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New Hair Restoration Therapy

Guest LizMarie

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Guest LizMarie

Dr. Robert Niedbalski (and certain other doctors I am less familiar with) have begun using a new hair restoration therapy. No, it won't completely fix everything but every little bit helps. I'll quote Dr. Niedbalski here:

ACell MatriStem (ACell for short) is an advanced treatment for the genetic hair loss. When injected into the scalp, ACell activates stem cells present in the scalp tissues, which in turn, direct the duplication of hair follicles and other scalp tissues while decreasing scar formation.

It can be used in conjunction with Follicular Unit Hair Transplant surgery or as a stand-alone procedure.

Now as I understand it, this is still no miracle cure. However, individuals who have some hair on the head may be able to use ACell treatments to increase existing hair density so as to make a hair transplant look even better in the long run.

My current plan, which called for allowing Propecia, Minoxidil, and HRT to work together for at least two years is going to get changed. Once my divorce is finalized sometime next year (after the sale of the house), I will go see Dr. Niedbalski as soon as possible after that. His website quotes prices up to $3300 for a full scalp treatment which is what I will pursue. I personally have very thin hair in the top center of the head, very deep widow's peaks in front, and a "friar tuck" large bald spot in back so my male pattern baldness is extensive.

Under Propecia and Minoxidil I have seen remarkable regrowth in the center of the scalp over just 6+ months of treatment. However the back and frontal bald areas have no hair follicles left at all apparently so there's been no regrowth there. What I hope to achieve is to get some growth in those bald areas and hopefully close to normal density in the center area. If I can do that, then a hair transplant would return me to almost normal hairlines and I could give up wearing wigs.

From Doctor Niedbalski's web site: ACell + PRP Injection Therapy: What our patients want to know.

Personally, I am excited by these prospects as this is also very early results. As time goes on, they may be able to make even more headway with this therapy.

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Guest Robin Winter

Yeah, I actually posted something about this back when it was still experimental. It looks like they're right on schedule, they said it would likely be available to the public around this time. I have to admit though, it sounded far more effective in the article I read than they're saying it is now :( That's unfortunate. Still sounds pretty good though.

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Guest LizMarie

Normal hair density on top is between 100-400 hairs per square centimeter. If, using ACell, I can get an already growing area into the lower end of that range, that's fantastic. If, using ACell, I can get a bald area from zero to 50 hairs per square centimeter, that's good too. All of these options to increase density mean that a hair transplant suddenly becomes more realistic and also looks better when done. And that's my goal, ACell first, to "seed" the scalp, then follow it about 2 years later with transplants to fill in the remainder and hopefully give me a decent head of hair. Or even a second ACell treatment if there are further advances. :)

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Guest MsPerseveres

Wow! Thanks for this post LizMarie - hair is probably my biggest concern right now. It seems to be the only part of the physical transition that needs something pre-existing to be effective... and I basically have a wedge shaped divot from temple to temple, back to the the crown of my head, with a circular bald spot on the crown just to add insult to injury. Not sure how well the Minoxidil is working so far - only been doing it once a day for about two months, with the non-script strength. Apparently it only works on the crown anyway...

I'll definitely be looking into this along with anything else that I can afford to get - I want my own hair (probably at least as much as any other surgical/physical transition, oddly enough - I just realized that myself!).

Love and hugs, Tami

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Guest LizMarie

Yes, unfortunately Dr. Arocha, one of the top hair restoration surgeons in the US who has offices in both Dallas and Houston, is not yet doing ACell based treatments. He's written about them but not applying them yet. And I honestly need all the help I can get before I try hair transplants hence my interest in ACell. I note also that Dr. Niedbalski uses ACell on the donor area when doing transplants and it results in much less scarring and in some cases no scarring at all.

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Guest LizMarie

Estrogen, propecia, & minoxidil have been helping me for the last few months. It can make a difference.

They've been helping me in areas where I still had hair, even if the hair was very miniaturized due to DHT exposure. What it is not helping is the bald spot at the back that has no hair at all, or parts of the widow's peak recesses that are also completely bald. I do not plan to stop estrogen, propecia, and minoxidil. Rather I hope that a supplemental treatment of ACell can stimulate some new follicles in the truly bald areas and that the other three agents can encourage growth thereafter. For $3000 versus $15K-$25K for a full hair transplant, it seems well worth the risk even if the results are less than ideal as it could reduce the total hair transplant cost down to $10K-$15K. And there is the outside chance that it could stimulate sufficient new growth that no transplants would be needed at all.

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yeh.. but ya feel bad for the men who take propecia and found they had side affects they didnt want.. (hormone levels affected alot)

but for MTFs thats not a bad side affect of course.

