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Been testing underwear and I am not wearing a bra

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Emily michelle
3 hours ago, Allison Meadows said:

I know that feeling exactly, it's affirmation of your self as you really are. In fact, for two weeks not needing yucky men's dress suits, I have worn heavy shirts or sweaters with my bra underneath. It helps the dysphoria and reaffirms who I am, not who my body displays. My wife thinks I'm crazy in general, it seems, telling me last night, I really wish you wouldn't wear them. She won't even call what I wear a bra and it's Victoria's Secret. Probably not a good omen when I announce that I am transitioning.

My wife has told me the same thing about wearing my bras but then she noticed what it does for my mood and she hasn’t said anything else but that I can’t wear them to bed.

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On 3/9/2020 at 4:12 PM, Julialikesfashion said:

What I really mean is one pair of panties. In the future I will get more fun stuff.

I will also get silicon breasts and two wigs. Thats going to be awesome.

This is my main site for stuff: Glamour Boutique

Glamour Boutique is good.   But I prefer the Breast Form Store.   I find their friendlier...

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I got my forms from janets closet. American wide series. They fill my chest completely and actually LOOK like the real thing (under a bra/shirt)... Plus, with body safe glue, they actually feel like I think the real thing would. Plenty of bounce! Lol.


For my size at 6', with a band size at 38, I chose the 38c cup they sell. My wife says they are about right for a C cup. Even with the masculine shoulders, they still look right. 😁

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On 3/21/2020 at 11:50 AM, Allison Meadows said:

My wife thinks I'm crazy in general, it seems, telling me last night, I really wish you wouldn't wear them. She won't even call what I wear a bra and it's Victoria's Secret. Probably not a good omen when I announce that I am transitioning.

Ouch :(

Sometimes I...



sometimes I wear boxers


(Don't laugh, they are surprisingly comfy when I'm at home! It confuses the heck out of my spouse though XD )

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Maid In Bedlam
5 hours ago, Zeda said:

sometimes I wear boxers


 openly admiting that? 🤣


You wait until you have something to fill a bra with.. Some times i wish i could take mine off but i keep looking for the velcros. I cant find it.

I wish i could get the cheeky so and so who strapped these to my chest. Oh hold on a minute it was me. DOH :banghead:




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Since I am pre-HRT (fingers crossed, not for long), I need a bra to keep my breast forms in place. They go on first thing in the morning, and do not come off unless I am going into the tub or my bed.  i am lucky in that my first bra is rather comfortable, and the fact that it is on fades into the background of life fairly quickly.


However, I would vastly prefer breasts that were permanently attached - I suspect I would go braless, like most of the women in my life.  Or else sports bras.  I like the look of them, and they do help keep the breasts in place. 

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I didn’t start wearing bras until I actually had something to put in a bra. Since then I morphed from feeling sad to take it off to go to bed to ditching it when I get home. At first I wouldn’t leave the apartment without a bra but even that has changed now quite often I will walk to mailbox , take out the garbage or pop over to the neighbors sans bra and not get embarrassed that my nipples are quite noticeable under my T-shirt or tank top. But then again I live in the Emerald Triangle, a land that is a bit stuck in the ‘70’s, a place of hippies and Humboldt Honeys.


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I only ever take my forms off to bathe, or work. I sleep with mine and depending on the bra, they are fairly comfortable and stay in place all night. Even with my tossing and turning! Lol. I hope to start HRT soonish and start growing my own, but for now, I am satisfied with my forms. I want to get another pair so I dont wear out the good pair I have.

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Most times the puppies don't come the same size as they grow, and it can lead to great discomfort. Clothing physically turns and pulls while you wear it cuz one side is shorter and your moving around so nothing stays in place. Sometimes you need an extra pad or two, to make it even-ish, cuz bras are made with the thought that things naturally are even when they rarely are. What I'd give for a better solution to uneven boob size other than sports bra, bra pads, or surgery. I'm totally fine with not wearing anything, I just have baby bottle tops for nipples and they get pointy and sensitive and people can be very rude when they see them poking through.

I love boxer briefs so much more, so comfy. I have a large posterior and women underwear doesn't cover it well enough especially if you add extra thick night pad for that fun time in the month.


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Mia Marie

I wear sport bras to work and I do have a couple of racer backs with no underwire or extra support that feel good. When I get larger girls I will look for better support bras. I think this was the better way to feel fem without the discomfort.

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On 3/16/2020 at 4:43 PM, ShawnaLeigh said:

Yes!  I so loved the switch from tighty Whites to panties and bras.  
They do make you feel so feminine even after you get use to them.  Jmo

Amen. Thats a special day when all the tighty whities get tossed into the trash.  I think men's underwear (at least in the US) is the most boring ill fitting stuff.  A year of HRT hasn't caused enough development to require a bra.  My female family members are not endowed with the largest breasts so I don't expect mine to either.  Which is fine.  It is what it is.

