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Advice on Coming Out to my spouse....

Guest MsGsptlsnz

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Guest MsGsptlsnz

Ok, I think my wife is starting to get suspicous. I've been slowly removing more and more hair and she noticed the arms yesterday. I gave her a passable excuse about getting frequent IVs and blood draws not wanting hair to get pulled by tape. But then she found the Apricot Facial Scrub I bought as part of my plan to have more fem skin that I didn't want her to find out about. I've told her I'm getting some middle age vanity and want to look better. She's getting weirded out.

I shaved my legs in the shower yesterday. I thought I managed to hide it pretty well. I tend to go to bed before her but I left some hairs on the soap bar. She is really starting to wonder.

So I was thinking that maybe I need to accelerate the coming out plan so it doens't happen under uncontrolled circumstances. I was thinking this weekend I would get our son over to a freinds house for the day and come home, have some intimate time with my spouce and in the afterglow drop the bomb on her.

Good idea or not?

I think I will present it as a part of me, something that I when I indulge "her" I feel better and have a desire for intimacy. If I suppress it I will go back to be more androgenous. I plan to tell her this is something in my package of issues, nothing to do with her. Something I've done since I was 8. I will tell her I really want her to stay with me understanding that this is part of me that I have to indulge from time to time but she can either be a part of it or not. Her call.

Now I'm rambling...

I was thinking the talk should be in my male mode. If she doesn't flip then show her my fem side.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to explain this beyond what I have already seen here?

Please help me, I love my spouse and want to stay with her but if I'm not open with her soon I think she will suspect me of having an affair or something that will destroy us.

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Guest angels wings

Lovey it is best to do it in male mode as doing it the other way will totaly shock her . Maybe just chat with her about your childhood and let it go from there . Be gentle and reassuring of what she means to you .she may take it two ways be wow ok I knew something was up and be ok with it or she may be totaly against it . Just give her time . Wishing u all the best .

Angel (((((( hugs)))))

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Guest angels wings

You are welcome :) just remember you have known about this since you were 8 . This may be totaly new to her . There will be lots and lots of ????? What we mainly need from our partners is honesty and to know we still are loved,and adored the rest slowly falls into place .

Angel :)

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Guest MsGsptlsnz

Well, I've been trying to shove this into a deep dark hole in my mind since I was 8... Beng raised in the heartland isn't conducive to flexibility in sexual identity. It's only been in the last couple months that I've aknowledged that this is a part of me that I can't get rid of any more than I can stop loving my wife and child. It's such a fundimental chuck of my psychological makeup that denying it leaves me a souless monster who laughs at the misfortune of others.

She has to see that this is better. I've been more intimate, more cuddly, more sensative better at doing chores around the home and have all but stopped teasing her and our son like I used to. I've become a better man by letting out my inner woman. I just hope she can cope with all this.

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Guest LizMarie

1. Do it in male mode. One shock at a time.

2. Be prepared to lose her and possibly your child. A small percentage of couples manage to stay together. Most split, unfortunately, something that I am experiencing myself despite 5 months of "going slow" for her.

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Guest angels wings

You can't hide and been true to yourself and her is important . You could have many fun times together . But it does take time . It is not impossible that's for sure . Don't rush her take it slow . I know that what helped me was joining Laura's . I learnt so much . I read others experiences and was given hope . Maybe she may like to join she will surely find support here .

Angel :)

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Guest Eve Caillard

I wish you all the best on your talk.

Male mode - absolutely. I agree - stick with that for the coming out. To be honest, I chickened out and wrote an e-mail letter to my wife but did include an image of myself dressed. She was...shocked....but took it well and the email helped break the ice so I could talk.

But my wife, while accepting the fact, is acutely nervous of actually seeing my femme side. I recently wore some gorgeous black satin pyjamas with camisole top to bed in the hope she might 'like' what she saw (a kind of gentle surprise). It did not go down too well. So based on that experience maybe I would suggest taking it a step at a time and gradually increase her 'exposure' to the fem side - don't try to show her any dressing until she asks to see. But it is only my suggestion.

