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A little about myself


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Hello, I am Joanne, a lifelong woman who is trapped in this male body. I began dressing as a girl at a very young age, I have always wanted to be a girl, I used to go to bed every night praying to God to please, let me wake up as a girl, I guess God didn't hear me. My childhood was not so great, I would repeatedly get caught wearing my sister's clothes so my parents thought there was something wrong with me, the first time I asked my mother if I could be a girl for halloween, she got angry at me & told me no, I continued bugging her for a week before she finally gave in but it was a short lived victory, my mother told me if I wanted to dress up as a girl, she was going all the way with it. The day before halloween, as soon as I got home from school my mother took me up to the shower, she put hair remover all over my whole body, after a while she had me take a shower, what little hair I did have was now gone. After the shower my mom made me wear panties & a bra underneath the girls jeans & top I had to wear, I didn't understand why she didn't give me any shoes but I found out soon enough, mom took me into her room where she polished my finger nails & toe nails a dark, blood red, when my nails were dry, my mom handed me a pair of my sisters platform sandels to wear. After we ate dinner & did the dishes, my mom said we should get ready for bed, mom put my sisters hair up in curlers for the night then she made me come over & sit in front of her while she set my shoulder length hair. Mom woke me up early to get dressed for school, everyone was to wear their costumes to school, Mom put pantyhose on me, my sisters pink mini dress, she stuffed the cups in my bra then gave me my sisters pink, open toed, high heels to wear then she sat me at her makeup table. Mom started by plucking my eyebrows, then she did my makeup, when she was done, she pierced both of my ears then put pink hoop earrings in the holes, she then took out my curlers & brushed my hair into a feminine style, she sprayed me with perfume then gave me a pink purse to carry. I was made fun of the whole day at school, some of the girls were nice to me, I was just happy it was friday, that was until I got home & my mom said I was spending the weekend as a girl. I went out trick or treating by myself & I loved it, I was not even concerned about getting candy, I was just loving being outside as a girl, I wished the night would never end. When I got up on saturday, I asked my mom what she wanted me to wear, she said what ever I wanted so, I put on pantyhose, a denim mini skirt, A black sweater & a pair of black high heels, I put on some mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, blush & lip stick, I put my sisters blue dangle earrings in my ears then brushed my hair into a girly style. When I came downstairs my mom looked at me, then told me I looked nice, mom told me to eat my breakfast because I had to go to the store for her, I was heaven, going outside two days in a row. I spent the weekend as Joanne, I even went to church as a girl, my mom thought by making me dress as a girl for a few days, I would stop wearing my sisters things, not a chance, I wanted to dress as a girl more then ever.


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Welcome to the Forums, a lot of us can tell a story much like yours, but yours is yours alone.  Join in the discussions and start your own as you like. 

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Welcome Joanne! You'll find many understanding and wise friends here. Enjoy yourself and don't be afraid to ask for help.

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What be up Joanne. Welcome aboard. 

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Welcome @joannewatters69, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I too had a similar beginning story as yours. Of course, the forced feminization by mom was where our life story’s parted. At age 4 after finding me in my sisters clothing, my mother grabbed me by the arm so fast, I’m surprised I still have one. I was scolded and undressed so fast my head was spinning and was told NEVER wear your sister’s clothes again. Quite a different approach than your mom’s. Both styles of discipline failed to stop our crossdressing obviously but they gave it their best shot I guess, didn’t they?


Thanks for sharing a little more of your story. I don’t know if your mom ever accepted this side of you but it seems as though you have and that’s all that really matters.


My Best,

Susan R?

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My father first discovered me dressed at probably 10 years old. I grew up with no sisters so I had put my mother's clothes and heels on. He was confused and forced me out of those clothes and into my closet on my knees staring at a wall. That to him was a light sentence seeing as his father used to punish him far far worse for far far less. I can remember dressing as far back as 1st grade, which is at about 6 years old. It’s natural for us to do it. Outsiders will never really understand what that pull is like. I believe most of us have this experience before puberty. 

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I see now you joined up in January. So you’ve been much longer than me. I guess I had failed to notice this was in the biography section. Thanks for sharing your story.

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    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.kolotv.com/2020/09/29/california-will-house-transgender-inmates-by-gender-identity/   The CA legislature and Governor continue to do right by our community.  Let's hope other states follow suit.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.voanews.com/arts-culture/transgender-people-still-criminalized-13-un-member-states-report-finds     Carolyn Marie
    • Aidan5
      Being completely honest, I am feeling trapped, drained and powerless.    I just came to terms that my parents won't let me move until I'm 18. Everyday lectures are draining my energy and will to do anything. I'm expected to preform at 100% everyday and they only give me 3 hours for school each day. I'm really stressing and they are expecting straight A's, which I have at the moment but I'm scared of even getting a B. I couldn't sleep last night and caffeine doesn't work on me, it's just makes me calm. I miss being in person for school because I had support but now I have nothing, of course online helps a lot but it's limited. I just feel cornered and blehhh.  
    • Mary Jane
      ok and thank you! 😄
    • Victoria94
      Well DeeDee The first 15 minutes was really akward and all I could think of was "what have I done" But after that the talk went really well. The worries went away as we talked a little about the topic and switched to another topic for a little while and then back. It was like just any other conversation. Im a bit scared but I feel a sligth relief as some weigths have been lifted off.   Victoria
    • DeeDee
      Victoria, that is wonderful news! You still have your friend, plus he may prove to be a real help for you moving forwards. I'll bet that 2hrs just flew past!
    • DeeDee
      ❤️🧡❤️ Amazing,now you know that both parents are supportive Amber, deep breaths!
    • Dinaki
      Some of us have started the transition when we were very young and had the surgery also at a young age, and not after a man was married to woman ( one or two times) and also having children and grandchildren,then he decides to transition at age 60+...   Face, hands, body, voice etc... were not developed  yet to become as a man and with the hormones, our body fully changed to that woman you see  and admire.  Myself included and many other ladies that I know, have not touched our face surgically ( feminization). Later in life, we may have went under the knife to perhaps have “the French beauty” ( Bardot, Gabor, Lauren etc).   Thats my answer to the OP and Shay dear, we are not fake, that was bold for you to say that!  
    • Mmindy
      I'm listening to all my Mac Davis downloadeds because he set the tone for my teenage years. 
    • Bobbie Scott
      Bri,I think you look great. 
    • Bobbie Scott
      Pretty outfit. 🥰
    • Reverie_Star
      Let me know if you need a co or partner usually on around 10 est most days
    • Shay
      Being like us is not easy and it takes all of us to support us - when you're down look here and you'll find someone to help - when you're up do the same for another one of us who is down. BOTH will make you feel better. Hug
    • QuestioningAmber
      Well I finally got both responses in.   I feel like my mom gave her usual unconditional love statement, however, she is really nervous I can tell about the idea of me transitioning and what it means for me. I know it comes from a place of love, it just a thing where I am not worried about it because if I am not me, how can I be happy. So I think there is some work there that is going to have to take place.   My dad says he understands how this has probably tormented me for so long. He sounds very supportive and is being kind of inquisitive with me. He has kind of stepped on a few land mines (some questions that I right now just gloss over). I think he will be supportive of the transition.   Now that the first round is done, I think it is time to reflect and decide on when to execute the next round. I feel like it may be difficult to talk to my brothers about it, though one is estranged on his accord.
    •  Kylie
      happy Birthday Kathy!
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