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Salutations~ Im new here.


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Greetings. I am biologically a woman, but have identified as tomboy, then to gender neutral, now questioning whether transitioning is right for me.


I kind of think if I decide to transition, I wont be getting surgery done on my lower body, although top surgery sounds amazing, regardless of what I identify as in the realm of gender.

So pretty much I have adrogynous tendencies, but am leaning towards male at this point.

I guess the fact that I said ^at this point^ might be a sign of some sort.. but anyway..


Shadow is the name of my male persona, but I usually use the more unisex name Rune. 

Im often mistaken for a male online and Im honestly happy about it.


but the idea of having to reintroduce myself over time as my masculine alter ego of sorts sounds pretty scary. Ive tried to get my bro to call me by my middle name, and he pretty much refused, even though my family prides itself on being pretty accepting in comparison to the typical American household.

I already know that my dad is pretty uneasy about it because Ive talked to him about the topic of trans before.


I dont care what the rest of my family will think and my friends probably wont care all that much if at all.


Anyway, Im realizing Ive got a lot to learn more and more.


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  • Root Admin

Welcome Shadow/Rune.  You are among people who understand or are beginning to understand what you are talking about, to non Trans folks it is something that cannot be understood, to us, it is simply something to be lived with.

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Thank you. I was kind of nervous when I posted my introduction, but you have helped me to feel more at ease.


Umm.. just wondering, though.. is everything I post going to have to go through a moderators approval or is it just for a limited amount of time?

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  • Forum Moderator

Welcome @Shadow it’s a pleasure to have you with us. First I’ll let you know that after your 5th post you will no longer need moderator’s approval.

4 hours ago, Shadow said:

Anyway, Im realizing Ive got a lot to learn more and more.

Hey, don’t feel bad...I’ve been realizing how little I know for 58 years and I still have so much to learn. Everyday seems like a new adventure. Enjoy the ride and eventually you’ll arrive. Look around. You can learn much of what you want to learn right here. There are many people here that are eager to support you and will offer helpful advice when asked, myself included. I’ve been here about 2 years and I have been helped by so many along my journey, I’m always pleased to pay it forward. Thanks for reaching out. I hope to see you around.


Warmest Regards,

Susan R🌷

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Welcome Rune-Shadow.

As my kids love to say- gender is a social construct and people feel the need for labels. Labels generally fail unless you are totally into a binary thought process.  I wish you luck in your path of discovery where ever it may lead.  You will find unconditional support here.


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Welcome Aboard Shadow

Be Safe, BE Proud and KICK ASS

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