I kinda wonder what it would do with me..? probably mess things up, huh?

mom was in the hospital a while sick, and they put hwer on tons of steroids to help her fight this bronchitis.. then a few montsh later her hairdresser noticed she wasnt growing hair, and hair she did have was falling out in clumps..was getting thin.

so she went to the doctor, then a dermatiologist who recommended rogaine and something.. I think it was Hair, Hands, and Nails...its some kind of natural vitamins mixed, in pills. she didnt bother with the rogaine.. but after she took the Hair Hands and Nails, her hair grew back, and its nicer and thicker than it was too.. and her hands and nails looks better too. very nice sort of thing to have. i dont know if it would help someone else, like an MTF, but it maybe couldnt hurt to try it.. Id probably ask the endo first to see what they think.

just 2 cents.

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      Inspiration What inspires you today? I’m not sure myself what inspires me. OK, I’m trying to write stories about the only non-binary trans bi-gender person I know (don’t know). I’m trying to be inspired, but trying doesn’t seem to work. I don’t feel inspired yet. So I’m asking myself—and the only answer now is coming right here to TransPulse. Thank you, Davie    
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      I forgot, I can't upload a bmp file.
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      Definitely @Bri2020, you'll really be filling that out.   Hugs!
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      I understand how you feel. We had good luck with our hens but our ducks and turkeys didn’t make it through the summer. This was when we live in the country a few years back. Those little dinosaurs were fun.
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      You look comfy Shyla! I went thrifting last night with my wife, looking for "summer evening wear" to wear out to music in the park and happy hour kinda of things. I found three dresses. 1 is a maxi with spaghetti straps and slit side. It barely fits my chest so once I get my BA it will have to go but it looks great now. I also got a bodycon maxi in almost sheer black with a racer back strap set up.  Last but not least is the pre-sewn sarong pictured below.  I absolutely love it and it will accommodate my BA just fine ( I think I will look fab in it at that point although I'm feeling pretty fabulous in it right now!)  
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      @KymmieL thank you for that. I just failed in being open with my wife and couldn't get away from a life of hiding/lying and she called me on it. Your wife is right and I'm glad you were up to the challenge. I hope I am able to overcome my weakness before losing someone extremely important to me.
    • Bri2020
      Liz I'm sorry about the chickens. Predators are highly motivated and can be pretty impressive in their efforts.  You might need a corgi lol   They are poultry herding dogs so get along with chickens just fine.   Kimmy, people can def be pretty good at denial. You may have to choose whether to confront the issue head on or let her live in that denial state. I'm all for just being upfront and clear but you know your situation better so.....  good luck either way.   Not much to report in my life other that a great shopping trip at the thrift stores. Pics will be posted in "What are you wearing" thread.  I was specifically looking for summer evening dresses and found three.  
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      Well to be fair, if I didn't already KNOW what those patches were for, I'd be confused too. Kudos on finding a fun pride event! It looks like I'm going to be sitting it out again, nothing pride-based around here to DO this year. Le sigh.   Hugs!
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      I am going to a pride event tonight, a story telling called tales from the taphouse. Being open with the wife I told her last night that I was going to this event. Just now my wife says, thank you for not hiding it but I still don't understand. It gave me strange dreams last night. I guess that she is living with blinders on as well. While I haven't came out an told her I am on HRT I am not hiding it either. There are three packages of the patches in the cabinet I have my medication in. right there in plain sight. I think she is just in denial.   Hugs to all, Kymmie
    • Jackie C.
      Sorry about the chickens @Elizabeth Star. I know when something happens to one of my babies, I'm pretty wrecked. I mean I cried for two days because I was getting rid of my CAR. I'm useless if I lose a cat and it would be even worse if I felt that I'd failed them somehow. My deepest condolences. I know exactly how hard that is and how much harder it is on E.   Hugs!
    • Charlize
      Thanks for the review.  I will definitely look for it.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Shay
      @Willow so sad about VA. I have friends in same situation. My wife was military and gets practically nothing from VA because she wasn't in war zone. At least she gets Lowe's discount and primo parking place.hang in there and devotionals do help. Hugs Heather
    • Charlize
      That was a positive experience for certain. Unfortunately my experiences were different.    My first trip out was to a gay bar that i somehow heard had a "ladies night".  I dressed to the nines with a long blond wig, short skirt and 3" heels.  A few shots got me headed out the door.  When i arrived it turned out i had to navigate a rough gravel driveway and i'd arrived hours early.  A guy tried to pick me up after buying me a drink.  When other girls arrived i was well loosened up and think i danced.  I really can't remember much but making it home i knew wanted to go back!.  I was drinking heavily at the time so gay bars seemed to be perfect.  Unfortunately i never confronted my issues even if i had "come out".   Keep enjoying your support group!     Hugs,   Charlize
    • Shay
      @Elizabeth Star I am so sorry to hear about your kids and I'm glad you got medical aid to help you through and it is so encouraging to see one still with you and your new babies. I know you did everything you could to protect them but you can't protect against everything. I'm glad you have your wife one of your original group and the new young ones who need your help and want to share their love with you. Hugs, Heather
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