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Nearly a Decade


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Hey all, I'm here to share in my triumph of nearly a decade of quitting meth. I had quit in the end of November, I can never remember the day so I picked the 28th a long time ago.

I know I'm rather tame in my period of addiction, knowing that there have been people addicted for years as compared to my 10 months of addiction. But my story is another horror story of the impact that drugs have on someone. When I came out of the military, I had a 28k separation check in my hand, I had bought a used car my dad whittled down to 7k and the rest was mine to find a use for. Sadly I had gotten into a relationship with someone I didn't know was unsavory. The first time I used, he had gone to drop his mom off at work and I tore up the bedroom looking for the drug. I came to a few days later and was surprised I hadn't died in my overdose. In the time I was with him under a year he had raped me, beat me, tried to kill me all under the influence of alcohol and meth, which I was using too. A vast majority of my separation check went to meth and alcohol for him, his mother and I, along with money my Great Uncle gave to me after his death, the whole 2k he gave me. I lied to my family to get money for the drugs, they gave blindly and I broke their trust in me as they still have problems loaning me money to this day and I don't blame them. 

Nearly 10 years clean, and I'm going to keep fighting every day to keep off the stuff and keep my body as my temple.

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Timber Wolf

Ten years is great. Congrat's! One day at a time.


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf 🐾

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Congratulations dear.  Remembering the hell i came from helps me avoid that path today.

Thank you for sharing your journey.





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