Whatever, you are facing a very brave moment and keep true to your heart.



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Guest JamieJamie

1) You need to be open and honest with your wife, as hard as it is. 2) Don't expect her it accept it right away, if at all 3) be prepared for the worst, (mentally) 4) Don't be upset with her if it does not go the way you expect, she needs time to adjust. 5) Explain yourself to her as best as you can 6) Be sensitive to how she feels, let her know you don't blame her for being upset, 7) be ready to accept a barrage of insults, don't return them, just accept them.

I came out to my wife nearly two weeks ago. It wasn't easy for either of us. She was very upset, disturbed, etc. I don't blame her and I cannot. It took me 40+ years to accept this, I cannot expect her to accept it in 40+ hours. In these last few days she has started to accept and actually asked what I want. She is not prepared to see me as a woman, and I can accept that. However she has agreed to me starting HRT, I have explained the changes that will occur, that my body shape will change to more of a female, she's not keen but is accepting.

Good luck, be strong and be healthy.

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Guest angels wings

Hello Jamie :) Welcome to Laura's :) I see this is your first post :)

There is an introduction forum . If you like you can write a small intro about yourself there . This allows other members to see you are new and welcome you also :) . We ask all or members to please read the terms and conditions . You can find these on the bottom right of the pages. This allows Laura's to remain a safe and warm place for all to share :) Welcome :)

Angel :)

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Guest MsGsptlsnz

Thank you for all your advise. Knowing there are others who are making this work helps me to no end. My spouse and I have always had an odd relationship, this may be one more oddity that she accepts and we move on. She has put up with my failing health and a bankruptsy, this can't be worse than some of the scares we have had over the years. My biggest worry is she will flip out over the fact that I spend money on fem items. She flipped out over spending on fishing gear which the whole family can use, I doubt she is going to see my outfits in a better light...

But it has to be done, the longer I wait the harder this will be. It's just that I've managed to hide this from everyone I've ever known for so long, letting this cat out of the bag to even one of them is scary.

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Guest MsGsptlsnz

You are on the right track, remember the keys: Be patient, take it slowly, and be confident

I'm hoping that her more masculine nature makes this work. She's a bit of a tom boy most of the time in jeans and unisex shirts. Some of that is because she is a 4X but most of it is her mother wasn't much of a feminine personality either. She has her girly moments but mostly in home decorations, not self decoration. I think the last time she wore a skirt was my sisters first wedding 6 years ago. I don't recall her wearing one since. She wears alost no jewlery and her makeup is either covered in dust in the closet or in my dressing stuff :D .

I'm actualy more worried about how she will take the fact that I've spent money without her permission than the fact that I fit into a size 22 and have better looking legs than she does.... ;)

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Guest MsGsptlsnz

Well, I did it. Got our son over to a freinds house, came home and had some intimacy and I outed myself.

At first I thought she was taking it well. She asked some good questions and then she suddenly broke down crying. She was angry that I didn't tell her about this 13 years ago when we first met.

Mind you I understand she is upset but really. "Hello, so glad to be here on our first date. BTW, just something I tell everyone when I first meet them, I like to wear womens clothes" Yeah, that's going to go over like a fart in a space suit....

She is still crying.

I may be single again real soon if she doens't wrap her head around this.

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Guest MsGsptlsnz

Update to the update...

She sent me for Taco Bell and she drank a bottle of wine. Now she's in the bedroom laying down.

Oddly enough this is a good sign...

She isn't yelling at me, throwing my things out or calling her family. All good signs.

I told her she should call a freind of hers who lives in another state. They are people we have known for years and we have a lot in common with them. I told her if she wanted to go and visit them with our son I would understand and make sure the money worked out for it.

Still on pins and needles wondering if I will be sleeping in a hotel this time next week...

