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I had my first laser hair treatment today

Guest Melissa~

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Guest Melissa~

Full face done at Bodyaesthetic. They have a nice staff there, the nurse that performed the entire treatment seemed to have plenty of experience and handled everything treatment related herself. This initial treatment session lasted an hour, 15 minutes of which was consultation that won't be repeated, there was also some time to determine the highest setting I could tolerate.

The initial electrolysis work on my upper lip was beneficial, in that the laser had less there to zap, it caused less pain than I might expect.

The pain in the end is quite bad, :blowup:

I have to say listening to the hairs pops like popcorn under the gel is pretty cool :score: ,

feeling them pop like popcorn in your skin not so much :hairpull: .

As expected redness from the session faded quite fast but the bumps have not. About the bumps, it has now been eleven hours, and the bumps that made me look approximately like an ear of corn post treatment have given way to more generalized low level swelling. The skin is moderately sore some areas, and worse in others. There is a bit of sensitivity around the margins of my lips indicating slight burning there.

The machine counted 1124 zaps, six different intensities(several right at the beginning), it boils down to 1 setting for the face and 1 for the neck that's in my chart for next time assuming the treated hairs shed out as expected.

I am not their only TS patient, there is another getting treatments currently there.

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Guest Melissa~

It's been 31 hours since treatment, and it's finaly bedtime. I have numerous bumps and swelling still. I'm at 33 hours sisnce I got up. The conversion back to day schedule is brutal. gnight


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Guest angels wings

Wow what an experience sounds soooooo painful . Glad ur feeling better hopefully today u wake up refreshed with no pain .

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Guest Melissa~

Indeed a good nights sleep is an amazing restorer, my face it still slightly swollen and bumpy, but I'm shaving anyhow... Good morning.

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You might have a chat with your doctor about a topical corticosteroid cream to reduce the swelling in a precription strength. It has helped me a bunch. Kathryn

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Guest Melissa~

Bodyaesthetic gave me a sample of prescription cortisone cream . I used it after treatment and still had that reaction.

I should use this opportunity to provide one week later feedback. I still have a few swollen bumps, the same small areas show discoloration. Basically the skin just plain got overcooked there. On the other hand there is hardy a single hair even emerging in the over cooked areas. I have had some hairs shed out, nothing significant yet. Plenty of hairs are irritated and seem to be difficult to shave. I need to see a lot more shedding out to have any faith in this treatment. One area that seems to have only minimal treatment effects is my upper lip, as mentioned above it wasn't too bad, my lip had been entirely cleared with electrolysis before, surely that's not a detriment to laser treatment. I'm 5 weeks out from my next laser treatment

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest Melissa~

At the three week mark, the effective removal seems to be 90% on the treated area. There are some interesting patterns where it's apparent the treatment didn't hit :doh1: , I will point these out to the nurse next time. The upper lip area had limited efficacy, around 40% for it, and that is VERY frustrating. Anyway there should be ample oppurtunity for the next batch of hair to get growing in the next three weeks before the next treatment.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Melissa~

2nd appointment was this afternoon, The pain was lower, there are many fewer bumps. The tech turned up my setting to "70" joules for the upper lip, a 9% increase over treatment 1. Plenty of popping and zapping, smoking still going on from various hairs under the laser.

Since immediate post treatment effects are lower I expect that to carry through the next few days.

Can't wait for more hair to shed out!

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest KarenLyn

Indeed a good nights sleep is an amazing restorer, my face it still slightly swollen and bumpy, but I'm shaving anyhow... Good morning.

Shaving? I wish I could remember the type of laser used for my treatments. After treatments, there wasn't anything to shave for days and no hairs to "shed". After a treatment, I used an astringent soaked gauze to remove the "soot" from my face. I was only red for 30-40 minutes and there weren't any bumps/swelling.

It makes me wonder what they're selling these days.

Just my opinion,


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Guest Melissa~

Check the posts dates, I shaved three days after the procedure, yes hairs were emerging. My original post was at 1 in the morning day after( I was still calling it the same day. )

The hairs that I shed post laser are nearly 1/4 long from under then skin, it's very deep rooted hair. If it was turned all the way to soot under the skin I think there might be a problem... I go into the procedure fully/closely shaved, there was very little "soot", post procedure, most of it was wiped away at the office.

With my very deep rooted hair(1/4" below the skin) is likely a significant reason why my shaving shadow is highly unsatisfactory, even with hair shaved off clean.

