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Sci Am: the Disturbing History of Research Into Trans Identity

Carolyn Marie

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Carolyn Marie



A very interesting read on a very fraught and difficult subject, IMO.  Many of us want answers, but too many researchers are looking for evidence that backs their per-conceived ideas, rather than search for unbiased facts using objective and thorough scientific methods.



Carolyn Marie

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Good article.  Thanks @Carolyn Marie!  I am happy it seems they have come further along in the last 15-20 years to identify this as a medical issue and not an environmental/behavioral cause. 

But, seems some just want to hold on to these rejected ideas, and they are still floating around out there.  Dangerous little darts.

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Suspicion and fear of the "different" is the root of more human error than as of yet been given a quantity.  One of my college professors in Behavioral Science who emphasized the Scientific Method of research had a poster in the classroom that asked us "Are you the measure of humanity or the measurer of human behavior?"  His point was that we needed to include ourselves as subjects of our own research, and spent time with each of us discussing an assigned research project to get us to know what we were taking into the project of ourselves and our preconceived ideas about the subject.  At the end of the project we sat down again and subtracted anything that looked like it mirrored the preconceptions.  With those gone, we wrote the projects up for grading.  My response was a little more full than many, but still pretty darn short.  Two of my classmates who wrote "I learned a lot about myself, but almost nothing about what I studied" actually got very high grades.  I got an 85% or high B grade and it had been brutal. 

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Sally Stone

Great points Vicky.  I believe we should apply scientific method to every one of our own personal biases (we all have them).   Unfortunately, we are spring-loaded to the thoughts and ideas that make us comfortable and that's just not objective.


Along similar lines, we have generally lost the ability to engage in true discourse.  Instead, the moment someone makes an argument or comes from a point of different from ours, we declare that person is against us.  "If you aren't with me, you are against me" is a completely counter-productive assumption that stifles understanding and compassion.


We need to listen to understand instead of listening to refute.



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    • DeeDee
      🤣😂 @Erica Gabriel Now that sounds like a thread/blog I would read with interest!  l had a few regulars who would answer the door only in their dressing gown (and always men?!) when I delivered takeaways for a while, but to be fair they always covered the essentials, and they tipped best! I live in a small village and the postie stops and chats (well, waves from a distance now), and everyone knows male me so yeah, for now I try to be discreet. 
    • VickySGV
      I am hoping even more that things that benefit us will benefit far more people as well.  My health can be improved by overall improvement in all people's health, especially mental health.  Improvements in education in the science fields will make us not so "other" and inclusions in actual history lessons of all people and events, not to shame anyone but to inform and prepare people to accept who they live with as GOOD neighbors.  Our Trans and LGB history takes its place with both sexism and racism, the AIDS epidemic taught with pandemics and with racial oppression and violence, and more.  All were real and can be taught without blame or shaming.  Adult education needs a new place in our lives.  I can go on, but these are all things that need to come out of the dark hole they were stuffed in for so long.  It is not just Trans I am looking for, and hope all my Trans Siblings can see this with me.  It is quite a job, but if the leadership gets out of the way and lets us go, that is all I hope for.
    • Erica Gabriel
      @DeeDeebeing a postie I really appreciate your discretion. I have stories..........😳
    • VickySGV
      My GCS came out of my pocket because it was 8 years ago, a year before my HMO covered it after finding it was cheaper to provide it than to cover the care of failed suicides, and two years before my state mandated that insurance carriers in the state provide the surgery.  I am still paying it off since it took a home mortgage re-finance to get the cash, but it worked and while not the usual way I actually came out ahead for a number of years since the re-finance was less than the property value at the time and an affordable increase in the monthly payments.  As far as the tax people go, I darn well did use the money for my "home improvements".  I also got a new kitchen, roof and driveway out of the deal, so no loss really, but I did wait on the kitchen until after I was down to a single dilation per day since I had a construction gang in the house to do it.  The waiting is the worst, and if it needs medication to help the anxiety from making you want to hurt yourself, by all means get it.  The virus deal has played hell with my Depression tendencies but mine is the type that gets worse when people try to "cheer me up" and just needs for me to live it our, but I have a deal with myself on it.  The depression will not kill me if I do not try to kill me.  That is the deal and each day I seem to live through that poop.  One day at a time.
    • CallMeKeira
      Welcome. Rest easy. These folks are good souls. 😊
    • CallMeKeira
      Finally having drug myself from bed, I have put coffee on to brew. I suppose it's a quiet morning of playing with my aussie and boxer before I head to work. I'm feeling a green tank dress.   Cheers to all, and good morning!
    • Shay
      I agree with @Charlize about therapy. Finding a warm and understanding therapist is vital. HRT without therapy is not a wise decision. I went through therapy with several therapist over the years who treated depression and panic attacks but didn't treat gender dysphoria. Finding someone who does understand GD is the most important thing I have done besides finding this forum with so many others who have a commonality. we are all different with different needs but common goals and it is so reassuring to have the ladies and gents here to lend an unconditional ear and give advice from experience.
    • MaryEllen
      He talks the talk. Now if he walks the walk all will be good.
    • Jandi
      Yeah.   I lived in this world for years.  I tried to conform myself to what was expected.  Eventually I began to accept reality.  It was very liberating.  I wouldn't say I am an atheist now, but my view of "God" has been drastically altered.  But that would belong in a different thread.   I don't have a problem with Christianity really.  A lot of Christians I know are fine people.  I guess it was just having spent so much of my life in a toxic conservative-christian environment I had to let it go. It is encouraging to see more Christians becoming more accepting of people like us.
    • JustineM
      You ladies all look absolutely fabulous.   Today I am wearing the luxury edition of head to toe dark navy blue provided by Garda CL. With fashionably heavy accessories by Bulletsafe and Galls. Lol  
    • Charlize
      Welcome Drake.  Finding this site was a lifesaver for me.  As an addict in recovery i found that a problem shared is a problem halved.  Simply knowing others understood what a was going through, because they were going through or had gone through the same things,  has been so comforting.  You are amongst friends even though we might be virtual we are here!   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jani
      This is me too.  But if it makes you happy, thats all that matters.   Jani
    • Charlize
      I was annoyed that i was required to have therapy and a letter from my therapist before HRT.  It had been recommended here and i listened.  Today i'm glad i did.  I learned a great deal and over time when the inevitable doubts come up i remember events and understanding i found in therapy and know it was time and money well spent.  There have always been some who regret transition.  HRT creates permanent differences. We are all different, with different paths but i am glad that i followed the recommendations of those who guided me to therapy.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jani
      Greetings Vivienne Claire.  I'm another late bloomer who started at 61, five years ago.  Its been a wild ride at times but I am happier with my new life and I trust you will be too.  Hang in there and keep moving forward.  You'll ride out the bumpy days and be stronger.   Cheers, Jani
    • Shay
      I did not need therapist approval for HRT. I talked to my family doctor and found out about a wonderful LGBTQ+ health care network. They aligned me with a NP and had a consult and when I had baseline blood tests and shared records from my doctor I started HRT and have 3 month checks. It is so important to be monitored. 5 years ago I self Grated with gray market E and Spiro and it did cause prostate issues that took years to correct after biopsies and a bunch of tests and treatments. Having your doctor and if your doctor isn't conversant in HRT (as my doctor wasnt) he was willing to share medical info so I can have a SAFE and monitored transition. I don't know how things are in different states or countries but I lucked out and found a therapist who specializes in gender identity and she recommended Equitas in our state and they have been amazing.
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