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Epilating the face - Any advice ?

Guest Sarausa

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Guest Sarausa

Hi everyone !

So, here's the thing: I have a very thick, dark, dense, steel-solid, horrid, awful black beard of the worst kind, and due to some money issues, I just can't afford anything really as for now, be it laser, electrolysis, or other handheld devices, such as pulsed light devices, and so on... And I can't shave, as well !

Well, in fact I do it every day. The problem is, due to the nature of my facial hair, I will have a shadow no matter what razor, gel, foam or whatever I use, that I can only cover with (very) generous amounts of make-up (concealer + fundation (2 layers)), and it just looks like I plunged my face in a paint pot... It's one of my biggest concern, and earlier this morning, I went into some kind of 'dysphoric frenzy' and actualy tweezed my mustache. It took me two hours and a lot of pain, and it's still red and swollen and sore so I can't really enjoy the result (I have a red shadow instead of a dark blue/dark grey one... yay!).

But I thought... you know, before I can afford laser or any other treatment, why not epilating my face instead of shaving it ? I did some research, and hot wax may be a viable option, and cheap (which is a big plus), so, did any of you tried it ? Or any other method that could work ? Anything to get rid of that dark horrible unavoidable stubble, as a make do before anything more permanent ? I would love to have your input on that matter.

Thank you very much !


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  • Admin

We had one member a year and a half ago who tried the hot waxing, and was darn near hospitalized from the burn and a subsequent infection that got loose. They were on pain meds for several days and looked pretty horrible. I no longer have the links, but I was the moderator who did approve the post in the first place. Please do not try that. Waxing on the lower face is for natal women's hair which is a different structure than male beard hair.

As far as an epilator goes, some of our members have used them, but again, with a lot of pain at least at first. If your beard is as thick and dark as you say, then Laser done by a qualified technician is your cheapest and quickest way rid of the bramble patch.

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Guest Sarausa

Oh, wow, I didn't thought it could go this far, I'm sorry...

What made me think of doing it in the first place was a youtube video of a cisgender male showing how he was using hot wax for his beard, instead of shaving. He's doing it for years, apparently, without any trouble, and his hair is as dark and dense as mine, so... Well, I'll reconsider. But if I'm using hot wax (and I want to give it a try on arms and perhaps legs anyway) ; I'll make sure it's not too hot, so I don't get burned, seems like basis.

I did try the epilator, but it just doesn't work, and it's very painful. Not really a good way to go for me.

Thank you for the input ! Laser is indeed on my top prority list, but I'll have to wait maybe several months before I can really start doing it...

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Guest ashleynikole

Hey Lucie,

I don't know what the laser treatments and shops are like there in France, but I would assume the tech is about the same globally in most developed countries. With that being said, I 2nd Vicky's sentiment that laser is by far the best and fastest treatment with minimal cost (more bang for your buck compared to other permanent solutions). You may want to call around to every place you can find just to get cost information, but in my experience, look for the places that will offer you permanent "reduction" not removal. No laser place, IMO, can offer permanent removal because the laser tech isn't there yet. Also find out what kind of guarantees they can offer you. I actually got a deal because I paid for the whole thing up front with cash, but you may find paying 1x a month for each session may be a little more affordable in your budget. The place I went offered me about $900 USD for my face and it came with a 2 yr guarantee that if the hair grows back within 2yrs of my last session, I can make an appt to come in for free and get it hit. After 2 yrs, it's $10 sessions for life in those areas. They are using a class 4 IPL laser that requires a doctor on staff in order to administer the treatments.

I have had 7 treatments on my face (7 to all areas but my chin and then 2 of the 7 on my chin...yeah, I had to be sure I was giving up the man beard). Within 3 weeks of my first treatment, the dark hair was practically gone. Granted it did come back for a little bit around the 3rd or 4th month because the hair growth happens in cycles, but now I hardly get any growth (well except for the abundance of blonde and gray hairs I have). I still shave, but way less than I used to, in a much faster time and with less irritation. It also means I have less hair to do electrolysis to in order to get the permanent removal. However, my shadow (which was hard to hide with makeup) is not noticeable and I don't don't use any concealers.

I'd be interested in hearing what sort of pricing you're being quoted from shops in your area.

Good luck.

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Guest Sarausa

Well, prices vary wildly according to many factors, but mainly, for the beard area, I saw between 60€ and 150€ for one session (around 70-170$), and it's always a medical doctor that is in charge. Anyway, I still can't afford it, but it's cheaper than I actually thought !

Anyway, I won't epilate my face... the redness is gone and it's not swollen anymore, but I still got the same shadow, somehow... I hope it's not my skin that is tinted or whatever :(

Thanks for the advice, though ! It will come very handy, I hesitated between Laser and Pulsed Light, with a bit of Electrolysis maybe, to finish the job. Laser seems the right solution, plus I got the "best" type of hair/skin combination for it.

