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Guest chngnwnd

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Guest chngnwnd

Today I had an argument with my oldest son about how he has been acting and treating the family over the past couple of weeks. He has been rude and hateful to everyone in the family. When I confronted him about this he threw some stuff at me then rushed me. He punched me in the head and arm then I kicked him out of the house. I did not want to - but if he is attacking me I can't have him in the same house as me. Right now I am in pain and I don't know where my son is. My parents are looking for him. I called my ex to come get him - but I doubt she will. I am in as lot of physical and emotional pain right now. My arm hurst so bad it is hard to type even. I don't want to lose my son. I am so afraid he is on drugs or has something seriously wrong with him and I can't do anything to help - he is a danger to me. He even told me that he did not punch me when I got up from the floor.


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Guest Donna Jean

Make a police report, but don't file charges if he apologizes.


I agree...that's about all you can do to protect yourself and still keep things together in some respect...

Good Luck

Donna Jean

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Guest CariadsCarrot

I'm so sorry Bobi. I have not quite reached this point with my son but my partner and I have had a lot of problems with his behaviour and we did have to resort to reporting to the police last year. It was heartbreaking...the toughest thing we have ever had to do to him, but it did help because that particular behaviour stopped. We are still fighting with other behaviour but after the police gave him a good talking to and explained what would happen if he did it again (court etc.) that behaviour hasn't been repeated.

Some other behaviour is still going on. He is on his last chance before expulsion at school after being found with a friend on school property trying to set fire to a gas lighter (but after we talked that through in no uncertain terms his most recent report has been glowing!) and we found him playing with matches AGAIN in the kitchen only this evening. We have finally found out about and got him referred to something called the 'early intervention team' which takes children at risk of getting a criminal record and works with them to turn their life around to more positive things. It really does sound like a good thing for him and we have every hope of it working.

I wonder if there is anything like that where you live. We found out about it through our family doctor. It may be worth you kicking up a fuss at your sons doctor, school (if he's still at school) and with the police. Tell them you need help with his behaviour because you are afraid of where this violent behaviour is heading and you aren't safe around him any more. You need to be safe from his violence and he needs help with his anger. There is help out there but you have to push for it coz they don't offer it easy. We struggled and asked for help for years before we finally got referred to this help for our son.

How old is your son BTW? Mine is 12.

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Today I had an argument with my oldest son about how he has been acting and treating the family over the past couple of weeks. He has been rude and hateful to everyone in the family. When I confronted him about this he threw some stuff at me then rushed me. He punched me in the head and arm then I kicked him out of the house. I did not want to - but if he is attacking me I can't have him in the same house as me. Right now I am in pain and I don't know where my son is. My parents are looking for him. I called my ex to come get him - but I doubt she will. I am in as lot of physical and emotional pain right now. My arm hurst so bad it is hard to type even. I don't want to lose my son. I am so afraid he is on drugs or has something seriously wrong with him and I can't do anything to help - he is a danger to me. He even told me that he did not punch me when I got up from the floor.


If his unacceptable behavior has only lasted a couple of weeks it may not be drugs. Not sure how old your son is but when mine used to get off course in "respecting" the family we used to take a walk (because then we weren't in his territory or mine), and I would point out that every thing is a choice. That he received certain toys, privileges, curfews etc by doing certain things, and respecting his mom was one of them. My favorite saying was (and he could finish the sentence for me...) "With increased freedom comes increased.....responsibility." Your son may be too old for that or too far out of line, but it is something that might work with the other kids... Just need to start when they'll still walk around the block with youfriends.gif

Good luck!


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Guest chngnwnd

I did call the police. It was heartbreaking - because there are clear signs that I was assaulted, they have to file charges against him. I spent my evening in the emergency room, too. I am uncomfortable and in pain, but not seriously injured - no broken bones or dislocations. Right now he is at my parents' house. I can't have him here - I don't feel safe around him right now.

I need to see my therapist I think. When he gets angry or upset, he verbally attacks me and use very abusive language and the last couple fo weeks that behavior excalated - more frequent and more abusive language than normal - then the physical attack. I am worried because I am making excuses for him to my parents and trying to rationalize his behavior.

It's nights like this that I wish I had a partner to support me. I feel so alone right now.


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Guest chngnwnd

I have seen my therapist and we are getting help for my son, but I am still out of work.

