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Frequency of visits to a gender therapist?


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Financially, I'm not in the best position to see a gender therapist at the moment. I'm not employed and need to use my meager savings for things like food and rent. I'll be looking for a job in the next 3 weeks, and hopefully will find something decent. In my neck of the woods there seems to be at least a 1 month waiting period to see someone. What would really help me at the moment are answers to the following questions:


  1. If I had to pay out of pocket, what rate should I expect?
  2. How long is a session, 30 minutes, an hour, longer?
  3. What is a "normal" frequency of appointments (once a week, biweekly, monthly).
  4. Do gender therapists do sliding scale? If so, is there an easy way to find them?


I realize that the answer to these questions probably vary from person to person. But I really cant afford to spend $200.00 weekly at this point in time (this is my guess as to what a session might cost). I may be able to spend about $200.00 once a month, though. I could probably talk myself into it at least.


I'm very new to all of this so, I've decided to put my ego in check and take reasonable advice when it's given. While getting a therapist is not something that's in my nature or my upbringing, I've considered the advantages and they far exceed the negatives.


Thank you <3

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That is a hard one to answer.  Different market, different currency, different client needs.


I saw one that charged $100 an hour and another one that charged $160 an hour.  A visit is typically 50 minutes, billed as one hour.  Some therapists might be open to discussing a sliding scale; some might not.


The visit frequency depends on your needs.  In one case, I had two sessions back to back (i.e. a two-hour session) just to minimize my commuting time.  You would probably discuss your needs in terms of visit frequency during your first session.


How many visits you need altogether again depends on your needs.  I say the $160 therapist for four sessions, and the $100 therapist for two sessions.  That's because I was pretty clear in my mind who I was and what I needed, and I just needed to meet the requirements for informed consent.  If you have some deep exploration to do, you would need more sessions.


I don't know how much help that is.  The best way to find out what the situation is in your local area is to start calling around.


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Hi Rowan.
I am fortunate that my medical insurance covers therapy.  So, its very little out of pocket.  Once you get a job, and since Open Season for Obamacare is coming up, I hope you can get insurance coverage. 

Any chance your are a military service veteran?  Is so, VA offers coverage.

Or! Do you qualify for Medicaid in Oregon?  I found this article online



In the meantime, there may be local support groups you can attend (for free) or resources for sliding-scale coverage in your area.  Normally a therapist will suggest frequency of visits based on what they perceive as your needs (and of course your ability to pay may come into consideration). 

I know its new and a bit overwhelming but just keep plugging and I know something will open up for you.  Its really worth it in the end❣️

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The last time I paid out of pocket for a gender therapist, it was $110 for a 1 hour session.  I saw her once a month, though I needed to see her more, but finances did not allow it.  When I went into a major depression and was not able to work for two years, she worked out a barter system to cover the sessions.  I had been working as a chef previously, and to cover the sessions while I was not working, I would do some meal prep for her.  Some therapists are willing to work with you.


My current therapist, who I have been seeing since 2017 is through the VA, so there is no out of pocket expense.  I have had mostly weekly sessions with her the entire time because there was a lot of work to do with depression, and C-PTSD, and substance abuse.  We have just recently gone to sessions every other week, and I don't see that going down any time soon.


How often you need sessions is an individual thing to be determined by you and your therapist.  There is no one size fits all answer. 

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Hi, Rowan,


I, too, have paid out-of-pocket because my gender therapist no longer accepted Medicare (and I'm retired, so no longer have conventional private insurance). Rate: $110 per hour (both my spouse and I attend; rate is the same regardless).  Well worth it!


Best wishes,




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Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences. This was exactly the type of information I was looking for. Now, with my initial questions answered, I feel more comfortable taking the next step to call around to offices. I even read the sticky too 

Which will be very helpful.


I'm so happy to hear that my assumptions were way to high. If I can find a therapist with the right qualifications and the right rate, I may even be able to see them once every two weeks.


I'm not sure if I am eligible for OHP/Medicaid in Oregon, I should really look into it, maybe I'll call them later today.


Thanks again for helping boost my confidence <3

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I would do a search for Transgender Clinics in Oregon and look for non-profit ones. You may be able to find a specialized clinic in your neck of the woods. I know here in Central Ohio for example has a specialty LGBTQ+ Clinic that has a sliding scale. In doing a quick search, a few came up out of Portland at least (you could even call them if that isn't close for you).