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Guest ashleynikole

That sounds about right Lucie. If I were in your shoes, I'd find the place that will give you some type of guarantee and is willing to stand behind their work. I'm sure you've done review research, but finding out what others think is a pretty good indicator of the quality of a shop.

God bless


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    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @Jamielynn One factor in breast growth is body type and amount of body fat.  The modern western ideal of "slender but with large breasts" seems to be fairly unusual in nature.  The women in my life (just a sample) tend to follow the pattern of "slender = smaller breasts and thicker = larger breasts."     Yes, decrease testosterone and increase estrogen will yield secondary sex characteristics.  Within limitations.  Two of my friends are MtF, and both have HRT.  Even with HRT, neither has large breasts.... a full A-cup or small B-cup at most.  Both are fairly slender and physically active.  If they wanted something larger, they'd likely have to look at augmentation.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I do too.  Actually, husband's parents used to have FOX on the TV constantly in their home until a couple of years ago.  But viewers are decreasing overall as people cut the cord on expensive cable services.  Something is just unhealthy about consuming that much media, no matter the source.  Remember the days when "news" was something that came on for a half hour at 6pm?  Or arrived in a rolled-up paper on the driveway on Sunday and Wednesday?
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      OK, I'm confused.  I'm no scholar, but isn't a "whole" supposed to be 100%?  Yet 82% are Democrats and 46% are Republicans?  Unless I'm missing something, that's more than 100%.... are people double registered or something?   It seems like a lot of studies go for 1000 respondents.  I guess its just a nice, round number?  But for a state as big as CA, its a pretty small sample size.  And 1000 people from San Fransisco will give very different results than 1000 people from Northern CA smaller towns.  It would be interesting to know the polling locations they used, but I suspect that the study is basically worthless due to its sample size and limitations. 
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      Lots of folks have been feeling that way for quite a while, and for different reasons.  The trick is... become OK with that idea.    After all, the Founding Fathers were outlaws in the eyes of the British crown.  There's frequently a difference between "right" and "legal."  There's lots of things that are legal, but not right.  And lots of things that are right, but not legal.  According to Jefferson, "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty."  The day the system makes me an outlaw, I'll be in good company. 
    • AllieJ
      Thank you EasyE!  I have been researching this for years and have lots of links, but just google transgender brain and you will see lots of information (some conflicting) but concentrate on Bed Nucleus. This area of the brain is structured to sense what is happening around you and send signals to the rest of the brain. It was originally only thought to control anxiety, and the fight or flight reflex, but it has been found to be sexually dimorphic in structure, and is likely the centre of gender identity. In this case (still being researched) the signals it sends to the rest of the brain would be dysphoria. (if/when they can prove this it should mean GI and Dysphoria are not mental.) There is no way to change the Bed Nucleus atm, so 'it isn't going away'!   You need to read a number of papers as each of them has parts of the story, and it is still being developed.   Hugs,   Allie 
    • MaeBe
      One of the reasons the far right is pushing so hard right now. The kids are alright, so time is short for instilling sweeping “conservative” and authoritarian dogma. 
    • EasyE
      I would love to know more about this. Do you have links where we can read more, Allie? I hear so many people (including myself) saying to folks around them "this isn't going to go away" (even though others don't understand this) ... I feel that too. It would be nice to know a little more why. Thanks!!! And thanks for all you do to keep us so well informed!
    • EasyE
      Welcome! Thanks for sharing! This truly is a safe and judgement-free space... 
    • EasyE
      Here's one more Willow. Happy B-Day!! Hope you have had a blessed day!! And a blessed year ahead!! 
    • emeraldmountain2
      2%, even better! That is over 6.7 million Americans and over 160.2 million people worldwide who are trans. No small numbers! We are everywhere.
    • AllieJ
      There hasn't been any accurate census of the trans population, and it would be difficult given the varieties under the trans umbrella. Governments grossly under represent trans numbers so they don't have to provide funding, but in countries where trans people are traditionally accepted the populations are usually estimated around 2%. This is almost all represented by trans feminine people, and doesn't include non binary. As most trans people either haven't figured out they are trans, or are in hiding, accurate numbers are likely never to be known. About 5% of youth in the US have claimed to be gender diverse, and I have read papers which forecast between 5 and 8% of the worlds population could be gender diverse.    I feel most comfortable with the 2% number as a minimum of people who will take some affirming action, but do feel the total number would be much higher.   Hugs,   Allie
    • Vidanjali
      What an amazing story, @EmilyLouise48. You are blessed to have that support on your life. Thank you for sharing. 
    • emeraldmountain2
      1% sounds small, but it's significant. One study estimates the number trans and nonbinary Americans at 1.6%, which is over 5 million people! We are numerous, we are everywhere, and we are strong.
    • Vidanjali
      You might consider wearing a wide cloth headband or turban headband to feminize your look while your brushed back hair grows out. You can find lots of different patterns like these for example.
    • KatieSC
      Well, our percentage of the population is around 1%. We could be the 2nd set of one percenters in the country...All this mayhem about our very existence.
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