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The Protest Thread


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Good morning 


well either I’m early or everyone else must be having a Labor Day hangover.  Not necessarily alcohol induced could be too tired.  

So, I’m sitting here thinking about how ridiculous the two main political parties have become. The mayor of Portland blamed Trump and the Republicans for his troubles because they were defending government property from his rioters.  Never mind that he has allow them to clash in Portland for several years.  They come near his home and all of a sudden he disappears and the police start trying to stop them.


Biden blames Trump for the unrest but suddenly changes his tune.  Trump blames everything on Pelosi and the Dems and continues to suggest Biden is to old and infirm.  

Trump claims to be a friend of transgenders but tries to take away our right to medical care or to serve our country even though a lot of us already did.  The military didn’t suffer for it  any more than it does having mixed races, or women.  Two things previously thought to be problematic.  Time to stop the divisiveness and come together for everyone’s good.


I’m voting Green Party this year as a statement vote.  They support our community, are moderates and if we could get enough of them in office around the country we could probably fix what’s wrong.


Time to come down from my podium.  Sorry if I offended anyone.  I’m just tired of the finger pointing and lack of progress.



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Well up early for darn reason. just wanted to I guess. Well the white crap is falling sideways about normal for WY.  Started about 4 or so.


Like I said, this girl ain't going out today.


Only thing I'll say about the problems is protesting is fine in my book. But when it starts getting violent, That is another story.



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20 minutes ago, KymmieL said:



Only thing I'll say about the problems is protesting is fine in my book. But when it starts getting violent, That is another story.



I don't endorse it either but historically for people of color, peaceful protests never did anything.  Civil rights in the 60s was stalled until riots started happening.  People/things don't change unless there is a painful stimulus.


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Bri, Yeah, you are correct. Somethings may have never changed if it weren't for open acts of violence. American history is actually full of them.



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Hi, First, I was 19 years old In college and yes, I will say that people rioted in 1968. The riots were over the death of MLK.  MLK didn’t call for riots he spoke about inclusion and peaceful demonstrations.  I HAVE A DREAM was all about inclusion not fighting.  In the larger cities that I am familiar with, Toledo, Detroit and Washington DC, the odd thing was in those cities the rioters burned the parts of the cities where they lived and shopped.  Many of the businesses Burned were black owned.  

who made the most difference, MLK or the riots?  I contend it was MLK.  

I have no issues with peaceful protest. That is what eventually started the Revolutionary War began, peaceful protest with escalation by the British.  

I know the protesters are angry over police killing men who didn’t deserve that.  But the Portland riots have gone on over three months with riots which begin at night after the legitimate protesters have gone home, and none of the mistreated people were from Portland.  These riots have little or nothing to do with police treatment of anyone in Portland.


but this wasn’t really my point in the first post.

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Moved for the same reason as the last one.
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Jackie C.

Where all of the protest talk I've culled from "Good Morning, Coffee's on Me" ends up. As the political season heats up, please remember rule #15 and keep all political and religious topics in the correct forums. Thank you.

