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Transgenderism In Hindu Spirituality

Guest Mezi

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There are many eunuchs in India who identify as Transgendered and who focus their change in gender more on religious reasons than on personal identity reasons. Since many of the Hindu gods are portrayed in both masculine and feminine forms and even hermaphroditic forms, as with the god Ardhanari, many followers of the religions will dress in clothes of the opposite gender as a form of religious respect. Those who do this just for a religious ritual are usually not Transgender themselves, but the Trasngender people in India who do participate in these religious rituals are often seen as devout followers who embody the power if those Trasngenderistic (hermaphrodistic) gods that are being worshipped.

Outside of these rituals, the majority of the Indian Transgender population is looked down upon for being different and thet often live in poperty. Why One day they are viewed as devout religious followers who embody the power of certain gods and then the next day they are just regarded as just street trannys.

I like how The Hindu Religion recognizes the transgender ideals that their own gods have portrayed for centuries, but I don't understand how transgender people in India are still looked down upon so much.


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Guest Amanda L Richards

Ignorance is a phenomena that affects all types of people all over the world. But I do know that their are cultures, not in North America yet, that do respect and allow a transgendered individuals to live and participate as they chose without all the hoopla that we are seeing here.

I would love to see that happen here. I am not saying that there are some enlightened individuals that think like this but they are still few in number. At least that is my experience so far. Unless i need to get out more, but I just see that there are those uninhibited societies that are that liberal with their people no matter who they are.

Someday maybe we'll get there.

Amanda LR

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I've always been drawn to Easter philosophy, particularly Zen and Hinduism. I've found several motifs within Hinduism which I value as a transgendered person and which allow me to relate to the feminine aspect of myself and the Universe (the self and Universe being indistinguishable from each other in Hinduism). Some of these have been the story of Mira Bhai, the Ardhanarishvara, Tridevi and the Gopis (hence my name choice). I also practice yoga and meditation which I find useful in centering and focussing myself.

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