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@QuestioningAmber Thank you so much for posting. I actually did call a clinic that I would feel comfortable going to and that does sliding scale before I originally posted here. Unfortunately, they did not offer counseling services, but they did provide me a list of therapists in the area and even took the time to send me a link to an NIH article concerning my ever so thinning hair.


On another note, I left voicemail with two different therapists that I can kinda afford and even had a job prospect appear out of the blue. All-in-all, i guess it's been a productive day.

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    • Heather Nicole
      Hi Aurora! Nice name!   You sound similar to me! Although I haven't started transitioning (don't believe my profile pic, it's a lie) and I'll only start gender counseling monday, I'm another 6' footer (without shoes), and I'll be 39 in December. And yes, as much as I may miss them, the 80's/90's didn't have the most awareness of this, and I too regret that fact and envy the present-day trans youth. Maybe in next life!   Glad to meet you!
    • Heather Nicole
      Those are cute. Although I can't quite decide which is cuter, the shoes, or the young model's impeccable legs! 😄   With all due respect to his holyness, Tan France, I'm not sure how much I buy into "age-appropriateness" in fashion. I mean, yea, there are times and places for certain things, and not everything works in every situation. But if something really speaks to someone, isn't denying it kind of similar to denying one's gender identity? Maybe one's "age identity"! Heck, my toenail wraps right now are super-juvenile, candy-pink with a daisy and a heart, but I love them! (Although, true, I'm not currently showing them in public.)   I'm reminded of this commercial:   Or maybe it's all just the shopaholic in me speaking  
    • Erica Gabriel
      Our sister, English actress Rebecca Root, has a nice role in this series. Much love to her.
    • Shay
      @JustineM beautiful 
    • Emily michelle
      Welcome Breanna I also feared the insurance company. When I called them originally they said no transgender coverage. I went to my endocrinologist and met with her and they were able to push it through. I have been on hrt for 6 months and have had a mammogram and insurance has covered everything including the majority of my prescriptions. When or if you decide on hrt talk with your endocrinologist. Working in a male dominated field is hard. I’m not out to my union and employer yet. Eventually I will get there hiding is proving harder than coming out.
    • Aurora
      Thank You both.  I am on the Trans pulse discord and just love it there.
    • RunValRun
      Completely understand the "work in progress" part. Websites in general, and forums in particular, are ever evolving 😃   The funny thing was, when I first opened it on my phone, I thought something went horribly wrong with the screen until I figured it out 🤪
    • 2beBreanna
      Thanks for the reassurance Jani.    That is my hopes, I would hope the meds wont be much of an issue.  Its just hard hearing that when you finally open to the idea of pursuing this when there is a strong chance of it completely changing life.   I think I have other avenues to take to get the one surgery I want/need.  it will just take time and lots of appointments complaining about issues i have mostly ignored after being told its no big deal.
    • RunValRun
      THAT is what matters 😃🤩
    • Jani
      You will get swelling for a while until the hair gets more slender and your face aclimates.  I used to get quite red with swelling but it stopped after a year or so.  Hang in there and it will be gone in due time.   Cheers, Jani
    • Jani
      Welcome Breanna!  I hope your journey with your wife goes smoothly.  As to insurance, I think that is a common response.  I'm retired but I don't believe my employer covered any TG services.  My current insurance doesn't provide coverage either.  After starting therapy, you may find HRT to be reasonable in cost.     Please join in the conversation. Jani
    • Jani
      Welcome back Aurora!  I'm glad to see you've rejoined us.  Being able to post when we're down and get response is certain a benefit of the site.  Lots of caring people here!  I look forward to seeing you around!  Cheers,  Jani
    • VickySGV
      Welcome back Aurora.  Little different look and some new faces, but the same attitude and acceptance as always. If you remember your old name and account details, PM one of the Admins and we may be able to put you back together.
    • JustineM
    • 2beBreanna
      Thank you for the welcome and reassurances.  I feel that my wife is slowly coming to as she she thinks back to my more male/not so friendly being compared to the feminine gentler being.  I try to get her to realize that if i am happy with who I am, I will be the gentle lovey dovey person she wants now more.      For now my goal is to start HRT slowly and possibly an orchi since that is my biggest dysphoria spot.  I have been hoping for a few years to get rid of those things.     I called insurance today and got what I feared would happen...Transgender care  is excluded from the policy.  I have a good insurance plan but I guess they decided the employees would not be open to others transitioning.  Working in a "mans" job sucks, but it pays the bills.  Now i need to research what steps i can take to get on HRT or even just T blockers.
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