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    • Willow
      Hi,   speaking of Thanksgiving dinner, my wife and I will definitely be alone.  I bought a turkey breast, I’m making acorn squash and stuffing.  My wife will roast the turkey, make asparagus and she already made cranberry sauce..   I’ll probably make waffles for breakfast but we’ll have to see about that.   if you are driving, be safe .   happy thanksgiving   Willow 
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.wric.com/news/crime/richmond-shooting-claims-life-of-transgender-woman/   May ChaeMeshia find peace.  Her death is a tragedy, the first of the new year, if we're starting from Nov. 20th.  My heart aches.   Carolyn Marie
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      Quick question - is this the most sick thing ever? I dare you to find better. I want this thing so bad, and there are matching shorts too. [email protected] on a whole new level dude. This is why I love RipNDip   https://www.ripndipclothing.com/products/dragonerm-hoodie-cream
    • Denisenj
      When you have that desire to blend in and pass, you must practice all techniques on being a female I felt really good tonight with this attempt  
    • Jandi
      It is hard when the people we love don't accept us.
    • A. Dillon
      Here is the run down, at least in my experience: - dick jokes - making fun of their friends - messing with the weaker ones, but in a jokey way - the occasional deep conversation with some reassurance, you can count on your boys for anything - cars and stupid stuff they do - dick jokes again   Basically, guys are typically rude, disrespectful, and like joking around. But deep down, the person that you make fun of the most, the one who makes fun of you the most, is the kind of guy that would help you hide the body. Loyal to a fault, and always willing to call you on your crap. At least, the good kind of guys. Avoid anyone who seems to like pretending that he likes people just so he can be popular, they are corrupted.
    • Susan R
      I’m surprised there’s not another group there labeled as being for members who “can’t transition” which would probably be a small subset of the “not transitioning” group. I know two people in this “can’t transition” category and originally they were planning on medically transitioning but for serious health reasons and their age, they can’t.   The interesting thing about these two ‘non-transitioning’ trans individuals is that their wives are more active within the community than they are themselves. My wife and I, for instance, correspond much more often with the significant other regarding their trans spouse’s trials and tribulations than from them themselves. In both cases, thy’ve reached a point where they can only express themselves privately. One friend, however, does go to trans related events out of their residential area...or used to pre-covid.   They definitely exist. I haven’t talked to one of them in several months and I think they may have just accepted the fact that transitioning was not in the cards for them.   It’s very possible that some non-transitioning members have found a place where they no longer feel a strong need or desire to discuss it further or focus on it as much. There have been several trans individuals here and on other forums that have made a personal choice not to transition for the good of a relationship or work or life situation. It is possible a few have felt hearing about others moving forward in their journey makes their decision more difficult. Everyone has their reasons and all are equally valid.   Susan R🌷
    • Lee H
      Hi Red? Lauren? Red_Lauren?   I think my GT is helping me figure out ideas and actions that will help me move toward becoming more authentically the person I want to be, and comfortable with her. So far, it feels very genuine to me. Eg, Helping me identify and actually think about the stuff I usually just ice over and mush on. I don't think it will be a circular self-fulfilling prophecy, as in "I went to counseling to find out I need to go to counseling." That was my question at first, but so far, so good.   I think there is an app. on this site with GT referrals by locale. If not here, there are some on Google.   I'm not advocating that you seek gender therapist counseling. Whatever works, works. The VA offers me this service as part of LGBTQ Vets medical coverage. If it were out of pocket, I couldn't afford it, but then I'm trying to live on Social Security. I can't afford anything anyway....[I do see great deals on bras on ebay, however.]   ~~With a hug, from Lee~~
    • KymmieL
      We three are going to our middle sons place tomorrow.  If I  were going  alone I would  so wear a dress or something feminine.  As him and his wife are my. Only  support in my family.    Kymmie 
    • Jandi
      Hi Ivy. Heh, heh,  I'm afraid I won't be much help here since I've never really figured that out myself. I think you just have to be yourself.  But, guys are weird.
    • CallMeKeira
      Hello, Squish! Nice to meet you.   The folks 'round these parts are fantastic.   - Keira
    • lachallenger
      Typed words alone cannot convey how happy I am to find that there are others in the world not so unlike myself - a circumstance that is relatively new to me.
    • Jandi
      Thanks for your insight! This is the kind of thing we want to hear and understand.
    • Jackie C.
      Lying to people hurts them. Lying to yourself hurts you. I hurt myself for forty-eight years before I realized that maybe I should do something about that. After I stopped lying to myself, it was killing me to lie to my wife. My therapist told me to wait. That lasted about a week.   The point I'm getting at is you should tell this girl up front what's going on. You can't build a relationship on a foundation of lies. She might be more receptive than you expect.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Not at all. Like @Shay said; medically transitioning isn't for everybody. It's difficult, a bit perilous and expensive. I have a dear friend who is both trans and not considering transitioning. They dress as their authentic self when time and the situation permits and present the rest of the time as male. They aren't any less valid than I am. The entire point of transitioning is to find a place where you feel like your authentic self. Then you stop. Some girls don't get bottom surgery. Some don't do hormones. I probably won't do top surgery. They're all equally valid and welcome members of our community.   I admit they don't talk about it as much. I imagine there's not as much need when you've already found what makes you feel complete. Or at least not as much on internet forums. My friend has been a member and led several transgender support groups in their area.   Hugs!
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