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    • Robin.C
      Thank you Carolyn. It's amazing how much emotional energy this post took. Nervousness, excitement and a bit of fear. It is the stories like yours and others who started later and have succeeded that is helping me. One step at a time 😁 Now I just need to try and concentrate on work.   Robin  
    • Mary Jane
      Hi I’m Mary Jane pretty sure I’m transgender but also maybe 2 other genders gender fluid or bigender 16 right now I’m kind, a thinker, I think a little too perceptive on some things, like to have fun but I also work hard, sensitive but I don’t know how sensitive, I know myself pretty well, i can look at different points of views and consider each like what people most likely always think of me in school (which I’m most likely boring to most people at school). Also I may be kind and sensitive but thanks to me dealing with bullies for a while I can be stop being sensitive and I can be mean if needed or if something triggers that part of me like if someone is mean to me   and I usually don’t say this anywhere but I’m smart I don’t know how smart (can it even be truly measured? As in how smart someone is)    just us in case you don’t know: I like to have fun like playing video games, going to the amusement park, watching great movies, etc and I like to hang out with people if they’re not too mean to me or to anyone   Ps still trying to figure out my gender
    • Mia Marie
      Good luck Jackie. I know things will go fine.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Robin.  Yes, recognizing the truth of who you are and taking that first step are huge milestones, and scary ones.  We've all been there and know how you feel.  You are in a safe place, and among friends who understand.  It is a long road but one successfully traveled by many.  I started my journey at the age of 55, and 11 years later I'm doing fine and am happy.   No one can predict what your path will bring, least of all me.  But we can help out with answers, advice, support and resources.  Ask and ye shall receive.    HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Robin.C
      I'm not sure how to begin so I'll say hello to everyone. The forced changes here caused by COVID made me look at myself a bit closer than I'd expected. Having spent the last 50+ years circling the sun not understanding why I've never really fitted in anywhere I stumbled across one of Jackies (Rabbit) videos and .. (damnit I'm nearly crying, how does that happen ?, okay got it back together - is this going to happen - i kinda hope so) realized what I've been denying to myself. Now I'm trying to learn what I need to know to become ME. This is the first time I've said anything to anyone about how I'm feeling.   I should say I've been reading a lot of posts and now feel a bit less scared to post (so is this where the journey really begins, finally telling others how you feel or did it begin 40 years ago ?)   Robin    
    • IcamoutofthePANtry
      Hi there! I've been really questioning my gender for the past month and I'm kinda confused. For context, I am AFAB, I was raised Roman Catholic, I suffer from depression and anxiety, and I've had a close brush with anorexia. I have always hated my body and the way I look. I used to think it was body dysmorphia, but I don't have visual distortions. I see myself as I am and I hate it. But I also have self esteem issues and depression and anxiety, so I don't know if it's just my pile of mental issues or gender dysphoria. I've always hated being stereo typically feminine. I hate pink and dresses and doing anything with my hair aside from brushing and washing it. I hate shaving anywhere and I hate high heels. I understand that anyone can like these things, but I've always hated them. I REFUSE to wear makeup, except for plays and such. I won't even cover up acne with concealer. Again, anyone can like these things, but in my culture and mind they are feminine, therefore I avoid them. Someone please help me T_T
    • IcamoutofthePANtry
      I have never heard the name Loic Nice and unique! I like it
    • Astrid
      @ElizabethStar Hugs for you, Liz.  Lots of hugs.  Absolutely, you're right to vent about an experience like that.     Astrid
    • RobynNYC
      So amazing @ShawnaLeigh    happy name day!!!!     🎂🎂🎂🚺🚺🚺❗️❗️❗️
    • Susan R
      Hi @Holly92, nice to meet you. I have likely experienced some of the same things you have. I am also a bisexual woman but that is only part of who I am so we probably have many more differences than likenesses. I would enjoy learning more about those differences if you feel open to sharing them. I’m sure many others here would also. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself today.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Mary Jane
      also im 16
    • Mary Jane
      yea im going trough a similar experience im coping by settling on genders i think i am one of those is transgender the others are genderfluid and bigender i honestly think im one of those because clothes wise i want more variety, pronoun wise im fine with both he/him and she/her at least so far, and most days i feel like im in the middle of being a boy or being a girl the 1st one is for trans the 2nd genderflui and the 3rd bigender i just settle on one of those when im wondering my gender so maybe find genders that are you and say your one of them or say your all of them
    • _x.anime.x
      Hey so im katherine 15 (I know I'm young I hope thats okay) I'm struggling with gender identity some days i just want to snap my fingers and change my body completely (as in no vag or breasts to having a p and some times neither) however im happy with using she/her terms but I feel like im wrong in the way that I don't experience high levels of body dysphoria which from my understanding please correct if im wrong is what kind of tells you in a way what gender you are (sorry if that was incorrect) its really stressing me out and some days I just feel so distant from my body and its not like I want to instantly have the "male" body its just like I don't want anything (but sometimes male or female and even both) but the term genderfluid doesn't sit well as even when I feel like a male i still wear stereotypical female clothing which i know sounds like a stupid excuse but from some if the gender fluid people i have met they have said thats how they deal with it sorry if I'm not making any sense however i was wondering if anyone is going through something similar and how they are coping with it
    • KymmieL
      Holly, Welcome to Transpulse. We are all family here. a nonjudgmental place to express yourself, ask questions, find answers, and be who ou need to be.   Kymmie
    • Ryan
      Welcome, Holly. 👋
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