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Guest LizMarie

Deeply rooted hair does indeed cause the beard shadow effect. This weekend I expect my electrologist to finish the initial clearing of the upper lip. Areas that are cleared have to have followup care, of course, as successive waves of hairs begin their growth cycles but already most of the lip is fairly free of beard shadow and it's a liberating feeling. I've got months to go but I'm already thinking about makeup in terms of simply highlighting my good features rather than using it as a covering mechanism. And I can eventually see being able to go mostly makeup free if I choose, something totally impossible right now. Getting rid of the facial hair is a very happy thing, at least for me. I hope it it for you too, Melissa. You're lucky that laser is an option for you!

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I've also found that if I head right home after electrolysis and ice down the treated area, I have so much less swelling from the treatment and less irritation to. I like to wait until the next morning to shave even though I detest all the facial hair. My skin just isn't ready to run a razor over it, hence ice and shaving the next morning.


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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

My face would get iced down immediately following a laser treatment and I wasn't allowed to leave until my face had cooled off. Once we were finished zapping, my tech would go to the freezer and get an ice pack and I'd bury my face in it at first and then hold it on areas of my face until the ice pack warmed up (didn't take very long). The she'd get another one and I'd continue holding it on various areas of my face. It took about 10-15 minutes to ice my face down and then she'd let me go. Then I'd hop in the car and rub aloe sunburn gel on my face, that usually helped too.

Then we'd go get ice cream. Of course I wouldnt run in to get it, we'd go through the McDonald's drive thru and I'd lean back in the passenger seat so noone saw me and my red, swollen face.

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Guest WendyJean

My second one is coming up soon. Recently I've noticed a major texture change, it is easier to shave, and it gets closer.

My advice, use moisturizer every morning, it has a SPF and is good for the skin.

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Guest LizMarie

I'm doing electrolysis because of hair color and texture and I'm also noticing slow but steady skin changes. My electrologist is nearly done with the upper lip and both cheeks have had an initial clearing and both those areas are already softer and show almost no hint of beard stubble. It's pretty obvious when you look too as the chin and neck clearly have that blue/black shadow look (even though about 50% of my facial hair is grey).

My electrologist has been urging me to use a moisturizer with an SPF as well to protect the healing skin from the sun and to promote healing. Personally I've been using Gold Bond Healing with Aloe in the evenings before bed and a generic moisturizer with SPF during the day.

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I'm picking up a couple ice paks tonight. Not icing my face down has resulted in a badly swollen right cheek. I've got a couple comments today at work. Usually I go right home and get ice on my face and it make a real nice difference in reducing the swelling. Yesterday I ran some errands after my electrolysis appointment and it was 3 hours after my treatment before I got ice on my face.

Between my face and some chest development this week. I've also made the mistake of wearing a form fitting shirt to work today. I'm feeling pretty self conscious at work right about now and it's not a very comfortable feeling either. One more hour, just one more hour........... Kathryn

