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In the glow


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In the glow of the night lamp
They meet outside
Quietly, silently
They hobble to meet
To desparatly reach
But never getting closer
Then twice arms reach
In the glow of the night lamp





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Curled up

Your eyes closed
Dropped into the center

You breath in

You breath out

Till your heart

Beats pulse

You sink deeper

Movement in the dark

A radiant star


From in the void

You watch the star

Rays pulse

Till you feel numb

You breath in

You breath out

And open your eyes

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  • 3 weeks later...

Reflecting Wreakage


A wreakage but a catastrophe,

To both lost and will never be found,

To be tossed away for slight,

Never to be wanted,

Never to be cared.

As it like sand cast in the wind,

Fades into the empty void before us.

Good riddance one might say,

If not for the wind 

Throwing the sand back

In the face as currents turn.

A wreakage maybe a catastrophe

But forgetting it is the sin.





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When spring comes

It bubbles from within

As sealed energy ignites

In explosive splendour

Color and smells

Come rain or shine

Into the sweltering sun


When summer comes

It srivel's and blisters

But the sun is nice

Till it gives way to rain

Washing the burns away

Come chills and winds

The cool numbing gloom


When fall comes

You sway and weigh

Preparing the way

To warmer cozier days

Despite the nipping

Prey the frost come late

You feast till day gives


When winter comes

Bundled up extra weight

Unless you migrate

Or risk the warmer spaces

Avoiding them

Those mosquitos.

Wishing for cozier days


Comes soon.









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So many words, so much to say

Trapped behind the roaring waves

From their escape clawing my way

Straining to breath but breathe denied

Just left me to drown in cruel demise

Till all life leaves my eyes for the numb

As we depart without a word

Choked back as the waves crush

What little is left, except silence.


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Wandering a scene

Caught in a weiry dream

Walking through warping

City scapes

So many aches

Hoping I don't break

Stand clear of the closing doors please


Rising waves 

And passing trains

Stuck in traffic

Beating the strains.

No gains. People hate that be ok.

I can be better than that.

Stand clear of the closing doors please


Blurred in star struck gaze

Remembering better days

Youth falling fast fading into past
Stuck in the terrors grasp

Not knowing Never Knowing

Where the next step cast

Stand clear...

Stand clear...

Stand clear... there all looking

Stand clear... fury in their eyes

Stand clear... forgoing the knowing

Stand clear... they be moving


Stand clear of the closing doors please...





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I really like these. You write with colorful imagery. 

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Thank you?

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Just Lee

Wow. That one sticks in my chest and all I can do right now is nod. Yes. 

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Thank you! Let's me know the words are working.?

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  • 2 months later...

Why do I see through these eyes

What dare I stand witness being
Will these lessons return

Was it worth this pain

The endless cycle of suffering

Paying the Riverman to cross

Might as well just be swimming

For I'm already drowning

So much can be done

And all will pass

A student and child

Stuck till the light sets at last.






