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MtF Hair Transformation Topics

Many MTFs in transition may need help in the hair department. Discussions include wigs, hair replacement systems, and hair transplants.

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  1. Need hair style advice.

    • 14 replies
  2. My third week in HRT (mtf)

    • 1 reply
  3. oh my GOSH Revita is starting to work really well for me

    • 2 replies
  4. Hair up? OR Hair down?

    • 15 replies
  5. Wig Stores

    • 10 replies
  6. Information.

  7. The big C

    • 2 replies
  8. Trans Pre-OP

    • 4 replies
  9. A Nice Surprise. Growing hair that was lost to T

    • 4 replies
  10. family contact

    • 10 replies
  11. Memory lane

    • 12 replies
  12. Panic like fear of losing hair/age in the way your "wrong" body would?

    • 2 replies
  13. Laser hair removal locations

    • 5 replies
  14. Estrogen rejection

    • 3 replies
    • 3 replies
    • 11 replies
    • 3 replies
    • 7 replies
  15. hair regrowth?

    • 3 replies
    • 11 replies
  16. Free At Last - Sporting Natural Hair

    • 5 replies
    • 12 replies
    • 12 replies
    • 5 replies
  17. 1st laser session

    • 16 replies
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    • KathyLauren
      Oh, my!  Willow, you should have put a trigger warning on that story.  I need a tissue now.  Beautiful!
    • SaraAW
      For me, I think it was the act of taking charge of my life and moving towards living honestly, that HRT represented that made me feel better early on. At about 3 months I really started to notice my emotional range expanding significantly, as well as the beginning of the physical changes. At this point I have 0 doubts that I made the right decision in beginning to transition and starting HRT.
    • SaraAW
      @Willow thank you for that beautiful story. 
    • Tori M
      @LittleRed, that should be pinned to the top of the HRT forum.  The real HRT experience.  My new endo asked me how my anxiety was when I was on hormones previously.  "About the same," I replied.  Some things don't change.   And some things do, unexpectedly.... believe it or not, less than a week in this time, I am already feeling a touch of a forgotten calmness and patience.  It must be the T blocker kicking in.  Good riddance to my usual hurried approach to everything!
    • Tori M
      {teary-eyed} BEAUTIFUL, Willow, just beautiful.  Thanks for sharing!
    • JustineM
      WOW!  This is so beautiful and heart wrenching.  Thank you Willow, it really speaks to me.
    • Emily michelle
      Wow Willow that story is so true I had tears welling up thank you for sharing that!
    • Shay
      phew... because my NP is starting me on the low dose two a day under the tongue and instead of spiro she is prescribing the one that starts with an F (can't remember name but is supposed to help stop male balding and I have a few spots toward the back of my head and kind of thinning on top).... I hope to hear that all the records are in place and my pharmacy calls today to start...I can't tell you how anxious I am - I verified my doctor got the clearance to transfer my records and I took another blood draw last Thursday to base line thoseitems they don't check for males... can't wait....   THANK YOU TORI for letting me know if the pharmaciest tells me they don't melt.... 🙃
    • Tori M
      Ohhh... ouch!!  I'm with the lady news anchor... let's put those guys in heels and we can all have a big laugh!  Ok, have to admit, that triple ankle wiggle before the second fall is just amazing.  I think I might have just given up and stayed down, lol.  Or, if she'd ripped off the shoes and thrown them down the runway, that would have been hilarious!
    • Tori M
      So, if you think pharmacists know everything about drugs, think again.....  When I picked up my E prescription, of course the pharmacist is required to have a quick consult on new medications.  She read the label which said, "Dissolve under tongue twice daily".  She got a funny look and said, "These pills don't dissolve."  "Are you sure," I asked?  "The endo said she wanted me to use sublingual E.  I've talked to others who say they are taking a sublingual pill."  She looked on the computer and then restated, "No, these don't dissolve.  I don't know of any estrogen pills that dissolve.  You can try it but I think it would take a long time to dissolve that way."  We were already having a challenge with insurance who only wanted to pay for one pill per day, not two lower doses, so I left feeling a bit frustrated and thinking they must not make the dissolve-able tablets any more or else my pharmacy doesn't carry them, so I guess I'm going to have to ask the endo for patches (which I don't like because they can irritate my skin).  Well, I tried the first one under my tongue and it vanished in less than 1 minute!  So much for experts, lol.
    • Shay
      You do what feels good to you - after all your opinion is the most important anyway 👍👍
    • Tori M
      I like boat neck tops, or at least a deep V.  All of that bare skin is definitely a distraction.  My boobs are wide-spaced so I've bought bras appropriate and comfortable with that but I guess I should try something that gives me a little cleavage and just deal with the odd feeling.  Can you tell I prefer comfort over looks? LOL  Now, if I lived in some place that had summers (there I go again! lol), I would just live in shorts, sandals and tank tops.
    • Tori M
      That's excellent, Patti, thanks for sharing it!  I've never liked the phrase "coming out"... indeed, when I tell someone it feels much more like "letting them in".
    • Shay
      I just remembered another song that my producer mentioned to me - he had a relationship with this lady and when I heard her version of IMAGINE I was floored - she re-invented it and made it her own and it makes me cry to this very day and I haven't even started HRT yet... gosh I probably won't be able to stop once I do start.    
    • Shay
      love the wonderful opening sequencce is Smooth Operator  
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