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Guest *Charlotte P*

One of the hardest moments you will ever face was when you told her. I know it was the hardest thing I ever did.(I was fortunate and did it before the wedding so if she didn't accept me, there weren't any legal issues to go through)

I can offer you this, let her get her head wrapped around it and don't push things on her. Let her take the next steps and you will know quickly what type of setup you will have. If you have read around this forum, you know that there are spouses that want nothing to do with them after they come out to them, some that accept it and just want nothing to do with that side of it, some that accept it and don't mind it being around/in front of them, and the most fortunate of all, the ones that accept it and encourage and help with that side of your life.

Please keep us posted as to what happens next, as we are on pins and needles for you...were here to support you, no matter the outcome..



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Guest angels wings

She will be upset lovey . It's alot of emotions .be patient and don't push just let her work through it . I know I for u it's a big releif but for her , her world just changed .shewill hopefully move to the next stage but if she gets angry at you remember she is not really angry at u but at how this has changed her world as she knew it. She can get through this . I encourage you to tell her about Laura's so she knows she is not alone and that others have made it . Wishing you and your family all the best ((( hugs))))


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Guest MsGsptlsnz

Well, I think we are past the worst of it. She made me delete my Amazon account because she played detective and found some records of stuff I bought there. Not happy about the money. Just like I thought. Part of the deal is I loose my checking account and put my check in her account. I'll be on a strict allowance I suppose. She isn't demanding I stop, just not sure if she wants me in her bed tonight. I've told her I will do whatever she wants. But for now the crying seems to be over.

We move on. Slowly....

Thank you for all the support. I will need more of that as this goes on I am certain.


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Guest Megan_Lynn

Well, I think we are past the worst of it. She made me delete my Amazon account because she played detective and found some records of stuff I bought there. Not happy about the money. Just like I thought. Part of the deal is I loose my checking account and put my check in her account. I'll be on a strict allowance I suppose.


You do realize if you do this you will literally be at her mercy. Not sure if you get paid weekly ,bi weekly or monthly. If you give up you own checking account and put you funds in her account she could put you out and you would have zero money. This would be the worst if you get paid monthly. Never ever let let someone have this kind of control especially right after dropping a bomb on them like you did. So basically what I am saying is be smart cover your butt. If you really will go through with this them make sure the account of hers gets changed to having both your names on it for you own safety. The demands just sound a lot like a set up to me.

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Guest MsGsptlsnz

You do realize if you do this you will literally be at her mercy.

The thought occured to me too. But I needed to make a broad gesture that shows how much I want to make this work.

Besides, I get paid weekly and my coworker owns a motel on the side. I think I can handle being tossed out on my ear.

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Guest Eve Caillard

I'm rooting for you.

You are never alone on this site, so remember we are thinking of you and hoping the outcome will be good.

All the best,


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Guest MsGsptlsnz


Not tossed out on ear.

Somewhat back to normal talking.

Had a good cry togather and talked it out. I think we will be ok.

More to come tommorow I suppose.

Thanks to all for support and advise.

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Guest MsGsptlsnz


I think we made some progress. Last night my wife said she understod how hard it was for me to tell her I crossdress. She said she appreciated that I was honest with her about it. The thing that is hurting her is the 13 years I didn't tell her about it and the fact that she feels that she is now married to a differant person than the one she met 13 years ago.

She isn't weirded out by the act of crossdressing nor does she think it is disgusting or sinful. So that's a good thing.

She's not ready to go shopping with me en-fem and all but she isn't talking to a divorce lawyer either.

She is FINALY willing to see a councilor for all the horrible stuff she has in her own head from having an abusive father which is something I've been trying to get her to do since we met. So that is very positive.

Maybe if she can come to grips with her own issues like I have we can get things going in the right direction again.