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    • Emily michelle
      Congrats Kymmie! I’m so happy for you.
    • Petra Jane
      Yes, it makes sense, thank you for checking.   I've just checked on my android phone and the same effect is there too. SO, it seems that for the time being, when using a phone to view the forums, you need to hold your phone in landscape mode, not portrait mode.     PORTRAIT:     LANDSCAPE:
    • RhondaS
      No experience with child wanting to dress in a non-typical way, but we noticed our son was gay just about as soon as he developed a personality. 
    • Rowan.
      I'll bite   Django Reinhardt - I'm pretty sure he actually invented lead guitar. Mark Ribot - Played with Tom Waits on Rain Dogs, Real Gone and I think a couple of other albums. David Rawlings - Gillian Welch's partner. Slash - The guy in the hat from Guns and Roses. Me - I added my self, nit because I'm conceited, rather I was asked this question one while busking. A stranger came up and sat down beside me and asked me who my favorite guitar player was. I gave him the old side-eye, smiled and said "I am". He just laughed... in a good way. Then he told me a random story involving walking barefoot and fear of coyotes.
    • Heathick
      OMG, So awesome, I'm so happy for you!!!! That must feel amazing!!!
    • Heathick
      Ok, so this isn't directly an "alcohol abuse" topic per se, but its an open ended question that does relate to both alcohol and trans-ness, and as far as I can tell, this seems like the best place to ask something I've been wondering about for a long time...   I've noticed an interesting phenomenon: While I'm usually very questioning and hesitant about being trans (on and off, to varying degrees), literally ANY time I consume even a moderate amount, all doubt disappears and I "know" my true desire is to be female and that transitioning is absolutely right for me, no doubt whatsoever. And not that I remotely advocate it, or have any reason to imply any validity whatsoever to "alcohol-fueled ideas", but strictly for the sake of relevant data, I have definitely noticed that the more I drink, the more certain I am. (Which, yea, again is perhaps very much in line with alcohol-driven impulsiveness and impaired judgment and all.)   I'm not saying any of that means anything, but I find it an intriguing potential(?) piece of the puzzle that is "me".   Related to this, when I was in college, I had a friend who took...some kind of psychology course. Not sure what class exactly, but there was one thing in it he mentioned to me, and I found it such an interesting, plausible concept that it stuck with me, even decades later. Granted, I have zero background in psychology so I have no basis for judging the validity, but the idea was this:   Alcohol is well known to break down "inhibitions", therefore (so the theory goes), it brings out one's "true self", whether that be an angry abusive individual, a sorrowful one, a fully-content happy social one, or whatever else. I know that's only a theory...but my fully-amateur-at-psychology mind finds it intriguing and plausible...And I have always been absolutely full of inhibition...OMG, like you have NO idea...   I'll fully admit, there's a part of me that definitely wants this to be a clear sign that transitioning is right for me. But the trained-logician side of me (which I have very deliberately cultivated over the years and value very much) goes, "Whoa...there, buddy! Better do your due diligence first, and fully research all your assumptions and guesswork!"   So that's where I am. Aside from the very obvious "Yea, I should limit/eliminate my drinking!", which I won't disagree with...Anyone here have any background in psychology? If so, any insight into this "theory of alcohol"?   Or even more generally, is this something anyone here can relate to? If so, what experience can you offer?
    • Rowan.
      Hello,   Financially, I'm not in the best position to see a gender therapist at the moment. I'm not employed and need to use my meager savings for things like food and rent. I'll be looking for a job in the next 3 weeks, and hopefully will find something decent. In my neck of the woods there seems to be at least a 1 month waiting period to see someone. What would really help me at the moment are answers to the following questions:   If I had to pay out of pocket, what rate should I expect? How long is a session, 30 minutes, an hour, longer? What is a "normal" frequency of appointments (once a week, biweekly, monthly). Do gender therapists do sliding scale? If so, is there an easy way to find them?   I realize that the answer to these questions probably vary from person to person. But I really cant afford to spend $200.00 weekly at this point in time (this is my guess as to what a session might cost). I may be able to spend about $200.00 once a month, though. I could probably talk myself into it at least.   I'm very new to all of this so, I've decided to put my ego in check and take reasonable advice when it's given. While getting a therapist is not something that's in my nature or my upbringing, I've considered the advantages and they far exceed the negatives.   Thank you <3
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.washingtonblade.com/2020/09/21/transgender-woman-opens-resource-center-in-norfolk/   Amazingly courageous and resourceful woman.  She is awesome!  Congrats!   Carolyn Marie
    • KymmieL
      Doing the happy girl dance again. since I got the mail. my license came, and under sex says "F" yeah.   Kymmie
    • Abi
      Thanks for the compliment @KymmieL. I break my nails sometimes but these are my own nails, not press on. My nails grow insanely fast. I think I'm getting better at it but, putting on nail polish is an art that I still have a lot to learn about. I need a dryer so they harden faster. If I can manage to get them to dry smooth they will last a week before the nails are chipped. Oddly, I spend all the time growing, manicuring and trying to get polishing them to look good, then I stay home. I'd rather be baking, latch hooking or even drumming with my nails all done up, than go out on the town. Being a home body has it's advantages.  Pineapple upside down cake, anyone?  
    • Emily michelle
      I use Safari on my I phone and if I use it in vertical mode my avatar hides the letters but if I use the horizontal mode it doesn’t. If that makes sense. By the way great job!
    • DonkeySocks
      P.S. Just thought I'd add, I'm the same way. You can tell him there's others of us out here!
    • DonkeySocks
      There's quite a bit of hysterectomy results info from cis women on the Internet; probably it trends more negative because people feel like they need to talk about negative experiences more. Two women in my family and one professional that I spoke to had hysterectomies and were pleased with the results from the point of view of cis women. But there are negative experiences out there too. It is major surgery, of course. Just in case you want to check out some forums or something where it's not transgender-specific, but it might go into emotional, physical, and sexual repercussions. Not that there's anything wrong with asking here, you just might get wider results. Specifically, your boyfriend should talk to his doctor about cervical cancer risk. If he's worried about that, and has his cervix removed, it could affect enjoyment if he enjoys cervical stimulation. If he's not using that part of his anatomy for sex then that might not be a concern. But if he enjoys any touch on the cervix then it might dull sensation or he might miss it, if it's removed. Also, if he keeps his cervix he really should be screened for pre-cancerous cells the way anyone with those organs should be. It's not fun because of dysphoria, not to mention it not being pleasant anyway, but he has to have it done on the schedule the doctor recommends.
    • HollyNoel
      I just can't wait to see any changes, even the small changes will be welcome. I'm just glad to have started HRT to be honest. I tolf mom I was starting hormones and that from what I've read, I will be going into a puberty like state where I might get emotional. Mom said I better not get bitchy and argue with everyone. lol   I cant believe she used the PMS thing where women get mean  at their time of the month. Thanks mom for being understanding of what your daughter is going to go through.. lol
    • Abi
      @Niamh Pendulum is really good. I like the vibe. I like how the happy face is upside down headphones.  🙃
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