe it's both.  Two years ago my T tested in the low 200's; seems normal for my age but I don't know for sure.  But lately it feels like it plummeted.  It also feels like I'm getting a boost of estrogen but I'm not taking any. I never had a male ego and my male lust was always tempered with the envy many of us trans-gals feel toward women.  Male anger I had plenty of... not violent, mind you, and mostly with things, not people.  I hated that.  On hormones I would cry instead.  That felt right.  That anger has suddenly subsided tremendously but I'm not crying instead, I just seem to have more patience which I've been attributing to aging.   However, I have not felt the gradual decline over 10 years like you described, Grace.  That might be because I've always felt my T was low since my early '20's (and I wasn't complaining!).   Anyway, I'm happy to see you are finding more peace and balance with age, Grace.  It's nice to get something positive out of the aging process, isn't it?  Enjoy it!   Tori
    • Aidan5
      Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to write this, I really appreciate it :))    Every penny I make I put towards my savings, of course I am currently looking for a job but it's even harder now with the Corona Virus, because my stepmom won't even let me go outside. I was looking for jobs on base, since I live on base. I am also moving in with my aunt and I already have an internship lined up for summer. :))
    • Jackie C.
      Hey! 😋   So yeah, that area is really, really rich in blood flow. it's going to bruise.   I'm glad you're feeling better sweetie. Hang in there, you'll be healed before you know it. The same blood-vessel rich environment that causes the bruising aids healing so long as you remember to eat right. Bodies need fuel after all.   Take care of yourself! Hugs!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Update Two. *The swelling seems to of subsided almost completely but the bruising is a horror show still.  I've never had bruising in my life as I basically needed to be hit by a train to get any at all. This looks terrible and to the point I get squeamish over it.  I still wonder just how they preformed this surgery, but then again, I may not truly want to know looking at these bruises.   *I had to take some photos and send them to "my doctor" and she evaluated them remotely and said it all looks normal to her.  She gave me further instruction on how to care for myself in the next few days to lesson the swelling and bruising.  Basically don't do anything and ice it.  Take over the counter pain meds as prescribed.   *Pain?  None at all today.  So I am not taking any of the pain meds prescribed but I have taken Tylenol to reduce swelling should it reoccur.   I get a tad queasy at times from moving around but over all I am not having pain.  I'm able to walk normally and it was suggested I do so to avoid clots and stiffness in my limbs.  Still no lifting but I was able to do minor chores like dishes and cooking so I am not totally useless still.   Ive stopped using my ice pack as the temporary one they gave me started to leak so I used a zip lock bag and that leaked too.  So I was mad and decided I'm done with that.  LOL   *I am able to close my legs together and sleep normally on my sides so I am sleeping much better now.  I still can not cross them like before but that's not a priority as of yet.   *I had my first big bowl movement this morning and I was nervous as the doctors say to not push very hard until the incision is healed over.  Which I am not thinking it is completely at this point.  It took me a while trying to "just let it happen" on its own.  LOL   This is no JackieC graphic posting but I hope it helps.  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Wow I am really surprised and happy with all the honest feedback.  I certainly like to comparisons to from my profile picture to this quickie pic I took.  I will be in full daily makeup tomorrow and will snap a pic for this thread to see if it still stands that I am now a blond.  LOL Thank you all for the feedback.  
    • Oh_Kay
      Shawna,   I like it! I think blonde is a very good choice for you.   Kay    
    • Patti Anne
      I resisted posting it for about a day, then this morning Shawna said something to the effect of 'I'm surprised you didn't post a response!' That was all it took! LOL!
    • Ethan da potato
      I mean I didn't lie!!! I just was 1% feeling better!! now I am 95% the rest is as usual XD
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