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    • KatieSC
      Good luck with the laser! I remember my first session. I had this salt and pepper stuff, and it was unclear that it would work. After a couple of sessions, I had to switch to electrolysis. Over 220 hours, and I am coming close to the end. Hair removal, no matter the method, is not what I would call fun, but is sure gratifying when you cannot see any hair and you feel smooth soft skin on your face.
    • KatieSC
      I think all of us have a lot of stuff that accumulates over the decades. Whether parents were old or young, being poor has created big barriers for our folks to engage with us when we were growing up. I can sense a lot of hurt in your words Willow. My folks were much younger, and I was fortunate that my folks gave me a lot of support. I still got yelled at, and still got some beatings now and again. I was still to scared to ever tell my folks that I was trans back then. Years later, my mother said to me, "I know more than you think I know."   I was floored. I think back to the how hard they worked for so little. Yet, I know a lot of others had to face much worse. I hope that you and your wife are doing okay. How is she recuperating?     
    • Lorelei
      College.    Engineering school was so difficult and time consuming that I rarely thought of gender. As a result I was a lot less depressed and was suicidal only a couple of times, with no attempts. It was commute-class-commute-homework-study-work repeat. I didn’t sleep much. My father got sober so my home life drastically improved. I only asked one girl and I did get rejected. Apparently she was in a group that forbid dating people from other ethnicity’s and had I got involved with her I could have been killed. I was told about getting killed by someone in that group much later, but I don’t know if that was true or exaggerated.    I nearly flunked out and lost my scholarship freshman year which was a real big stressor. But I hit sophomore year running and kept getting A’s throughout my college years. I did get the scholarship back. I studied so much that I was able to complete 15+ credits of graduate school while still undergrad. I graduated with honors.    My closest friend was in computer engineering (I am civil/environmental engineering) and he was gay. The rest of my friends were women. I definitely felt right with that. My class was like 75% female. I connected with the women much better than men. Although I was definitely presenting as male at that time I felt like I was one of the women. I still didn’t know about the concept of being transgender, all I thought of that was they were cross dressing. But at this point I knew I was a woman inside of a man’s body and men’s clothing.    After graduating, I got a job at the sewer department and took night classes to complete my masters degree in two years. I was able to complete it so quickly because of all the masters credits from when I was undergrad. So it was now work-commute-homework-studying-commute with little time to think about gender. So I was actually pretty happy and not depressed. The summer of graduation I started caving which led to a lot. 
    • Willow
      Good morning    @awkward-yet-sweet you didn’t need to grow up poor or in a bad family to need to get away.   by most standards, my parents should have been my grandparents, my father was 5G when I was born. He never did much with me and if he couldn’t fix it with money he didn’t bother.    My mother was 40 but that was still old to have a baby back then.  I was sick a lot.  Weak compared to others my age.  Mostly mentally abused, not physically but still abused.  I could never get any praise. Got a lot of static about my first year of college. I dropped out and joined the Air Force.  This was at the heights of Vietnam.  Girls joined to get away from abuse with the hope of learning a skill they could use to support themselves when they got out.  Sorry to say a lot of their abuse continued in the service back then.   nothing has changed and I doubt it ever will.
    • Lorelei
      High school   In high school I hung out with the average people so life at school was pretty easy. None of the elementary and middle school craziness I had been suffering. The guys I usually hung out with really weren’t really into crude talk about women which was a breath of fresh air compared to middle school. The jocks left me alone and I avoided them. Just movies and hanging out at the local pizza place. I barely passed in Latin but did very well in the other classes. We, mostly nerdy girls, would hang out in the biology lab with a freshly graduated lab teacher. She barely looked like she was older than us and probably knew we were cutting another class. I guess administration figured hanging out and talking about college to a teacher was low priority to enforce compared to the kids cutting class to smoke pot, tobacco or drinking alcohol in the restrooms. Gym was ok, but I did earn the nickname of hyper changer since I would change so fast that nobody saw me changing.  