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How Long Will This Take?

Guest Serene

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Guest Serene

I've been getting electrolosis for my facial hair and there is progress. It's been a few month with an appointment every week or two depending on circumstances, and much of my hair is gone but it seems a few always try to spring back up. I was wondering, for any who might know, how long would it typically take to be completelly rid of facial hair? I'm under the impression it will probably be close to a year. I also realize that it can be different for different people depending on what their hair is like, mine is most coarse and thick around my chin and upper lip, but my cheeks and jawline are pretty clear now with only a few thin hairs returning. I'm eager to have it finished so I may move on to having surgery to get rid of my adam's apple.

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Guest Donna Jean


Honey....that's like saying "How long is a piece of rope?"....lol

It's mostly different for everyone...

I've had 65 hours and I'll probably have that much more to do...'It all depends on your electrologists skill and total numbers of hairs that you have to begin with...

It sounds as if you're about average...

Good luck, Hon!


Donna Jean

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Guest Serene

I figured it might be an indefinable answer ;p Hehe I was curious because I knew it generally takes quite awhile. I s'pose I'm a bit impatient, I mean the idea of being free of hair is wonderful. It's like a cure, a plague! I don't even know why humans still have body hair, it serves no purpous anymore. The only hair that has a function on the human body now is the hair on the top of our heads, first to block sunlight and second to serve as a sexual stimulant. Well I guess the hairs in nostrils help protect from allergins but those aren't really seen. But the rest of the body hair has no function... like an apendix... Hehe

And thank you :)


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According to wikipedia the average length of treatment to completely clear the human face of hair is 1 to 4 years. Most being finished in 2. I hope I can be as close to 1 as they come, but its not looking that way for me. Sounds like you are making great progress though.

My hair is thickest in the same areas. Does it hurt a lot to have your upper lip done? My electrologist hasn't touched mine yet and a part of me is thankful.

All the best and good luck.

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Guest Elizabeth K

Total beard removal on people not using HRT probably takes longer, my opinion.

Maybe the 1-4 years mentioned is required. BUT for we T-Girls on HRT I think it might take less time. This is not the current wisdom, and facial hair is NOT supposed to be affected by HRT, but I an now considering there is more to this than people think.

I never had a real beard, only a mustache area, and some under my chin and neck. I had the mustache area taken out - 12 or so hour treatments. It still needs a touch-up and I need to go back - maybe 20 hairs reappear a day, but they are fine and uncolored - which I attribute to the HRT.

I never have had my face done. Before transitioning I would manually tweezer them out my face watching television - Sundays. It would take about 4 hours, that much time was needed to do a complete clearing (this is other than the mustache area). Now, here are maybe 100 hairs or less of a beard left. All the others went away - no electrolysis. It take those few out with my big epilator once a week, in about 10 minutes, and it takes that long because you have to be extremely gentle using an epilator (I don't recommend it unless you REALLY know what you are doing). I need to get those cleared, it shouldn't take much.

The HRT seemingly retards regrowth - even on facial hair. Or is it just me?


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Guest Donna Jean

According to wikipedia the average length of treatment to completely clear the human face of hair is 1 to 4 years. Most being finished in 2.

Again, that's totally arbitrary...

Even with a standard amount of facial hair...it will depend on how often one get electrolysis done...

Once a day, week, month?


Donna Jean

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Guest Serene

I had appointments weekly but am afraid I will have to extend it to bi-weekly due to financial issues. Hopefully I can get a claim for insurance due to hyperplasia. With my skin hypersensative the course hairs actually damage and irritate my folicals and so the only permanent treatment for that is electrolosis. Even though the hairs are course they are scattered and as such I can never grow a full beard even if I wanted. But facial and body hair have no functional purpous anyway as far as I'm concerned, and I just don't like it.

I'm afraid I can't answer your question, Risu. My electrologist hasn't reached my upper lip yet, so far my cheeks are just about finished, with a few barely noticable one here and there, and now I'm getting my chin and neck done, my upper lip will be last and I was already told that it will have to have less heat used on the probe because that area is more sensative. But there are also numbing tricks that have worked amazingly well.

Oh, Lizzy, I was told by my electrologist that plucking the hairs can sometimes cause them to grow back more course, something to do with rupturing the capilaries, I'm not sure. But then I've also heard of hairs that stop growwing alltogether if their continuelly plucked, I'm not sure if that's true though. Have you heard of anything like that? I suppose it's a possibility if the root matrix if killed, but I'm not sure.

Oh yes, I was also told that the hair has to be caught in an early stage of its life span to kill the root matrix. Apparently my hair has a longer growth rate than what's typical and that's a good thing because it's easier to catch it in the right stage and eleminate it.

Thank you all *hugs*


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      @JaycieI was in the Boston area for about 10 years with my previous (#3) wife. My job for 37 years was overwhelmingly male dominated. During those 10 years, my best friend was a woman. She came out to Chicago a few years after I left Boston to be the "Best Man" at my (most recent) wedding. Years ago by, and we exchange Christmas cards and occasional birthday cards. Sadly, I haven't told her that I'm getting divorced and transitioning. Lack of courage. Soon. Same for the friend who cut me off 5 years ago - maybe.    Funny, it only occurred to me as I wrote about the past regarding my chosen middle name. Renee means reborn, and that was my conscious reason for adopting it. I realized that, subliminally, it was because of Renee Richards.   @MmindyAgain, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you. Hugs to all at TGP.❤️
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      Today I went out dressed as myself for the very first time.  It was only to the garage and back but that is far more than it has ever been before.  I also made an appointment with the local incursion clinic.  That's a very big step on my part.  To me it mean I want to move forward on my transition.  Gods, I'm so unsure.  I skipped my last appointment.  I HAVE to keep this one .
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      Hannah,   I pray for you and your happiness with friends. Friends you make as Hannah, the woman you should have always been. Hannah is your chance to break the cycle of pushing people away. You will be okay, and I pray eventually happy.   Hugs,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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