He hit me in the head pretty hard and gave me a concussion - which is affecting me with sudden severe headaches, occasional blurred vision, occasional confusion, dizzy spells, and having trouble concentrating. I was wondering how long this lasts and what else to expect...

Also, tomorrow will be the first time I see my son since Monday. I am going to my parents' house to talk to him.


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Guest JaniceW


A year or so ago I had a fall on ice and hit my head causing a concussion, the symptoms took about a week or two to completely resolve. It was the weirdest two weeks I ever recall though.

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Guest Krisina

Get better soon Bobbi and protect yourself and be safe. Your safety right now is the most operant thing I think. It is good too that your son will be getting some help. But you need to be safe.


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Guest CariadsCarrot

I'm sorry about the concussion Bobbi, it sounds horrible. I'm glad your therapist is helping you to get help for your son.

Please be careful when you go to see him. If he starts showing signs of getting worked up don't stay and put yourself in harms way.


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    • MaeBe
      Lest I need state it, I understand there are churches/congregations/sects that are very LGBTQ+ welcoming. They are a beautiful minority.   On the whole you will find more xtian/xtian-adjacent religions against LGBTQ+ people than those that support them. Perhaps in 300 years it will be different, but for now where are the voices coming from that most vehemently eschew queer people? I ask that simple question. If my answer of mostly religious-based persons is wrong, I am happy to stand corrected.
    • Abigail Genevieve
      I read through those SBC documents, the Nashville Statement and some other stuff and I am sitting here frustrated with the situation, not guilty feeling but irritated at how they missed some logical connections because of their preconceptions and I seriously doubt they talked to a biologist, a geneticist or a specialist in sexual disorders before writing this stuff.   I've never been SBC and never plan to be.  Nonetheless there is a sense of yuck I have to deal with.  They are conservative evangelicals and likely have never met an articulate transgender person in their lives, one they can dialog with, because, for one thing, according to the Nashville Statement, they will shut down dialog and tell the transgender person how they are wrong.  No listening.  Just telling. 
    • MaeBe
      And we're no longer primitive. We're not longer fighting for the survival of the species, in fact we're killing the planet with our virility. You can claim old habits die hard, but it's not for primitive clashes of clans (almost wrote clashes of clams, that's a completely different thing!) that these mentalities persist. Who is responsible for maintaining ancient culture in the name of tradition? Perhaps my argument is a semantic one, but who are the people most insistent in perpetuating the past? Religious bodies and those that support them are.
    • Abigail Genevieve
      The only memory I can drudge up about a flippant attitude was some school kid who said he switched genders on a whim and never could decide on Monday what he would be Tuesday.  This was an online article a ways back.  For all I know the author of the article exaggerated.  Or misunderstood.   Trying to locate the cause of this idea that transgender people have a flippant attitude, which nyet, about TG, especially in the light of the immense soul-struggle so many go through on so many levels.   They may say they love someone, but you are right, what happens in the actuality is what counts and 'loving church discipline' can be cold and cruel.  Personally I am not going to risk it. If I found myself at an SBC church even for one meeting I would carefully avoid any hint that I am TG.  They might feel obligated to deliver my filthy soul from Satan and not believe it when I said I already invited Jesus in my heart and I seek to obey Him.  I have been through things like that at times on other issues.   Our denomination has a position paper on transgender I can live with, and we really like our church and are plugged in and comfortable.  I pointed out to our pastor that, percentage wise, we in all likelihood have some stealth transgender among us.  He did not reply, and he did not reply in a manner that makes me think he knows of some in our church, people who have told him they are and he is keeping the confidence.  Several times he has alluded to transgender people without condemnation.  It's a good place. We struggle with the issue of dealing with transgender youth coming to youth events, I have heard second hand.  But they are welcome and they come.  Issues like where do they sleep at night get wrestled with. Not banning them.
    • Abigail Genevieve
      Listen to John MacArthur on trans* sometimes - Christians sometimes do.  I could easily point to others.    I'm not sure religion is the underlying cause.  In a primitive tribe, a man does not want to go to war because he is a woman? They are down a warrior. A woman claims to be a man and does not want to build the tribe up by giving birth? Both of these things are primitively treason against the tribe. 
    • Mmindy
      @Abigail GenevieveI was raised on St. Louis Cardinals Baseball & Blues Hockey. I’m old enough to have been a Cards Football fan too, but Bill Bidwell changed that when he moved the team to Arizona. 
    • MaeBe