I felt wrong though even though I was doing good socially. I definitely knew I was in the wrong body and hated my penis. Needless to say, I was very depressed in high school and had tried to kill myself a couple of times. It is amazing that my liver survived the Tylenol overdose I took before bed one day. My parents knew that I was depressed and had me on antidepressants but they did not know that I had attempted suicide until I told them a couple of years ago. The meds really didn’t help. I still didn’t tell my doctor that I was in the wrong gender. It didn’t help that my father was alcoholic and was verbally abused sometimes. He did get sober and my relationship with him drastically improved.     I also huffed basically anything volatile to escape my life. I had some fierce hangovers from that. Nobody knew that I had been doing that either. Ultimately I quit that freshman year of college after face planting into a toolbox full of sharp tools. Outwardly I seemed happy to everyone.    Like every boy I was expected to ask girls out, but the concept felt unnatural. It felt like that the girls should be asking me out. No surprise that I went to next to no dances, and the only one I ended up dancing was a goth girl, like the polar opposite of my lifestyle. I ended up hanging out with her and her friends pretty regularly. when prom came, we made plans to hang out at the mall, but those plans fell through. I still talked to them on Facebook up until I ended up marrying someone. I was definitely one of the girls with them, but I didn’t realize that. High school would have been a bad to have started transitioning as I would have likely been expelled. Catholic school.    Later post for that. I initially did meet my wife in high school but it amounted to me saying “hi” and running off. I was very shy. I also thought she was with someone else, but now know that guy is gay and they were inseparably close friends. She was only one class with me.   My high school was a catholic school so everyone was expected to attend college. We had three West Point cadets come from my class, but one of them ended up deciding to go to Harvard medical instead (it was an Ivy League medical school, I am not entirely sure it was Harvard). I graduated in 2000 with honors and got accepted to an engineering school in New York City with a partial scholarship. Currently the only people from high school that I am in touch with are my wife and her gay best friend. 
    • Tiffany 838
      Good morning all. A brisk clear morning, however beautiful to sit outside with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the birds chirping.  Have a great day.   
    • KatieSC
      As I keep reading all of the news articles chronicling the attempts to eradicate our very existence, I do wish that the Biden administration would let us do something to reduce the trail for those who want to out us, denigrate us, humiliate us, and eliminate us. If they would allow us to change our social security number, then erase the record of doing so, it would prevent people like Paxton from zeroing in on us. I read an article this morning that there are 13 Red states that are planning to initiate legislation based on birth gender. This could mean they try to reverse our licenses, and public records. Imagine the damage. Unfortunately, in so many of these states, there is an R super-majority, and reasoning with these (expletive deleted) individuals will not happen. These super-majority politicians ignore every medical professional and their associated professional organization with glee in their eyes. Even if the courts try to intervene, it is like playing bingo. Sooner or later, these proposed laws will go to the super-majority R-led/appointed Supreme Court, and we know where that will lead.   I plan on enjoying my last year or so of having a license and social security records that reflect the brain I was born with (female), rather than my male genitalia at birth. I wish I could get a rosier vision in my head. Even if we get out to vote in the national election in November, these super-majority R-led states will still make our lives hell.
    • Charlize
      These folks sure have an unhealthy fascination and irrational hatred for those both giving and receiving medical help for established medical help.   Unfortunately it is hurting so many who need help.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • KymmieL
      Working on my cars, being in the wind
    • RaeOfSunshine
      Good morning all! I have my BA scheduled in May (yay!) and as the date gets closer, I wanted to get some opinions on what questions I should be asking during my pre-op appointment. I've already had a consult, and I got good vibes and my questions at the time were all answered, but I suppose I'm in that mindset of "you don't know what you don't know." First question I have are what questions should I be asking at the pre-op appointment?   Secondly-what was recovery like? TImeframes for going back to work, pain levels, tips and tricks, all are welcome. Thank you all!
    • Heather Shay
      What is your favorite pastime?
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
      My social world is now expanding.
    • Heather Shay
      e·la·tion /əˈlāSH(ə)n/ noun   great happiness and exhilaration. "Richard's elation at regaining his health was short-lived"
    • Heather Shay

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