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    • Alex-John
      hey  everyone , i hope you are all well , i havent been around for a long time  due to mental health and gender identity issues  I am about to come out yet again , ( Tomorrow i have to tell my support workers ) just came out to  my partner again and a Trans friend  kinda as i broke down in tears in a coffee shop , i hope you all remember me i am transgender male ( i was on T but i stopped it ) i missed you all  but am back and hoping to me here more  😃
    • Heather Shay
      need distraction today - recorded just 3 weeks after they formed......    
    • Heather Shay
    • Marcie Jensen
      The congressman posting about it is Paul Gosar, a bit of a right wing loon. I used to be in his district here in Arizona, and found him to be, shall we say, unpalatable. He is not mainstream by any means, and it doesn't surprise me that he is involved in spreading this hate and paranoia. Gosar is a vile man, imho.   And, sadly, hate is often an expression of fear. In this case these folks fear what they don't understand or are willing to accept. Pity the puny minded knuckleheads, and as Carolyn said, watch your "six."
    • Jandi
      I heard about this while at a trans support group yesterday.  There was even a congressman posting about it.  Totally false. It's freaking insane what they'll do to attack us.   The worst thing is that people are ready to believe it.   Sometimes I get so depressed.     The only consolation is if I get killed, I'll go as a woman.  (although they'll probably deadname me)
    • Jandi
      I have family with those fancy set-the-time-grinds-brews, and is ready when you drag your butt out of bed. But for me, Folgers in my coffee-press works just fine.
    • miz miranda
    • Jackie C.
      My personal solution when I was pre-op was to use the toilets, but that's it. Nobody needs to see my bits. Especially if it might make somebody uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some private areas where I used to change where I could go to do what I needed to do. The last thing I would ever do is make one of my sisters uncomfortable on purpose.   I legit worry about pre-op trans men in bathrooms and changing rooms though. There's a certain flavor of toxic man... well, fill in the blanks. They tend to get worst in groups and egg each other on.   Hugs!
    • Carolyn Marie
      I agree with you on most of what you said, @Dee Dee.  There is an understandable and rational basis behind the fears and reticence most cis-women have about sharing changing spaces with trans women.  Knowing that, I would never (being non-op) change in an open locker room even if, as in California, it is perfectly legal.  I have no desire to make anyone uncomfortable or fearful, whether or not I personally consider it rational.  Why force an issue you don't have to force?   Restrooms are another matter, because you're exposing nothing and threatening no one, and I would fight tooth and nail if anyone threatened my restroom access.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.   Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      The Boarding House had one hell of an explosion to get all those 👿 roomers 👿 flying.  Some of it is satire on the Texas leadership I have heard from elsewhere.  It is indeed gruesome satire if it is, but with time spent on the subject of Trans to get their voter bases eager to support them, ----------
    • MomTGDaughter
      Ny m2f daughter's hair is thick, she needs to have it pulled back because it will get in her eyes. I do it for her every morning, I clip it with a barrett, the upper part of her hair is clipped back, the bottom part just flows down her back. It looks cute and it's just keeps her hair from being very messy. It also pulls her hair from her ears so her earings can be seen. 
    • DeeDee
      I had a rather depressing, but very understandable discussion with my sister last night that revolved around transphobia.  We were talking about access to toilets and that evolved into communal changing areas at a local private gym. My sister admitted that she would be uncomfortable if she knew I, or some other pre-op transwoman was changing in the same place. She is a survivor of very physical and emotional abuse and attacks by men and she said that her reaction to seeing a male body part would be abject horror. She likened it to the reaction she would have if she saw a spider.   She also feels uncomfrotable with male children being herded into the changing areas with their mums, so admitted that a lot of this was her personal comfort levels.   Intellectually she knows that trans women are not a threat, and in fact, (because I told her) are just as worried about being attacked, and understood that statistically there is literally no grounds to support trans women as predators, let alone the fact that taking estrogen is tantamount to chemical castration - but she just wants to feel safe. I said, "so do I". The thing is, I also understand her perspective. When I went away with my lady friends I used the disabled loos at a rest stop on the way to the place, I worried about sharing a bed, and getting in and out of the hot tub with them, precisely because I am pre-op and I referred to having an outie rather than an innie, to make light of the very real issue that I did not want to put anyone into an uncomfortable situation.  For my friends it was a non issue and on the way home at the same rest stop I used the ladies room, along with all the other ladies and I did use all of those spaces as just another one of the girls. However, as we were talking about trans women entering womens spaces (and trans men using mens spaces) I also pointed out that legally, in order to become post op here - which is not something every trans woman can or will do, we are legally required to have lived for 2 years, full time and using womens spaces. Even if we did not want to we are legally required to do so.  I also know that the bulk of this safe space conversation centred around trans women and not trans men - though the issues for pre-op are still the same. At the end of our discussion I said that for me she was still transphobic. It boils down to the fact that while I see myself as a woman with too much testosterone, she still sees me as a man, using my male privelege to access the medical drugs and services I need (electrolysis and E patches) while women with hormone defficiencies and PCOS cant access the same services I am and have to fight for treatment. I never wanted, never felt like I earned, nor have I tried to take advantage of my male privielge, but I recognise I have had it, I have not dealt with the same levels of gendered abuse that she has suffered through. Even though she messages me as Dee most of the time, and has no issue going out with me dressed as Dee; it was hurtful, and eventually I fled through to my study after confirming that we still loved each other, just to not show how upset I had become.    We both know that realistically, even in a shared changing area no one would be likely to flash their bits and any predator would not go to the effort and pain of transitioning in order to abuse others. We both have fears about being attacked and just want to be safe when we are out, we both want to simply live our lives, and we both think that realistically non gendered facilities are the best compromise, but most importantly we both also agreed that the problem is not women, but men, and the freedom society has given them to act inappropriately without consequence, and that culture is what needs to change.   I am glad we had the conversation. I had already picked up on her reticence sometimes, while she does talk to me about things she would not have dreamed of doing before I announced I was trans. I do see my sister as someone with a genuine phobia, and not just someone who is bigotted and thinks I shouldn't exist. Hopefully over time she will find these things easier, but the whole point of phobias is that they are irrational and do not make logical sense, so part of me wonders if I will ever be woman enough for her or if I will always be her brother. I know it hurt because it's taken me almost a full day to get to the point of being able to try and write about it. I guess I want to know how do we get to a point where everyone feels safe?
    • Jackie C.
      I absolutely feel that. I've donated every thread of my boy clothes. Never liked them anyway.   Also hey mom! Nice to see that you're still with us!   Hugs!
    • MomTGDaughter
      I donate the last of my daughter's male clothes 9 months ago, she wanted to part with every piece of it and i don't blame her.  It just seems like once she transitioned, she did not want to go back. 
    • Jamie73
      They did a wonderful job making the doll actually look like Laverne Cox. 
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