      Honestly, I wasn't talking about religious stances on trans people when I wrote that. That said, religion fosters transphobia in subtle and awful ways. Such as your reference for the SBC, it's a sin. Why? Because they interpret scripture in a way to exclude trans people from the capability of being saved? Where do you think transphobia really stems from? It is 100% rooted in religion. Even those that aren't religious are influenced by religion, society as a whole has been. I think handwaving their position as simply "honoring tradition" or "interpreting sin" as not being transphobic is allowing their doublespeak to cloud judgement. If they truly loved, respected, understood, and embraced humanity people they wouldn't exclude trans people. They would go to the parts of the bible that talk about loving everyone as they are God's creations and just letting God sort it out in the end, but no: if you're not cis/het, you're not welcome and shame on you [selected slur]!   On the flip side, I draw parallels to how religion behaves exactly as xstian nationalists insist LGBTQ+ people are grooming youths. The main way to make more xtians is to breed and indoctrinate the young. Trans people aren't forcing their young to be trans or guilting them to no end if they're not or traveling the world as missionaries to spread transness!   Anyway, I am flying too close to the Sun here. I have no qualms if people find solace, grace, or peace in faith or religion, but I am wary of the idea that religion doesn't propagate transphobia.  
    • Betty K
      I’m glad to hear you mean no harm and have no beef with genderfluid folks. Thank you for clarifying that. This still seems a strange presumption to me though, when so much of anti-trans propaganda is clearly either (a) concocted in bad faith to justify an argument, or (b) based on ignorant assumptions. Yes it’s possible a few outliers in the trans community are making ridiculous claims about this topic, but even if so I seriously doubt they are the cause of the relevant anti-trans propaganda.    That may well be a fair call, and you’re right that “transphobe” is an over-generalisation. I used it as a shorthand and because, as Sally and MaeBe said, there is always a transphobic minority that spreads the anti-trans views which then unfortunately influence some who are less transphobic. But I still think we can fairly characterise such beliefs as being transphobic, at least partly. As to the absence of hatred in those church documents, you may be right about that, but I would be wary of taking people or institutions at face value when they urge love and compassion. Even the most virulent transphobes sometimes claim to support trans people. Actions speak louder than words.    I do better understand your anguish over lack of belief in trans identities now though. It must be very difficult being trans and involved with certain churches. I know there are some churches that accept and affirm trans folks though; maybe it’s time for a change in denomination?
    • Abigail Genevieve
      I looked through the Focus on the Family material and also the Southern Baptist Convention stuff, both highly influential, both rejecting transgenderism.  I found no hatred but an urge to treat people with love and compassion. I found some logical fallacies in both and nothing convinced me to change my position.  SBC assumes someone who is transgender is not saved and so is not allowed to join their congregations.    I have a certain affection for both.  FotF helped us with some material that helped us raise our kids and on most issues they are fellow travelers.  SBC seeks to conscientiously fight the good fight but I would never join a SBC church for reasons that are irrelevant here.  Not that I could now in good conscience.  I look like a guy? SURPRISE!  Left boot of fellowship.   The Nashville Statement is worse.  CBMW.org wrote it and it has been criticized heavily by some trans folk. . https://cbmw.org/nashville-statement#articles  I am saddened at some of who signed the thing. Articles 10 and 13 are of particular interest.  Other things can be found here that trans folk would take exception to. But they do not treat TG as something flippant.    I would not refer to any of these as transphobes.  I am not sure the term is useful in conceptualizing or interacting with those who object to the idea of transgender being something besides sin.  When all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail.    
    • Maddee
      Happy to see the rainbows again🌈🌈
    • Ashley0616
    • Vidanjali
      Nice to see you, dear and congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Very well done!
    • Vidanjali
      It's estimated between 1-2% of the general population is transgender. This is based on a cursory web search of studies and stats. So apply that to all teachers and students in Florida. According to ballotpedia, in 2022 there was a total of about 3 million public school teachers and students combined. That does not include  higher ed institutions and private institutions. So let's tack on another million people which is a pretty conservative estimate. 1-2% of 4 million is 40,000-80,000 people.
    • Vidanjali
      Both. In the course of experience an individual will naturally go through periods of inquiry and seek to define their experiences for deeper personal insight. This potentially goes on and on, though some have greater curiosity than others.
    • Ashley0616
      Heck I would get rid of the left and right lower rib. I would love a narrower waist but I would still need to get rid of my gut. I guess I'll do liposuction and tummy tuck and while they are at they can remove those ribs. 
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